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13-11-2013, 00:48
Hi Warseer!

I'm a relatively new, returning whfb player and I've just joined this little tournament we're having at the office. We're starting out with a small 250 pt scouting force that we'll add 400 pts to each month till we hit 2000pts :)
We're four chaos players and we've all decided to go mono-God, having each and every god represented in the campaign. I got slaanesh (partly because it wasnt taken when I signed up). but I dont mind - Slaanesh is my favorite god anyway!

We only play with painted armies and we all had to paint banners for the campaign map (to show which territories we've conquered and so on)

This is my slaaneshi banner


For the first 250 pts list we didn't need any generals

So my list is as follows;

5 dogs, mutant poison 35 pts
5 hellstriders, hellscourges 100 pts
1 chaos chariot, mark of slaanesh, 115 pts
total 250 pts

And so far I've played two games against dark elves and one game against my nurgle buddy.

I can't say I've had much luck with the hellstriders yet, even though I won both the games (barely) against the DE, all the hellstriders did was getting a fear through to the corsairs before getting cut down in return. In the 2nd game against DE they were shot down in a stand-and-shoot charge against another group of corsairs. :) Thankfully, my chariot singlehandely killed every last one of the buggers.

In the game against my fellow Chaos player I didnt fare so well. His 250 pt army consisted of

10 warriors of chaos, champion, 150 pts
3 ogres, 99 pts

I charged his ogres with my chariot and poison dogs and wiped them out without any casualties, I'm off to a great start! Not having anything else to charge I attacked his warriors head on with my 5 hellstriders, not inflicting a single wound and all dying in return.
Then he charged my chariot and after a turn or two of combat killed that off with, leaving 3 of his 10 warriors dead. My dogs charged his flank and killed one warrior but was destroyed in return. Overall a fun little match :) But I wished I hadnt charged him with my hellstriders. I should have held off and and let him charge me instead, leaving his rear open for some chariot impact action.

Anyway, more to come!


For my expanded 650 pts list I'm thinking of adding another 4 hellstriders and a Exhalted champ, with flail and helmet of many eyes. I've heard that's one way of making this unit viable :) Though I'm a bit worried about all those stupidity test I'm going to be taking on ld8, it could potentially put a very quick unit in harms way. Probably another Chariot as well, they've been good to me so far and I want to keep my army quick/mounted and fluffy if I can.

13-11-2013, 21:59
That's the trouble with hindsight, it tells you what you did wrong far more than what you did right! ;) Good report, it's interesting to see really small battles the tactics have to be spot on as there is little room for error. Keep them coming.

16-11-2013, 23:22
Keep Twerking!

27-11-2013, 22:42
Thanks for replies :D

I've had a few other games since last I posted. I've won about half of them. My hellstriders are yet to score their first wound in the 7 matches I've had so far :) But i'm not losing faith in these guys just yet. I'm facing a 250 pt Tzeentch guy this weekend and I know he'll be bringing 2x5 packs of naked dogs so I'm fairly positive they should be able to score a few wounds on them.

I also had a rather 'big' battle yesterday along with another guy. The four chaos player in the tournament decided to join forces and play each other 2vs2. Each of the players picked a small 650 pt force, the only requirement was that all everyone should have a hero (max 160 pt)

So my enemies had had nurgle and khorne themed armies and me and my ally represented the other side of chaos, slaanesh and tzeentch.

So (from the top of my head, im not quite sure what magic items their heroes had) their armies consisted of

Lvl 2 Sorcerer (With the warriors) Lore of Nurgle
15 Warriors of chaos, full command, gw MoN (NW)
7 Nurgle Ogres, gw, banner, (O )

Exhalted Hero, Mok (With the warriors)
15 Warriors of chaos, MoK, Shields, Full Command (KW)
15 Marauders, flails, full command MoK (KM1)
15 Marauders flails, full command MoK (KM2)

and our armies ;

lvl 1 Sorcerer, familiar, Lore of Metal (TS)
20 Marauders, MoT, hws, full command (TM)
10 Hounds (CH2)
15 Warriors of chaos, hws, full command, MoT (TW)

and this was what I got
lvl 1 Sorcerer, feedback scroll (couldnt afford mos, due to 160 pt limit :< ), Lore of Death (SS)
12 Warriors of Chaos, halberds, MoS, banner of discipline, champion (WoC)
5 Hounds (CH1)
5 Hellstriders, MoS (H)
1 Chariot, MoS (CC)

I wrote the abbreviation within brackets after each unit


Anyway, me and tzeentch buddy got rolled Dawn attack for the scenario we were playing and got to place all our units first. We pretty much tried to center all our units in the but we got some bad rolls on where they were going to be placed and ended up with our Anvil (Tzeentch warriors) on the far right.

Our opponents got better rolls and focused all their units on one of our flank except a strat unit of Khorne marauders that got left out in the open.

They won the first turn and I vanguarded my Hellstriders up in a position where I could charge his Khorne marauders in the rear the next turn. They started moving down towards our Tzeentch Warriors with their entire army (cept for the stray marauders). In the magic phase they cast the nurgle spell that reduces weapon skill of people in base contact with that unit on the Ogres.

I charged up with my hellstriders and then we just tried to move our army to the right to help our warriors out. The warriors edged their way backwards towards the edge of the board to buy more time.


The Khorne marauders swinged around to face the Hellstriders, realising they wouldnt be able to outrun them. Cleverly positioning them so I wouldnt be able to swing by them. The rest of their army edged forward towards our warriors. In the magic phase they cast the +d3 toughness spell on their khorne marauders (KM2) with 5 spell dice, at this point I chose to use my feedback scroll and rolled 2 5s on the 5 dice ( !! ) - melting his nurgle sorcerer.

I elected not to move my hellstriders but moved up the chariot to counter charge the marauders next turn. The rest of our army moved into position on the right side of the board.

Our magic phase was pretty successful, the tzeentch sorcerer managed to get two spells of on the Khorne Warriors killing 9 of them.

The ogres charged our warriors but both held their ground. The khorne marauders charged my hellstriders which ran away back toward the chariot. The remaining Khorne warriors and hero charged the tzeentch maraurders, however they didn't inflict many wounds due to good wardsave rolls and a couple of them died in return, resulting in them fleeing. The nurgle warriors charged the dogs, killed them and overran into the marauders (woops).

The hellstriders kept fleeing.
Not being able to fit my chaos warriors into the gap between my sorcerer and the tzeentch marauders I charged with everything I had in range (meaning both the sorcerer and chaos warriors). The sorcerer died directly without inflicting any damage in close combat ( :( ) and 3 warriors died aswell as the champion to his nurgle warriors with halberds killing 1 in return. 5 tzeentch marauders also died. We lost the combat but held.
His Ogres also lost the combat and ran away 7" the Tzeentch Warriors pursued 6" ( ! ). The Chariot charged the marauders, causing a whole lotta pain, but getting 5 wounds that I had to save on 5+ (due to his flails). I managed to save a mighty 4 out of the 5 wounds, won the combat crushed his filthy khorne maruaders under my slaanesh chariot.

The remaining dogs being unable to charge due to impassable terrain in front of them moved up behind the other Khorne marauders.


Their Khorne warriors and hero keep running away. The Khorne marauders move into position to charge the flank of the Tzeentch warriors. In the combat phase their Nurgle warriors keep killing Slaanesh warriors and a Tzeentch marauders and winning their fight despite being outnumbered by both warriors and marauders. We pass our leadership tests however.

I rally my hellstriders but forget about moving them. I move up my chariot to charge through the woods (yep). Our Tzeentch warriors charge their ogres, their combat is a draw. We fire some more Lore of metal magic at the only target available (the fleeing Khorne warriors, killing all but the hero). Their Nurgle warriors finally break from combat and are run down by the marauders.


They finally rally their hero. The khorne marauders charge our Tzeentch warriors in the flank. The combined might of the ogres and marauders breaks our warriors and they purse them towards the rest of our army.

Our only remaining sorcerer dodges out of the charge arc of their units and shoots her spells at their hero but we fail to meet the casting value. Our hounds charge their marauders in the back and kills 3 of them, they kill some hounds and its a draw. We charge their ogres with everything we have in charge range (only 1 out 6 ogres has died so far), my warriors manage to inflict 1 wound before all of them are destroyed by the ogres. The tzeentch marauders take a couple of casualties as well but pass their panic test and break test.

I relalize I have hellstriders that are rallied.

Their hero tries to charge the hounds but fails. The ogres keep bashing the remaining marauders. But takes a couple of wounds in return, resulting in yet another draw. The remaining khorne marauders kill off the hounds our hero passes her panic test.

My hellstriders just have a stroll around the battlefield. The marauders stay in combat with the ogres. We shoot some more spells at their hero but they get dispelled.

And so we end the game. Slaanesh and Tzeentch having won the day!

Conclusion, despite having a great start and killing off their sorcerer on turn two, killing of almost all their khorne warriors and sending their khorne hero fleeing (he was pretty useless the whole game) their Warriors with MoN and Ogres almost won them the game regardless. Mark of Nurgle is pretty good once you get your units into close combat.

27-11-2013, 22:49

The table / setup

My army (650ish pts!)


03-12-2013, 22:46
Anyway I had another 250 pts game in our tournament today vs my Tzeentch buddy that previouslly helped me defeat Nurgle and Khorne in the previous Battlereport ! ... And I won! The hellstriders actually redeemed themselves a litte.

I put all the units we were playing with in the attached BR Picture. :)

Turn 1
I won deployment but he won the first first turn and immediately ran up towards my hellstriders with his hounds and positioned his marauders and 2nd unit of hounds in the gap between a building and a forest.

On my turn I charged his hounds with my Hellstriders, only inflicting 1 wound with all the riders despite 5 hits :( however, I managed to roll 4 6's for the mounts attacks (poisoned) and so instantly killing all the hounds and immediately overruning 11" straigth forward. I move up my chariot next to the building and try to screen it with my own hounds.

Turn 2
The tzeentch player backs away 2" from my chariot to get a better angle and hopefully recieve my charge straight in his front.

I wheel up my Hellstriders (that now have Devastating charge thanks to destroying the hounds last turn!) so I can hopefully get a nice flank or rear charge on him next turn. My chariot reposition itself further and to make any counter charges impossible. My hounds run right up to his remaining units and stop 1,5" away :)

Turn 3
Feeling he doesn't have any options he charges my hounds (Yes!!) and only manages to kill 4 of them (double yes!!), the remaining hound flees and his hound charges after it after loosing their test to restrain themselves.

My chariot charges into his exposed flank and my hellstriders his front. When the dust settles, 6 of his marauders died compared to 3 of my hellstriders. I still win the combat and his marauders break and flee 8". I choose to pursue with my striders which roll a might 12" and my chariot also chooses to pursue them 11", almost driving into a forest after failing his test to restrain himself.

My remaining hellstriders are now double buffed ! I was a bit sad that 3 of them dropped so easy vs the marauders. I still feel like these guys are probably best for chasing chaff and possibly warmachine crews in the future.

Turn 4
He runs down my remaining hound with his hounds.

I turn around my units and start trotting towards his one remaining unit on the board.

Turn 5
The tzeentch player does something unexpected and runs his remaining hounds into the nearest forest hoping to get some buff. Unfortunately it turns out it's a dumb forest and his hounds are afflicted by stupidity.

I move down my remaining units.

Turn 6
Amazingly he passes his stupidity test on his hounds and move them down under my chariot and hellstriders (but not out of my charge arch)

I charge his hounds and kill them with my chariot. My hellstriders, despite having 4 rerollable attacks and 2 mountattacks in total misses all of them.

But in total it was a sound victory for the Warriors of Twerk, having roughly 150 pts left of what I started with :D

05-12-2013, 20:57
I had another game tonight (also 250 pts) against my VC buddy, since we're playing with so few points we cant have any heroes so we removed the crumble rule for his army.

He had:
12 ghouls
and 30 skeletons with lightarmor and spears

and I had my usual tournament army,
1 chariot, mos, 115 pts
5 hellstriders, hellscourges 100 pts
5 hounds, poison 35 pts

It wasn't a superexciting match, he did some weird maneuvers and it didn't pay off for him in the end. But I still had fun :)

Turn 1
My hellstriders vanguards 12" straight up the board but VC won both the deployment and turn 1 and so shambles forward with his skeletons and ghouls lodged behind a piece of impassable terrain and the table edge in the far left corner of the table.
I march up with my hellstriders to threathen his flanks while my dogs scurry ahead of my chariot who move into a place were they can charge any undead deciding to pop out of their bottlenecked position.

Turn 2
The VCs skeletons continue "rushing" forward towards my hounds and chariot but his ghouls does something unexpected, they wheel and move towards my hellstriders.

I have no intention of charging his ghouls head on but I move up my hellstriders to bait the ghouls at a slight angle (so I can move them without wheeling too much next turn). I move up my dogs up to his skeletons were they can recieve a charge and hopefully give my chariot a nice flank charge next turn.

Turn 3
Foiled again! Instead of charging my hounds the VC player, decides to move his units 2" back into his bottleneck. The ghouls moove up in the narrow corridor above the impassable terrain and are now properly out of position.

I decide to just ignore the ghouls alltogether and move my hellstriders down towards the rest of my army. Instead of getting the opportunity to counter charge, I move up my hounds again as a redirector for his skeletons and the chariot is right behind them, again in a position to cause some pain.

Turn 4
Instead of charging my hounds the VC player moves backward once again and is now almost in the same position he started in.

I decide to charge with my chariot and my hellstriders sneak up right next it as well. My dogs wont help me at all so they just GTFO there to give me some space to move around. For the combat my chariot inflicts a massive 11 wounds (!!!) I rolled a 6(+1) for the impact hits which all hit and wounded, 3 warrior attacks and even a horse inflicted a single wound and he failed to inflict any in return.

Turn 5
His ghouls are pretty much out of the game by this point and decides to go look at what's behind the other side of the impassable terrain. In combat I only inflict 2 wounds from my warriors and another from my horse. Again, he fails to wound my wagon.

I charge with the hellstriders and let my hounds go and have a look at the lost ghouls. I only have 3 hellstriders in basecontact and despite getting rerolls on their ASF attacks not a single wound is inflicted by their riders nor their mounts (without asf). The warriors on the chariot do a bit better though and kill another 2 skeletons and gets another extra kill from one of the horses.

Turn 6
The ghouls move 4" straight ahead. The skeletons which now number 7 direct 3 of their attacks against my hellstriders and 4 against the chariot. Thanks to some poor rolling from my opponent none of the 6 hits are converted to wounds. My hellstriders miss all their attacks again. The charioteers kill a single skeleton.

My dogs do nothing at all but appreciating their first battle were they're amazingly still around on the 6th turn.
My hellstriders, once again, fail to kill any skeletons at all and so far havent inflicted a single wound. :C My chariot kills 4 skeletons and the last two die thanks to the CR being in my favour.

Soo in total... no wounds at all inflicted on my units. My hellstriders didn't do anything except for redirecting his ghouls and my dogs just barked at a bunch of bones. The Chariot was as usual the big winner for me. That charge was probably the most devastating I've ever seen it do to any unit. Hellstriders are fun to use (20" march weeee) but they're so weak in combat. WS4, I5, S3 on one attack for 20 pts, Doesn't do that much. I still like them. But I'm yet to see them pay for themselves. Maybe I should just think of them as redirectors instead. They're pretty fun when you force your opponent to break up his army to deal with your supposedly "dangerous" cavalry. They've been working great for me so far like that. Almost all opponents I've played with them against have always repositioned atleast one of their units, leaving the rest exposed to my chariot :)

Silver Wolf
17-12-2013, 16:23

Btw where did you get that sorceress?
She looks great.

27-12-2013, 15:02
This makes me want to play 250 point games :cool:

27-12-2013, 21:48
Silver wolf; Thanks :D The sorceress is "Ejinh de Vanth" from the confrontation line of models. They have quite a few cool looking models that I'm going to use as heroes for my army.

Phragonist: hehe do it ! they're awesome because they're so quick, you can literally play 1 or 2 games during a lunch break.

Sorry, no Battle report this time, but an army update. I'm looking to add some knights for the next tier in the campaign im playing in (we're upping the points by 400 to a grand total of 650 pts, and on top of that we have to have general to lead our army)

Anyway, here are my knights, all painted up and stuff!




31-12-2013, 08:09
Good stuff going on here! I love smaller games, mostly in the 500-750 point range, they are fast and furious!

Also, your painting is primo!

31-12-2013, 08:10
Good stuff going on here! I love smaller games, mostly in the 500-750 point range, they are fast and furious!

Also, your painting is primo!

13-01-2014, 13:42
Thanks Armond x2 :D

no new BR sadly, but here's a hero for my 650 pt army!

19-01-2014, 10:33
another unit, that i'll use as a Chaos warrior champion/hero this time from Mierce Miniatures.


Ok, well, I just had a match against my DE friend and it turned out a utter disaster for me :D I didn't manage to inflict a single wound in 5 rounds of combat.

He had;
lvl 2 sorceress (fire) + tome of furion
24ish xbowmen
5 cold ones w champ
5 doomfire warlocks

I had;
10 hellstriders, champ, musician
1 lvl 1 sorcerer w familiar (slaanesh), steed of slaanesh
Chariot, Mos
Chariot MoS
5 hounds, poison

He got first turn - moved up with his doomfire warlocks, tried to cast some spells, I dispelled with my sorc. Killed 3 hounds with the crossbow men

I move up with the chariots, hounds and try to flank with my hellstrider unit, I get a vision on his archers and cold ones, outside of their charge arch, I cast slicing shards on his cold ones (dispelled) and acquiescence with irresiteble force on his crossbow men (containing his sorc) on tree dice. I lose all my wizard levels on the miscast.

Turns out acquiescence isn't scatterdice + random movement, but rather just random movement (wops :D), he turns to face my hellstriders and kill all of them in one volley of fire, my sorcerer takes 1 wound. His doomfire warlock kills one of my chariots with his 2d6 s6 hits + 2d6 s1 AP hits. His coldoneknights kill my last 2 hounds.
My other chariot fails his charge with 0.1" :c

My sorc, now being a normal "hero" after having lost his wizard levels charges the cold one knights, doesn't inflict any wounds and is killed by his ASF dudes.
My last chariot is shot to bits by his doomfire warlocks and crossbow men.

0 wounds inflicted by me.

Well, it was a fun match nonetheless :D

I looked up the rules afterwards and it turned out he was accidently using S6 on some of his spells when they shouldve been S5 and also, Tome of Furion on his sorceress is only for Dark Magic not "Any" magic lore. So I guess I had that going against me as well :D