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13-11-2013, 03:28
So I wanted to make a list that has a slaanesh theme, and that doesn't include a DP for a campaign me and some buds are playing. My opponents will be Skaven, Daemons, Chaos Dwarfs, V.C., Ogres, Wood Elves, and Night Goblins. Do you think this will still be somewhat competitive?

WoC 2499/2500 List


Chaos Sorcerer Lord, Lvl 4, MoS, Enchanted Shield, Dispel Scroll, Steed of S



Exalted Hero, MoS, Chaos Steed, Halberd, Dragon Helm, Dawn Stone, OTS,

Soul Feeder, Poisonous Slime (General)


7X Chaos Trolls (Throgg Here)

5X Forsaken, MoS

Chariot, MoS

Chariot, MoS

5X Chaos Warhounds, Vanguard

5X Chaos Warhounds, Vanguard


9X Hellstiders, Hellscourges, F/C (Sorc Here)

6X Knights, MoS, Ens Weap, F/C, Standard of Discipline (Exalted Here)

7X Knights, MoS, Ens Weap, M/St, Banner of Eternal Flame

Chimera, Regen

Anything But
13-11-2013, 15:12
I run a mono slaanesh themed WoC army with great sucess at both 2000pts and 1500pts, and while I do run with a DP (of slaanesh) I can give my advice on whats good to take when limiting yourself to a mono slaanesh theme.

First of all the magic is amazing, literally the best deck in the game in my opinion, when practised and used in conjunction with multiple spells from the lore. Id definitely ensure 6 level at 2500 to ensure you get all the spells which obviously guarantees you rolling Choir (which draws out Dispel scrolls and every dispel dice your opponent has like you wouldnt believe.)

I personally dont use throgg as I wanted to mark every single model with slaanesh which isnt possible with trolls but of course the Troll bunker works great with him in it. 7 is too small though it needs to be 10 at the very to horde up and give you enough wounds to withstand some of the shooting/magic heavy armies out there.

Forsaken Ive never liked and dont think are up to much use this edition, with a mono slaanesh theme you're better off taking a small unit of slaanesh marauder horsemen for the points. You can kit them up with LA, shields, spear and a musician for 100points a unit.

Chariots are great, a no brainer.

warhounds for redirecting and for early chaff drops to help you in delpoyment, plus if all your army if slaanesh themed nothing will panic if they flee or are shot off the board. another good unit, no problems there.

Hellstriders I love, both for the model and the way they work in game. but a unit of 9 with a level 4 sorc is soooooo squishy (T3, 5+save) for the number of points its unreal. I run mine as a fast cav unit, 5 or 6 big with just a musician. Vanguard them and march 20 inches and theyll be int he back lines threatening warmachines and forcing your opponent to do something about them allowing other hard hitting units to move up.

Another great trick I like to use is a hero level character on a Steed of Slaanesh, tooled up with a magic weapon and ward save inside that unit of 5 hellstriders. It gives him a lookout sir and as hes on a fast cav model he can still vanguard and march the 20 inches. It really surprises players to have a fighty WoC hero in their backfield in turn 1!

Knights arnt the best specials choice we have but I use them myself as like I say, I want to mark all my troops slaanesh. while Chimeras are the internets lists special unit of choice I field a unit of 6 with musician, standard, escorcelled weapons and mark of slaanesh. Theyre a great flank protector and still do great in combat aslong as you pick the correct matchup for them. Oh but the banner of eternal flames is useless if you alsop give them enscrolled weapons, magic attacks CANNOT also be flaming!

Chimera, standard internet specials choice, always gonna work well just keep him away from your doggies or he'll panic like theres no tomorrow.

All in all trying to keep the list as close to your original as possible without too many big changes - Id drop the unit of 7 knights, drop the unit of hellstriders to 5/6, and take out the forsaken. With those points Id beef up Throggs bunker, maybe grab a gorbeast chariot (T6, 5W means they have a lot of staying power). Then maybe put your general on a Steed of slaanesh and have him with the hellstriders, the only issue then would be a bunker for your mage, maybe drop him to a normal horse and put him in a decent sized unit of marauder horsemen?

I like to include a unit of warriors with halberds with banner of swiftness to bunker one of my mages in and they work amazingly well with the rest of the fast moving army but if youd like to go with the throgg and troll idea then thats not really an option to you. If youd like me to go over my list in more detail id be happy to but hopefully some of that is food for though!

13-11-2013, 18:40
Thanks for taking the time to check out my list and leave such helpful feedback. I will be posting an advised list a little later.

Oh but the banner of eternal flames is useless if you alsop give them enscrolled weapons, magic attacks CANNOT also be flaming!

This has been debated quite a bit, because ensorcelled weapons are technically not magical weapons and flamming attacks don't work on magical weapons, but can work on magical attacks. It's kind of an iffy loop hole to the rule so it will depend on what individual gaming groups decide.