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13-11-2013, 20:13
I've had some mixed success with the following list in the local 800 points campaign but I'm looking to make some changes as I'm horrendously weak to war machines and big monsters.

Master, heavy armour, sea dragon cloak, additional hand weapon, opal amulet, potion of speed.
Sorceress level one

20 black ark corsairs, full command, additional hand weapons.
10 dark shards
10 dark shards

8 shades

The campaign special rules result in us all having a bunch of battle magic spells as bound items so the sorceress is mostly around to get a channel dice and +1 to dispel.

My tactics to date have been to shoot the enemy to bits before mopping up with the corsairs who tend to roll over most units.

Armies that have given me problems are dwarves and empire gun lines with war machines and handguns tearing apart my units. Demigryphs and other monstrous cav are tricky as well and I've mostly been trying to redirect them rather than kill them.

I have a unit of five dark riders and a scourgerunner chariot to work with as it's still early days in this armies life.

One last thing to note is that the games are on 4x4 boards which means the shades almost never get to deploy in my opponents dz and are often stuck unable to get to war machines. I have had them kill an entire high elf bow line on their own before but that was a bad player with bad deployment.

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Dirty Mac
14-11-2013, 11:43
Change your master build?
Master , Sea Dragon Cloak, Talisman of preservation, Charmed shield, Great Weapon/Lance/ Halberd (Your Choice), Riding on a Dark Pegasus.