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15-11-2013, 01:20
Karl Franz on barded warhorse

L4 WL with scroll and lore of metal


BSB with plate, enchanted, talpres

WP with AHW, HA

WP with GW, HA


40 Swordsmen with FC, gleaming

10 crossbows

6 KOTIC with steel standard


29 GS with FC, flame banner

Great Cannon

Great Cannon





The idea is to make the puny humans as tough as possible while countering as many threats as possible. With KF and a BSB, they have rerollable LD10, as good as it gets if you take tests at all. With a hurricanum and priests, they hit, period. With 4 spells, glittering robe is almost certain to be available for 3+/6+ swordsmen and 2+/- greatswords, not to mention the 5++ that the priests can confer. Cannons for monster control, check. Mortars for large (generally cheap/weak) regiments. God help any elves, they cost a ton of points per model, but they're no more safe from mortars than skaven are. What the mortars can't kill, the lore of metal can, and then there's KF for "if it hits, it hurts." His bus really only helps on the charge, with S6, other than that, they're there for LoS! The crossbows are for sneaky infiltrators...nothing's more annoying than a blob of shades with an assassin on your flank...and nothing says "goodbye" to those shades like a bolt to the sternum! One mortar will usually be deployed a bit off to one side, away from the line. It will usually still get at least two shots off before being overrun...and the unit that caps it will usually not only cost more, it'll be out of position to influence the rest of the game, while representing an outsized slice of the enemy's maneuver capability...it's a really good 100 point sacrifice that has a great chance of killing 100 points before it dies, even setting the decoy value aside. Four warmachines means that the enemy has little choice but to advance against me, and what's waiting is buffed to fight above its points cost, along with the mini-hammer of my (small-the old version had 12 models, not 7) Franzenbus to swing a close combat or just outright eat elites.

18-11-2013, 19:02
For an Empire army I think you need more men on the board. It looks a little too character heavy. Karl Franz is a great character, and that hammer comes into its own against monsters/ogres etc.