View Full Version : Multi-terror

17-11-2013, 19:29
If a unit is charged by more than one terror causing unit must it take more than one terror test?

17-11-2013, 19:30

Never more than once each phase...panic, terror, fear

17-11-2013, 22:19
fear isn't a panic test and can be taken multiple times

Panic tests are taken at most once per phase, terrors cause panic tests not terror tests, so only 1 panic from terror per phase

18-11-2013, 10:45
Also worth noting that even if you pass the panic test for being charged by a terror causing enemy, you still have to take a fear test in the subsequent round(s) of combat.
Fear could be taken multiple times, but the only way I can think of it happening would be from overrunning into a second combat (with another unit engaging them that has not yet fought this round).