View Full Version : Graven's Great Horde (1000p needs pointers)

Graven the Blooded
17-11-2013, 19:50
So i recently picked up my WoC again and am trying to run a competitieve list.

exalted ,MoK,chaos steed, shield ,soul feeder, ogre blade.

16 warriors, MoK, Ahw, full command.

Knights,ensorc , Mok,full command


Total 996.

won every game i played so far. But they are a beginner group.
is this list effective enough to face most anything?

Tactics i use is skullcrushers centre knights to their Side for support and the block of warriors as a cleanup for anything that Gets by. 31 ws5 S4 wipes most Things clean off the table.

Graven the Blooded
19-11-2013, 08:45
No tips and pointers guys?

19-11-2013, 12:06
No tips and pointers guys?

Well this specific day I came here looking for some cool Goblin we-cover-the-deployment-zone type forces. So I clicked on 'Graven's Great Horde (1000p)' because that sounded about right. Imagine my surprise when I found 25 guys entombed in scrap metal!

However, I play mostly WoC, so here's a few things.

1) No-one argues with success. You say you've won every game so far, so...

2) Watch out for cheap units that force you into unfavourable positions due to your Frenzy. Maybe get a couple of Warhound units to control what you charge?

3) When thinking of expanding your army, a BSB is gold. Or brass, since that's what Khorne prefers. Until then, maybe a Gleaming Pennant for your Knights.

4) I have a great dislike for unit champions on my Khorne infantry units - they get charged by a single Hero, challenged, slain, and suddenly the unit's expensive Mark is gone. The unit will probably be Steadfast, and will possibly hold, but the Frenzy I paid for is gone. On Knights it's a bit better, since their armour is more durable and your General is there to synergize.

20-11-2013, 16:00
I take it the Knights are in a unit of 5?

I would say they are a huge points soak in 100pts, I ALWAYS shoot up my mates Knights with ease using either sorcery or Repeater Bolt Throwers, now I know not everyone has those but most have the equivalent.

I would say drop the knights and rock some dogs and chariots, as T5 3+ save W4 is a real pain in the **** to deal with at 1000pts.

Graven the Blooded
21-11-2013, 07:57
Thanks for the advies guys. I'll look into the chariot. I hadn't even concidered it. As for the unit champagne i might drop them. Again thans you.

21-11-2013, 09:29
The only problem of a chariot is that if it stays in combat its rather useless. So try to use it as a flank charge into an ongoing combat or charge smaller units. Steadfast can be a real pain in the a.. Second i never take unit champion in Khorne units exept when i plant a character in there.

21-11-2013, 10:37
Thing is the Chaos chariot with mark of nurgle for example is tough as nails, and the guys on top attacks are Str5, that's 4 Str5 (Or 6 Str5 if MoK is used) in a prolonged combat with a T5 3+ save...They're amazing man...

22-11-2013, 08:28
I'm not saying that they don't stay alive. They just don't deal much damage after impact hits are gone.

fairy drowner
25-11-2013, 20:45
maurauders with flails and some warhounds for when/if you expand. Use the dogs to control carges and get into combat quickly with shooty units. Maurauders because the are fairly cheap and will bring up your model count. but if youve won every game there's clearly nothing with your list

26-11-2013, 07:34
In 1200pt. i field similar units. The only difference is that i use halberds on Khorne warriors. Just like BattleofLund said, champions are going to work against you. I only use a unit champ when i put a character in there. If you find the place, give warriors a banner of Swiftness. It lets your warriors keep up better.