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17-11-2013, 23:32
OK, I couldn't pass up the great Warhost of Naggaroth deal and bought two from an online group, netting the models for a total of 50% off retail. I loved the models anyway so it was perfect timing. Now for the initial list for all comers:

Sorceress (Fleetmaster count-as)
-sac dagger, ++4

Master (converted CoK)
-BSB, cold one, sea dragon cloak, halberd, Ring of Hotek

10 Xbows w/shields, music x 2

30 Corsairs w/full command, dual swords

19 Spears w/full command, +1 LD banner (power dice battery unit)

5 Doomfire Warlocks

9 CoK w/full command, razor std

Cold one chariot x 2



RBT x 2

I already had the two monsters, so that fit. I couldn't resist buying warlocks! Since I'm using the dual chariot kit for the cold one version I'll convert the beastmasters and their bolt thrower into a standalone warmachine, gaining the 2 RBTs for *free.*

Does this list hold water? What magic would work well for the wizard in this list?

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19-11-2013, 00:24
OK, got another list that I like more than the first and would like any C&C.

-lvl 4, pegasus, cloak of twilight, dispel scroll

-BSB, heavy armor, sea cloak, enchanted shield, dawnstone, sword if might

-pegasus, heavy armor, sea cloak, lance, charmed shield, opal amulet

10 xbows w/shields, music x 3

29 x Corsairs w/full command, extra hand weaps.

Cold one chariot x 2

CoK x 10 w/full command, razor std.



5 x doomfire warlocks

Plan is to use faster elements to eliminate distant threats while xbows pepper units. Chariots flank the BSB in corsairs.

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19-11-2013, 18:09
Second list is solid. What lore will you run on the SS? Life would go well with the monsters/chariots/peg characters

19-11-2013, 20:42
Thinking of life, or possibly shadow to hopefully get the -1T spell for my xbows to utilize.

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20-11-2013, 16:47
What's your plan if you come up against a Chaos list that's got 4-5 MoK Core Chariots and a couple of Gorebeasts?

Also, I'd say your out going power is quite low in both lists.

I pretty much dislike facing Dark Elves with my High Elves but there are no big units of Witches or Executioners here for me to fear...

23-11-2013, 01:36
Razor on corsair horde perhaps? KoK already dent armour paricularly on the charge and everything corsairs fight will likely have at least a 6+. Master on peg needs a fireward or will be searing doomed off the board. Lot to be said for handboews rather than ehw, particularly as a horde will pump out 40 shots, but get no extra supports for ehw. Id take 40 shots plus 40 sas over an extra 10 attacks in cc

23-11-2013, 03:52
Great points, all! Thank you.

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