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11-06-2005, 19:18
Right, I said here before that I was interested in starting in Fantasy, and whether a VC army would be suitable. I then went on to say that maybe Beastmen would be interesting, subsequently painted half a regiment of dwarfs and a runesmith, then thought that Skaven would be a good option.

The basic dillema of it all is that I want something flexible - I don't want to play with a one-trick pony. As much maligned as marines are, there are many ways to play them (swapping out heavy weapon marines for flamers, for example) - you can play them shooty or hitty or 'horde' or 'uber' (relatively speaking). I'm sure this is because GW's investment in them has turned them into something of a microcosm - the entire variation of WH40k condensed into one popular army.

But when it comes to fantasy - it seems that no matter which army I choose there are only a few viable tactics from what I can gather.

If I pick Dwarfs then I'm outmanouvred, if I pick Skaven I have to either choose a cheesy list or paint literally hundreds of identical models, if I pick Bretonnians I have to focus on my knights, etc.

I guess I'm just really annoyed that I've been wanting to do this for so damn long (I can't count the amount of 'starter' WHFB armies that I've got lying around!) and whenever I finally make a decision something sways me in another direction.

Here are a few questions that have made me change my thoughts on things:

1. Will dwarfs be boring to play (i.e. sit back and wait for the charge)
2. If I were to play Brets, would I have no choice but to focus on Knights? I see myself building a provincial force of men at arms, peasants and Knights Errant - is this even at all viable?
3. Will the sheer numbers of a pure-goblin or skaven army drive me insane?
4. If I play as VC or TK, will my very basic knowledge be enough to carry me? Moreover, will I need to invest in a large 2000pt army to be viable?
5. Will I be 'just another empire player' ?

11-06-2005, 19:27
Okay - here's my two penneth worth...

1. Only if you want to be. Dwarfs are slow, but there are ways you can take the battle to the enemy should you be so inclined. Having said that, they are VERY good at waiting for the charge....

2. Possible, but if you're loking at peasants, men at arms and a few Errant KNights, then you may as well play Empire IMO. Nothing worng with that - I used to play empire and really enjoyed it. I think the main reson to do Brets is the Knights

3. Yes

4. Any level of knowledge should be enough to start any ormy in theory. i know what you mean about VC / TK though. TK are a bit more complex due to their magic system being kinda different to others. VCs are fun (IMO) but again, be prepared to paint more skellies and zombies so you can cast Raise Dead... :evilgrin:

Having said that a 2K TK army is relatively cheap (£ wise) - check out the Tale of Four Gamers in WD at the moment - The TKs were at 2000+ well before other armies

5. Only if you want to be. if you like Empire (and I say why not), why not try a more themed army, such as the Stirland patrol in Tale of Four Gamers. I was going to start a Hochland army, based on the story in the army book about the heir to the elctor count, and a rogue engineer with a Long Rifle...but then the Wood ELves appeared andI got exited :D

Hope this is of some use...

Johnny Bravo
11-06-2005, 20:28
Now, I admit, I'm far from being an expert on fantasy. But from what I've seen, the O&G list is pretty flexible, plus it has the added bonus of looking like it's a whole ton of fun to play. Other than that, I think the Lizardmen army is pretty interesting, and has a good variety of tactics.

11-06-2005, 22:56
I'd say the Empire army is the most flexible. They have cheap core choices, so you could easily build a horde army that would work rather well due to their Detatchments special rule. You could go shooty with lots of war machines, you could go shooty without any war machines (using Huntsmen, Handgunners and Crossbowmen) or you could go pure close combat with lots of knights and Greatswords. You could go heavy or light with magic and either would work fine.
I say Empire is the most flexible army out there.

11-06-2005, 23:10
As an Orc player, I'd say mixed O&G horde is one of the most variable armies in the game. You can play just about any style with it and easily tailor it to your own, whilst still having the element of random fun with whatever you use (except 'Ardboyz >_>)

11-06-2005, 23:17
I like the idea of massed bickering grots - spider riders, snotling wagons, dwarf chukkas, etc.

But I don't like the idea of buying 2 regiment boxes for each regiment I plan to field...

11-06-2005, 23:43
3 Orc boxes can give you two units of 30 with room to spare. And if you're using units of more than 30 Orcs, you're doing something wrong- those kind of numbers are what Goblins are for.

12-06-2005, 00:08
Of the list you mention, I have played orcs(&goblins), skaven and dwarfs. The orcs were certainly fun army on the battle field and have quite a variety of troops and different ways to play, but the painting was hell to the end of it. I painted about 80 orcs on foot and some 40 gobbos for my army of 2500 points and I was sick in tired of the colour green by the end of it.

The skaven were fun too, but to my taste a little bit too unreliable, just like orcs, but with them it was more acceptable and the painting of clanrats was not my favorite pass time and you need a lot of them too.

The dwarfs were quite nice army to paint, I had no problem there and they are certainly reliable, but the sit-&-shoot way of playing really wasn“t to my taste. It was some what boring to play and I had my doubts about the effectiveness of the attacking dwarfs so I let them go too.

Aside from those I have played Slayers, chaos and lizzardmen, of which the lizzies are my personal favorites. They are reliable, nice to paint and because of their good mix of units a quite flexible. You can use them as a fast elite force, as a mass of infantry, use heavy magic or just spend on magic defence or use purely skink horde. But thats enough advertising... :)

12-06-2005, 01:47
If you want to be able to do a bit of everything, do O & G, Empire, Elves (any kind) or Lizardmen. But no army is a "one trick pony" in the sense that they all have ways to deal with the elements they lack.

12-06-2005, 08:31
Try dogs of war...check out the lists on the GW websites. Heck, you can even use the drawves you have painted as well. The list is quite flexible and it is easy to make a themed army.

Skaven will make you a little insane from all the clanrats. You can make a really competitive army thats not too cheesy and doesnt involes way to many minis. I field a 2k list of skaven with 90 clanrats, 30 stormvermin, 39 various skrimishers, 3 swarms, 1 ratling, 1 firethrower, 3heroes, 1 warlord, and 1 warp cannon. Still a hefty amount of fur to paint, but still competitve and no one can say its cheesy.

And yes, i do play the above 2 armies.

EDIT: Some mistakes

12-06-2005, 09:00
I think Lizardmen are the most flexible army as they got almost every type of units, they got strong solid foot blocks (saurus), annoying and fast skirmishers (skinks), hard hitting monsters (kroxigor), flying units (terradons), heavy cavalry (saurus cavalry), short range shooting (skinks and salamaders) and strong characters both in magic and combat.

On top of that they are fun to paint and play.

I also think Orcs & goblins are quite fun to play and they've got lost of units, but most of the units are quite the same and they are a pain to paint ( 61 orcs and 62 gobbos at the moment + chariots, bolt throwers and a giant and it still just under 2000points).

12-06-2005, 11:29
Of the list you mention, I have played orcs(&goblins), skaven and dwarfs. The orcs were certainly fun army on the battle field and have quite a variety of troops and different ways to play, but the painting was hell to the end of it. I painted about 80 orcs on foot and some 40 gobbos for my army of 2500 points and I was sick in tired of the colour green by the end of it.

So get a giant in, get trolls, war machines, chariots, the Pump Wagon....

Besides, I haven't gotten bored of green yet :| Scarily. I just find it better to paint.