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lees mekshop
19-11-2013, 00:25
+++ shooty high elf 2400 (2400pts) +++


High Elves 8th without special characters (Standard) Selections:

+ Lords +

* Archmage
Hand Weapon, Level 4 Wizard
* Lore
High Magic
* 2x Magic Items
AB Book of Hoeth, Talisman of Endurance

* Archmage
Hand Weapon
* Lore lvl3
Lore of Metal
* Magic Items
Channelling Staff

+ Heroes +

* Handmaiden of the Everqueen
Bow of Avelorn, Light Armour, Spear
* Magic Items
* Magic Items
Potion of Strength, Reaver Bow

* Noble
Dragon armor, Hand Weapon, Longbow
* Battle Standard Bearer
Banner of the World Dragon

* Noble (scouts with shadow warriors)
Halberd, Hand Weapon, Lion Cloak
* Magic Items
AB Khaine's Ring of Fury, AB Shadow Armour

+ Core +

* Archers
38x Archer, Musician, Standard Bearer

* Lothern Sea Guard
Musician, 47x Sea Guard, Standard Bearer

+ Special +

* Shadow Warriors
13x Shadow Warrior

+ Rare +

* Repeater Bolt Thrower

* Repeater Bolt Thrower

* Sisters of Avelorn
14x Sister of Avelorn

just a bit of fun with the stuff i own ...i could make more shooty but this list ive gotthe miniatures to play it

20-11-2013, 16:19
Mmm, obviously you've got no real punch in combat when the S*** hits the fan, the Sea Guard are hitting at Str3, how ever you put a spin on it they're likely losing most combats.

My first real lesson with High Elves was against Chaos, an army filled with chariots, knights, warriors and dogs. Dogs tied up units like sisters and archers whilst the others didn't really care about my Str3 bows, that did about two kills all game.

Have you not got any Silver Helms or Sword Masters? They're pretty useful/amazing with banner of world dragon.

Also a point of note, sticking the banner on a BSB will mean anyone with a heart filled with hatred for that item will jump with joy seeing you have it on a guy that will die quickly and quietly. Put it on a units BSB fella.

So I'd look at getting some sword masters, Silver Helms and a couple of chariots as well, movement 9 Str5 impact hits and swift stride PLUS a very rare T4 :D. I used one in a tourni last week on his tod and he wiped out a unit of plague bearers worth 750, alright they'd been annihilated by fiery convication, but he still got them, and he also killed a lone wizard thinking he was being smart. Single High Elf chariots are ace in my books and the models are great, trust me I painted mine up about two weeks ago and was stunned as to why the core spearmen and archers dont just look like them, instead of some stupid pie head with a bob! ...Worst models everrrrrrrrr.

22-11-2013, 02:32
Take out the second archmage and replace him with a loremaster. That way if you throw wyssanns on the seaguard they will have punch among his other uses.

23-11-2013, 00:12
Absolutely agree with stevew, you also get searing doom.

23-11-2013, 00:27
Elves don't really work as gunlines too well, in my opinion. If shooting is your forte, Empire would be more fun than just rolling to hit with S3 bows. If you insist on going missile heavy with HEs, drop some of those archers for Reavers and a few Sea Guard and the sisters for some White Lions or Phoenix guard and another bolt thrower. That would still leave plenty shooting and also give you more maneuverability and combat punch for when things hit your lines.

24-11-2013, 13:11
Super shooty list, only 2 bolt throwers? You wot

25-11-2013, 18:08
"If you insist on going missile heavy with HEs, drop some of those archers for Reavers and a few Sea Guard and the sisters for some White Lions or Phoenix guard"
This has to be my favourite line in a long time.
Going shooty is tough in 8th as it is difficult to do enough damage to reduce an enemy horde below combat effectiveness or even destroy it. You can, it you are lucky and skilled enough avoid a deathstar and maybe blast away at the other chaff and small units to claw out a minor victory, but it won't be fun. This would be easier after exchaning the sister for reavers but that is personal preference. Is this for a tournament? If not I would suggest doing this at a much smaller points level where you aren't as likely to face a deathstar or big monster and will face more core troops that your archers can more easily manage.

01-12-2013, 02:39
I have to disagree with AM1640, shooting is still a very valid way to defeat armies, although their are a number of armies you simply won't have the shooting to deal with such as VC's. You will eventually have to kill at least one squad in hand to hand.

I used your list as a basis but made some changes while keeping the theme, and making it much more shooting intensive, while removing some of your sub-optimal builds. I normally only use a single squad of 20 sisters + hand maiden, but I thought with the points available to your army, you might want to use 2 units of 15. They still kill nasties as well as normal, but you might need to kill 2 chaff a turn.

Annointed of Asuryan
-Armor of Silvered Steel (From the BRB)
-Khaines Ring of Fury

Arch Mage
-Level 4
-Talisman of Preservation
-Book of Hoeth

Hand Maiden
-Reaver Bow

Hand Maiden

-Dragon Armor
-Shield of the Merwyrm
-Sword of Anti-Heroes

Sea Guard x 48
-Full Command

Phoenix Guard x 20
-Banner of Discipline

Sisters of Avelorn x 14 196

Sisters of Avelorn x 14 196

Great Eagle 50

Great Eagle 50

01-12-2013, 05:28
Lore Master
-Level 4
-Talisman of Preservation
-Book of Hoeth

You mean archmage don't you?

01-12-2013, 16:11
You mean archmage don't you?

Yes, I normally use a Lore Master but I think there was a 10 point issue, I ended up having to switch.