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lees mekshop
19-11-2013, 02:50
how to kill 3-5warsphinx/necrocats

gona be playing a mate at 2400pts my high elves vs tomb kings monster heavy 3x warsphinx 1-2 necros i am struggling to work a way to kill that many without magic (he goes magic heavy and i find it hard to get a spell off half the time

only way i think is kinder reliable is a block of 40-50 archers with hand of glory BS buff but that will only kill 1 still have3-4 to kill

i was maybe thinking metal magic maybe shadow

how can i deal with this without throwing big blocks in to them to grind for a combat res kill

any help is greatful

19-11-2013, 02:57
Well, big blocks to crumble them..dual charge with eagles helps too.. potion of S or +3str hero on a flying anything.. mass shots and roll some 6's any I based spells will work, but like you said, TK can shut a magic phase down quite well..

19-11-2013, 04:37
Take a dragon or two and a couple of phoenixes and have a godzilla esq moster slugfest.

19-11-2013, 07:16
All the Toughness in the world cannot protect them from Crumble damage. The simplest way to deal with them is to minimise the damage they can deal and then slowly dust them with ranks, banners and scattered wounds. Their damage output isn't too bad really. A Warsphinx has 4+4 S5 Attacks, Thunderstomp and a one-use Breath weapon. If you can catch them with cavalry, they will struggle to fight their way out and should erode to a couple of Silver Helm ranks. Alternatively, a Frost Phoenix or Dragon are more than a match if those are your style.
The Necrosphinx tends to be even easier to deal with since they have half the attacks and no breath weapon. As long as your unit can remove Thundercrush, you'll be absolutely fine. Just don't send any characters to do the job.

Shadow magic works to tank Toughness or throw Pits, if you want magic. Avoid using high-strength tools but instead focus on throwing lots of attacks downwind, so Phoenix Guard/Spears will serve you better than White Lions. Cavalry are likely the best option to send after them thanks to the removal of Thunderstomp and general resistance to S5 attacks.

lees mekshop
19-11-2013, 17:14
this is the list i ended up with

+++ high elf vs monster list 2400 (2398pts) +++
+++ 2400pt High Elves 8th without special characters Roster (Standard)) +++

High Elves 8th without special characters (Standard) Selections:

+ Lords + (565pts)

* Archmage (235pts)
Hand Weapon, Level 4 Wizard
* Lore
Lore of Death
* Magic Items
Channelling Staff

* Loremaster of Hoeth (330pts)
Great Weapon, Heavy Armour
* 3x Magic Items
AB Book of Hoeth, AB Shield of the Merwyrm, Sword of Anti-Heroes

+ Heroes + (335pts)

* Noble (155pts)
Battle Standard Bearer, Dragon armor, Hand Weapon
* Magic Items
Enchanted Shield, Obsidian Lodestone

* Noble (180pts)
Dragon armor, Great Eagle, Hand Weapon
* Magic Items
AB Star Lance, Charmed Shield, The Other Trickster's Shard

+ Core + (633pts)

* Archers (200pts)
19x Archer, Musician

* Lothern Sea Guard (295pts)
Musician, 25x Sea Guard, Standard Bearer

* Silver Helms (138pts)
* 6x Silver Helm
6x Shield

+ Special + (625pts)

* Sword Masters of Hoeth (330pts)
Musician, 20x Sword Master
* Standard Bearer
AB Banner of the World Dragon

* White Lions of Chrace (295pts)
Musician, 20x White Lion
* Standard Bearer
Banner of Swiftness

+ Rare + (240pts)

* Frostheart Phoenix (240pts)

20-11-2013, 22:39
The answer to this question is: easily.

Pretty much the only protection sphinges have is T8. They have no armour save to speak of, and the best we can give them with buffs is a 5+ ward or 6+ regen. And seeing as how they get max 1W per turn back from the TK lore it's really not that hard to chip them down to nothingness.

As others have said, the real key here is crumble. It really only takes one turn of whiffed attacks for the sphinx to crumble away due to SCR. 3 ranks and a banner means that the sphinx has to kill 3 more guys than it takes in wounds (they always crumble loss-1, due to being a construct). With 8 attacks at WS4/3 it's actually not all that hard for this to happen. Especially when you start piling in on them with flank charges, BSBs, etc. It also can't be used in conjunction with any TK core unit, since they all bleed combat res like mad.

Really, of all the big monsters the TK ones are the least of your concerns.

02-12-2013, 06:23
That's all very well on 1 sphinx but will he let you charge into a sphinx with that many troops?
What do you think the rest of his army will be doing?