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19-11-2013, 19:14
So last night my roommate, my girlfriend and I started a 2000pt game of T&T with mercenaries. We still aren't finished (about to start turn 5) but I promised in the T&T thread I'd post some pictures and descriptions of our games, so here goes: Also it's important to remember we play each turn where everyone gets a movement/magic/shooting/combat phase, and the cards are used to decide who goes first second third in each phase. We do this rather than having three completely separate turn 1s for each player. (It's way more fun this way)

Okay on to the report, first the armies: (I'm going to give an overview rather than specifics)

Player 1: Ludaman's Vampires

Vampire Lord on Foot lvl 4
Vampire of barded nightmare lvl 2
Wight king
49 skeletons
10dire wolves
29 grave guard
9 black knights

Dark elf master
14 dark shards

Player 2: Alaynne the ruthless (My GF) playing Brets

Prophetess on Royal Pegasus lvl 4
Paladin BSB
Damsel on foot lvl 1
12 knights of the realm
11 knights errant
39 halberdiers
10 peasant bowmen
9 Grail knights
1 trebuchet

Mercs: wood elves
1 noble
10 glade guard
8 glade riders

Player 3: My roommate/landlord AkA "the Groundskeeper" playing Orcs and Goblins

Goblin great shaman on aracknarock with catchweb shrine lvl 4
Goblin shaman on foot lvl 2
Goblin shaman on foot lvl 2
20 savage Orc boys
15 savage Orc boar boy bigguns
3 trolls
3 trolls
10 wolf riders
10 spider riders
3 bases of snotlings

No mercs (he wanted the money)

Alright the battle report and pictures will begin in the next post:

19-11-2013, 19:27
Turn 1/ deployment:

I chose my spot first and elected the big empty middle section on one side of the board, Brets and orcs took the corners of the opposite side.
In turn 1 the orcs charged my dire wolves with wolf riders, and the Brets charged my black knights with knights errant and the BSB and my skeletons with Grail knights... 17 and 19 inch chargers respectively (how come I can never make those... I moved my grave guard so my vampire would be in 12" range of all my units. The magic phase on turn 1 was mostly uneventful: the Bret prophetess got throne of vines, I got vanhels off on all my units, and the goblin player cast a bad-moon that missed everything, I did miscast and blow up 9 grave guard though. The shooting phase was uneventful my dark shards were payed not to shoot, the wood elves were payed not to shoot. A Bret archery volley killed 2 spider riders, and the trebuchet misfired, and that's about it. The combat phases were interesting. I used a treachery card to give my dire wolves +1 weaponskill, and combined with vanhel's the ate 6 wolf riders, however the 4 that remained killed 5 dire wolves, and I lost another wolf from standard and charge bonus. My black knight nearly were killed by the knights errant but survived with 2 knights and my vamp, and the Grail knights killed 20 of 50 skeletons, ouch.


19-11-2013, 19:57
Turn 2:
The Bret player charged my skeletons with glade riders, the Orc player shuffled his units around, and I did pretty much nothing and hoped for a good magic phase. The magic phase went amazing for me, I healed my black knights almost to full, my grave guard back to full, got 16 skeletons back, and 6 dire wolves, and again got vanhels on everything. It couldn't have gone better. The Brets took out 5 boar boy bigguns with dwellers below, and the Orc player made his wolf riders poisoned. Shooting saw the trebuchet clipped my grave guard killing 4, some archers from the Brets killed 3 savage orcs, and a wood elf killed a boar boy. Combat saw the dire wolves kill only a goblin and get reduced to only 3 wolves (3 on 3 now), the knights errant and black knights told each other bedtime stories and 3 black knights fell over bored/re-dead. 20 skeletons vanished...

Turn 3:

Movement was boring: Mainly the orcs and Brets jockeyed for position and the arachnarock finally started to crawl its giant exoskeleton towards my undead. Magic saw treachery cards erase my magic phase (sometimes those cards suck pretty hard) the Brets killed more skeletons with shield of thorns, and the goblins blasted 6 of my dark elves dead. Shooting phase was non existent, the orcs bought or used treachery to stop all the Bret shooting and my dark shards failed to wound trolls. Combat saw the dire wolves kill the last goblins as the wolves they were riding simultaneously killed my dire wolves... A fitting end. Black knights were reduced to a single knight, and skeletons down to only 14. Things are looking grim for vampires/ me :(

Turn 4:

The movement phase saw the Brets finally charge the savage orcs with halberdiers, and snotlings with realm knights. The orcs also charged my dark elves with trolls (uh oh) The magic phase allowed me to raise 8 skeletons, 8 black knights, 8 grave guard, and lose my wizard levels on my regular vampire. The Brets were shut down by the orcs, and the orcs blasted 12 of my grave guard dead with a big bad moon (now sitting on them). Shooting was uneventful again. Combat saw my black knights again reduced to a man, 12 skeletons died, the Bret halberdiers aced 4 savage orcs and the savage orcs killed 4 back, combat was a draw (they both rolled horribly) , the trolls ate my dark elves (all of them) and the realm knights killed the snotlings and managed an insane 11 inch overrun into the boar boys (next turn's gonna be crazy, we finish tonight)!


23-11-2013, 11:42
Nice :) still waiting for the last bit