View Full Version : Wishlisting Imperial Guard rules and stuff

21-11-2013, 13:27
Here's some ideas I've been conjuring up. I would like to see doctrines make a return and here's a list of them for certain Imperial Guard armies using Chapter Tactic like rules:

Cadia - 1 additional order on company commanders and junior officers; better storm troopers

Catachans - reroll failed cover saves; catachan devils

Mordian Iron Guard - stubborn; characters precision shots on 5+

Talarn - similar rules to white scars

Vostroyan - Bionics; counter attack

Steel Legion - an army company of some sort

Valhallans - artillary cap increased; a 2nd or 3rd conscript squad

Attilans - rough riders as troops; furious charge on rough riders

These are just some of the ideas I thought of, but would like to hear from you guys to expand on what we could expect from guard. Have at it.