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Lance Tankmen
21-11-2013, 14:59
hey just had a small 500 point skirmish vs lizardmen and 2 questions came up.

1) when a razordon gets to stand and shoot it states it may reroll the number of shots, would this allow it to reroll a misfire? we played that it did not.

2) it fires like grape shot from a cannon, since it fires like that i figured it doesn't have muti-shot so it doesn't get a -1 to hit as per the rules. it only gets a negative -1 for long range (it has quick to fire). is this correct? it only has BS 3 so its to hit is only 50/50 at close range anyhow.

21-11-2013, 18:55
I think it would allow a reroall of a misfire. After all, if you rerolled a 2 into a misfire you would count that. The empire engineer allows for a reroll on the artillery dice and he can reroll misfires

It should only get a penalty for long range and stand and shoot

21-11-2013, 19:22
1) You may reroll a misfire but the second roll is always used. It's the same with any reroll of a dice.

2) You are correct

21-11-2013, 19:37
The issue with the multi-shot penalty comes up often, i always have to remind people that you don't apply the multi-shot penalty unless it specifically states that the weapon has the Multiple Shots rule listed in its profile, usually written as "Multiple Shots (#)", things like grape shot do not suffer the penalty because they don't actually have the special rule.

Lance Tankmen
21-11-2013, 20:57
thanks guys thats how i figured but to be safe i didn't let the misfire be rerolled (partially because it was funny that his stand and shoot reaction was to eat the last skink handler and it was game over anyhow). but ill know that we can reroll misfires now.

22-11-2013, 20:06
I think the ability to re-roll the misfire is to make up for the fact that they MUST Stand and Shoot if charged.

I had not noticed that they were Quick-to-Fire and do not take a Multi-Shot penalty, that makes them so much better now.
Never really considered taking them before the new book.