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Karak Norn Clansman
21-11-2013, 22:42
Have you ever tried to wall off parts of the battlefield with vehicles or drop pods? Have you been subject to it? Do you have any hilarious war stories to retell about such blockades? Any odd tactics of the hastily fortified type?

As for myself, I can confess it's dead fun to field up toward 6 drop pods and then rain them down across the tabletop. It's inefficient to boot, but the hard drop pods and their storm bolters become a nuisance to the opponent whilst they sometimes even may help with winning an objective. It's also akin to opening a christmas present every time a new squad hops out.

What's the best way to wall of sections of the battlefield in 40k?

Formerly Wu
21-11-2013, 22:53
I've definitely stuffed 30+ guardsmen into a narrow corridor before to block off access.

Too often though my wall-off (or hiding) plans fail, due to me badly underestimating opponent's movement speeds, line of sight, or killing potential.

21-11-2013, 23:19
Back in 3rd or 4th edition I had a GT game with my Tau against a 3.5 CSM army. He had a siren daemon prince, a siren lieutenant and a load of daemonettes. I had a load of kroot in cover, which back then were basically immune to daemonettes (throwing loads of S4 attacks at them before they got to strike) so his plan was basically not going to work. The lieutenant died somehow but the daemon prince was a problem because I wasn't allowed to shoot him at all.

He didn't have wings though, because he'd been made to move as cavalry instead. So when he got close to my crisis suits I put 3 hammerheads around him so he couldn't get out. It bought a turn of move + jsj for my suits, which let them scatter and run to his deployment zone, to get maximum points. He broke a hammerhead, but it was a worthy sacrifice!

22-11-2013, 01:15
Field as many rhinos and razorbacks as you can, deploy them sideways between buildings. Works really well against orcs or 'nids, usually gives me an extra round of shooting before being charged.

22-11-2013, 01:24
I tend to use guard squads spread out widely as a space filler to prevent deepstrikers coming down behind my tanks.

There is also stringing out long squads along the board edges to block outflankers, but that is a silly counter to a silly rule :(

Inquisitor Shego
22-11-2013, 01:44
Back in 3rd Ed I played a guy known for taking his Nidzilla against new starter kids and tabling them in 3 turns. I got so pissed off with this, I showed him the full fury of a Dark Eldar raider rush, that just sat still and blasted and poisoned his army to pieces in 3 turns. Finally, his last surviving unit was a carnifex. I had 5 raiders circle it, sealing it in, and the squads disembarked to cheer in a mock arena of death. The Archon single-handedly leapt off the Raider, charged in with its agoniser, combat drugs, and shadow field, and tore it to pieces.

Other than that, yes I've used rhinos as road blocks. Good enough for the police, good enough for my Alpha Legion.

22-11-2013, 03:57
I played an elder player at a tournament and he was getting smashed pretty bad by my 5th ed. KFF kan wall.

He could have drew the game in the last turn with a jetbike obj. contest, but I had 8 killa kanz left, so made a ring around the objective, so he couldn't land in the ring without being within 1" of me, and he couldn't land just outside the ring because the kan bases made him further than 3" from the objective.

'Twas pretty awesome :)

22-11-2013, 07:11
I've used monoliths (5 ed, still "immune" to melta etc) to wall of a corner of the table. had some long range shooters in a building behind them picking off my Nid opp's forces. He couldnt get a decent charge in. It was a boring game tbh. But an easy win. (no objectives in that game)

22-11-2013, 08:01
Used a Land Raider to box in a Tyranid army that had hidden behind two large walls.
This gave my tactical squads plenty of time to thin their ranks at range.

Even after they managed to destroy it the dangerous terrain tests killed a lot of taunts.

22-11-2013, 09:18
I've used defence line sections to wall of the cliff that surrounds the board before. So noone fell off lol. I didnt want to play castle style but really wanted to try a quad gun so just deployed the line right up against the table edge.

22-11-2013, 10:20
I used Drop Pods quite a lot in 5th edition. In several games with lots of buildings I actually managed to use them to wall of considerable parts of the battlefield. Sometimes I even deployed the units with drop pods straight away and dropped the pods empty purely for walling off stuff. Then came the Grey Knights with their "Deep Strike Instantly Mishaps" -powers and I shelved my Drop Pods...

Bob Hunk
22-11-2013, 10:30
I once had most of my Rhino and Land Raider mounted army walled between two large buildings by three Lucius drop pods, each containing a combat orientated Dreadnought. And this was back in the days when you could assault from them without penalty. :( That was painful. :eek:

22-11-2013, 12:13
I once used a Wraithseer and two Wraithlords to block off a road in city fight. It ran right through the middle of the board and pretty much everything had to cross it. Almost nothing made it across. :)