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22-11-2013, 13:52
Hi guys, Im going to a 2400pts tournament soon I and was thinking to get some dust off my Skaven.
Any tip would be great. heres the list Im taking.

Gray Sheel
lvl-4 Wizard (Ruin)
Talisman of Preservation

Chieftain (bsb)
Armor of Destiny

Plague Pries
lvl-1 Wizard (Plague)
Additional Hand Weapon
Poisoned Attack
Sword of Might
Ironcurse Icon

Warlock Engineer

Warlock Engineer
Brass Orb

Full Command

Full Command

Full Command
Banner of Eternal Flame

Warpfire Thrower
-70pts (not sure wear this one will go, Im thinking the Stormvermin unit)



40xPlague Monks
Full Command
Plague Banner

Hell Pitt Abomination


Warp Lightning Cannon

This is 2394pts so Im pretty close to the point limit, I have a good feeling for this list but what do you guy think about it?

22-11-2013, 14:06
Looks deadly, the only immediate crit I can see is poison is useless with a magical weapon so either get rid of it on the Priest or get rid of the magic weapon. Also, additional hand weapon doesn't pair with magical weapons so that is also a waste of points. Depending on who you play against, I would maybe exchange a few spells to plague for your grey Seer, you can always exchange spells into the dreaded 13th.

I would recommend a poison wind mortar attachment rather than the warpfire team since it cannot move and shoot. So really your strictly hoping your enemy gets in range without charging and then you get a turn to shoot (and hope you don't scatter over them or fall short) OR it's only for the stand and shoot, either way, a poison wind mortar can move and shoot 6-24" and can really hurt. Last night I played 750 points vs dark elves and high elves (two seperate games), took two mortar attachments on units and a catapult... those elves where dropping everywhere. there is of course though the misfire and scatter.

Everything else looks solid, you have a lot of shaft units, I am assuming the bsb and seer will be going in the stormvermin?

Should be fun to play with!

23-11-2013, 00:24
Seriously good advice on the mortars, warpflamethrowers have their place, ratlings and grinders are more postional but mortars payout all the time, i run nothing but

24-11-2013, 12:18
Thanks for the Advice, Ill take a look at the mortars.

Yeah the bsb will go into the Stormvermin unit but Im not sure if the seer will be joining him there, thinking of using the small clanrat unit as a bunker.