View Full Version : Do fantasy books from BL still have a shared timeline?

25-11-2013, 15:48
I recollect in the old days pre 4th edition that there was a shared timeline that encompassed all the warhammer novels. Since then a lot of things have changed around. I was just curious whether the various BL books still acknowledged a shared timeline (a la Star Wars) or whether each separate book or book-trilogy is pretty much stand-alone. Obviously I am talking here about 'present day' novels rather than TOL series.

25-11-2013, 16:14
Problem is...I can't think of many stories set in the current timeline to start with...

Official-FB timeline is stuck in the pre-storm of chaos limbo

Gotrek and felix are set far into the future (the timeskip around manslayer set it way past storm of chaos) for the "official" serie and then you have the out of order newer books
The warhammer heroes books are each in his own time (Soj/SoV are set right after storm of chaos,the red duke is centuries in the past etc etc)
The Orion trilogy has no reference to the timeline at all.T&T trilogy is in the past
Everything Time of Legends is even more past,with various degrees

So....it's not that the timeline is different for each book...But that,at the moment,fantasy books are spread thin all over it...

26-11-2013, 08:01
In general, I consider all Fantasy stories to play in the same timeline, as long as there is nothing to conflict that - even if a book is set earlier or later than another, there is no reason to assume that they do not share the same timeline.

Speaking of Sword of Justice and Vengeance, I was really disappointed that GW didn't take the opportunity to move the Empire armybook timeline ahead to include that part of "new" lore.
The Storm of Chaos lies a long time back by now, and unlike with 40k, there is no reason to limit Fantasy to the reign of Karl Franz. If they were to move a few years ahead in the timeline of the WHFB world, in an official way, I surely wouldn't complain.
It seems like Black Library is doing that here and there, be it with G&F or Swords of the Emperor - now if only the design team could do the same...

Let's be honest, only the human characters will really be affected, or those who simply die. Dwarfs live long enough to survive a reasonable timeline shift, as do elves, vampires, chaos champions... I'm doubtful about Skaven, who generally live only for a bunch of years if they're lucky, unless they're fueled by the blessing of the Horned Rat - which wouldn't be far off for the special characters, I guess. The greenskin warlords won't die unless killed, and simply grow bigger and stronger until then.

So considering that, and the turbulent history of the Empire in general, I don't see why Karl Franz couldn't grow a bit older still and have an equally competent heir, with some Is added to his name. Heroic deaths for some of the special characters could be damn thrilling, if written the right way.
While reading the Swords of the Emperor, I was legitimately worried about Kurt Helborg and Ludwig Schwarzhelm - with the timeline moved ahead, there was no assurance that they'd make it. I also quite liked the way the books "redeemed" the mad count, and evolved a whole province.

But yes, they still share the same timeline, they are just not set at exactly the same points on that timeline - how could they be? Aside from the Storm of Chaos, there isn't really a big event that would connect factions and characters properly.
Let's hope the upcoming Archaon novel (hopefully trilogy or mini-series) will work on that.