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07-06-2006, 21:24

Ill be starting a eldar army soon, itll be based around a 2000pt list then buy other things to expand the flexibility of the army...

Golden rule for this army!! - normaly my past armys always lead to masses of plastic unpainted goo... So i created the rule Cant buy anything else untill everythings in the army at that moment is painted!!!


Not bought
Not Built
Bases Done

10x Howling Banshees
6x Fire Dragons
2x Guardian Defender
8x Guardians Defenders
30x Dire Avengers
2x Wave Serpant
2x Falcons
4x Vyper Jetbikes


The army will be all urban based but the colour scheme like all eldar dosent fit the surrounding...

Heres a picture to Illustrate the scheme...


And another for the tanks


The blue on the tanks will have the wabe theme i posted in the thread "what do you think..."

Though these pics have no highlights you get the jist of the scheme...
and also just to clarify the colours on the guardian are slightly lighter than what i hope to have on them.

This is how i hope to achieve it:

Primary colour -
Dark Rich Blue:
Regal Blue
Regal Blue / Enchanted Blue 1:2
Regal Blue / Enchanted Blue 1:1
Blue Ink / Water 1:3 3 Washes
Enchanted Blue
Enchanted Blue / ice blue 1:1
Ice Blue / Skull White 2:1

Secondary colour -
Rich Red:
Dark Flesh
Scab red
Red Gore
Brown Ink / Red Ink / Water 1:2:6
Blood Red

Trim Colour -
Chaos Black / Shadow Grey 1:1
Chaos Black / Shadow Grey / Commando kahki 1:1:1
Chaos Black / Shadow Grey / Commando kahki 1:1:2
Black Ink / Water 1:3 2 Washes
Chaos Black / Shadow Grey / Commando kahki / Bleached Bone 1:1:2:1

Gems & Eyes -
Dark green:
Dark Angels Green
Dark Angels Green / Snot Green 1:2
Snot Green
Snot Green / Golden Yellow 2:1
Black Ink / Water 1:3
White Dot
Acrylic Varnish

Vents,Pipes -
Chaos Black
Chaos Black / Codex Grey 2:1
Codex Grey / Chaos Black 3:1
Black Ink / Water 2:1

I know this sounds complicated but ive got 8 weeks to do the guardians so ill take my time and make them fantastic! :D


The bases will be plasticard tiled tiles to rubble...

Similar to this and i will be hoping to get lots of double layer bases


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07-06-2006, 21:42
good luck!
now post some pic:evilgrin:
sounds good, if a bit colorful.... maybe somthing a bit more neutral than red?

07-06-2006, 21:46
Nah i like the red, eldar bright and eye catching style :D will post soom pic within the next four weeks if i pass my exams maybe earlier ;)

07-06-2006, 21:51
Golden rule for this army!! - normaly my past armys always lead to masses of plastic unpainted goo... So i created the rule Cant buy anything else untill everythings in the army at that moment is painted!!!
Good man! It works, too. For a while, anyway... :)

The red does look a bit off, but then I always find red/blue schemes look worse on paper than in the flesh (plastic). Do a test model at the very least, it may well turn out nice.

07-06-2006, 22:18
Yeah but since all i can buy at the mo is guardians that also helps... then ill just wait for the new stuff... hmm are the falcons / wave serps getting a revamp ?

07-06-2006, 22:30
Hahaha, new Wave Serpent indeed! The current one is what, a year old? And the poor eldar players waited umpteen years for it to come out.

I'd check the rumour forums for uinfo about what'll be redone, but I'm pretty sure Wave Serpents are safe.

07-06-2006, 22:39
Mwah :D I might a serpy as well then :)

08-06-2006, 02:11
Good golden rule....NOW GIVE US PICS!!!!;)


17-06-2006, 22:50


Like i said the base will be Urban, this is my first try so far and im quite pleased with them once i get some razor wire ill add a bit to them...

Unluckly i ran out of glue so i have to wait untill tommorow before i can make anymore :mad:

Hopefully sometime next week ill buy some guardians and paint up the first squad :D

Comments welcome :)

Brush your teeth
18-06-2006, 11:05
good luck with the project, although i think ill wait until i see a model until i comment on it. the bases look great though

20-07-2006, 10:26
Long awaited update:

Bought my first batch of guardians yeaturday first squad of 10 made and primed... Ye gods theyve got a lot of parts :cries: Bloody annoying :D building another 45 of them is not a very nice thought :(

Anyways will updates with some pics after i get the first one done :D

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20-07-2006, 12:42
Another Update:

When the internet was down i got some modeling down and a built a base for a Wave Serpant/Falcon... I took my time painting it an im really happy with the outcome of it, Its a scene of two guardmen checking a bomb site and one sees the ws/f and just stares and its frozen scared while his comrade looks at him in utter confusion..

Anyways here are some pics,

Above View, not much to say...

Pic of two guardsmen...

Close up of Speechless Guardsman

...and his cofused friend

20-07-2006, 12:46
And my favortie pic of all Blown up Ultrasmurf!!!!!!!! :D

Bare in mind this was my first go at eyes so they arnt that good...

Now i must start the guardians :mad:

P.s. could you rate the pics are they good quality ?

Over and out

20-07-2006, 20:33

Finished a guardian and what youve been waiting for pics...
Ive tweaked the scheme due to the models differences to the diagram and i think its come out quite well...


20-07-2006, 20:35
and a final pic of the base...


sorry for it being too bright :o

Comments please :)

20-07-2006, 20:49
Nice, I'm going to have to pilfer that gun colour when I get my army up and running :D

20-07-2006, 20:51
Lol i gave up using dry brusing a while ago but on the gun i think it finishs the model off quite nicely :)

20-07-2006, 22:00
Lol i gave up using dry brusing a while ago but on the gun i think it finishs the model off quite nicely :)

Well I've never seen it done like that before, and since the weapons are made from wrathbone its certainly appropriate :)

20-07-2006, 22:35
Slight side-bar... there are lots of rumors spreading that Guardians will be utterly nerfed and generally a bad choice in future Eldar armies with the upcoming Codex. They'll be good as ablative shields for 1-2 weapons platforms and that's about it. You might do well to bitz order some of the Dire Avenger heads and turn the guardians into Dire Avengers before you're stuck with 45 worthless models. Just thinking you might want to trim the fat from your project is all.

The boyz
20-07-2006, 22:42
Wow great job on the base for your Wave serpent Chicodon. I love the dismembered Space marine, that looks very cool. The guardian is looking very nice too. I really like the colour scheme, very colourful. The red areas of the armour look very nice.

21-07-2006, 12:57
Great base, I defy anybody to get eyes right on the first attempt!! Good job on the Guardian too...

Got a thing for blood splatter?!! :D

Quin 242
21-07-2006, 13:32


Liking these. Have you ever tried just filing grooves in the base itself and saving on plasticard? I have some tile like bases and I just grooved the actual base to save time and energy.. looked decent but the full 3D effect wasn't quite the same.

But over a whole army it might be worth it to skip the card?

The Serpent/Falcon base is very nifty. the speachless guardsman is great :)

I like the color scheme you've done on the Guardian EXCEPT the mauve grenade pack just looks off there on his hip. Can you color match it to the red or blue?

21-07-2006, 15:26
I'm not keen on your colour scheme. Have you seen a colour wheel before, try to work with that. Apart from that, the basic technique is fine, the colours just look a bit whack.

Keep up the good work on the bases too!

29-07-2006, 13:41
Not all colour schemes need to be based off the colour wheel :rolleyes:

Rich 123
29-07-2006, 13:49
Well it does make sure the colours compliment one and other and makes ure that the scheme hangs together neatly without jarrin gyour sense and with a bit of thought it can really make your minis 'pop'.

Although another thing to bear in mind is the way warm and cool colours interact with each other too.

Good luck with this chicodon, Ill read through the rest of the thread later

Quin 242
29-07-2006, 14:36
Not all colour schemes need to be based off the colour wheel :rolleyes:

Absolutely agree. If you want to "unbalance" your minis so that they stand out then feel free to do so.
And again I think these look good (except the tentacle pink/mauve grenade pack on his hip)

Who says eldar sensibilities are the same as Humans? This may be VERY flowing to an eldar.

Rich 123
29-07-2006, 16:06
If you want to "unbalance" your minis so that they stand out
You can have minis stand out (pop is a bit more of a technical word) from a very long way away by just putting thought into the colour combinations AND using colour theory rather than ignoring it. A good quote I read in a book about typesetting goes like this 'rules can be broken, but never ignored' Very true there I think.

Who says eldar sensibilities are the same as Humans? This may be VERY flowing to an eldar.
Which of course makes perfect sense. However, not many Eldar will be looking at this army will they? A colour scheme can be alot more uniform if you design it to appeal to its target audience (humans in this case).

So for instance with the red and the blue they look a bit out of sorts. There are a number of ways you can work with:

You could choose a complimentary pair from the colour wheel (these are colours next to each other on the wheel), they will look similar and add a interesting kind of tonal variation - for instance using a crimson armour colour with a reddy orange undersuit.

Or you could choose a contrasting pair from the colour wheel (these are colours opposite one and other on the colour wheel). For instance purple and yellow or blue and orange.

You could alos choose colours that are warm or cool. So a warm colour (which are yellows, reds, and so on) would look good over a pale cool (blues, greens purples - although purple is a bit of a borderline colour, depends on the shade) coloured undersuit

Or, you could take two colours and by mixing a tiny quantity of a thrid paint into both the other colours it will also help tie the two colours together with a unifying effect (so red and green although contrasting colours on the colour wheel look horrible next to one and other without a sepration but if you mix a little yellow into them both then it draws them together so much better.

Now Ive flicked through the thread could I give asome suggestions on how to alter your coloru scheem slightly? The blue and red you have really dont look that nice together. They both domminate the model too much. However, if one of them was knocked back slightly (made paler, thus making it more neutral) then it would make the other colour really pop and not so jarring.

You could for instance Paint the red armour sections with a bright crimson but then use ablue grey rather than pure blue to work with it. That is if you dont want to change those colours. If you wanted to tweak them slightly how about a bit fo violet could be mixed into both the red and the blue which would help unify them because unfortunately red and blue are both primary colours and unfortunately never work together.

Or alternatively take on of the primary c olours you are using a replace the other with a secondary colour that contains you other colour. So it would be a different colour but compliment the primary colour well. For instance if you prefer the red, replace the blue with an orange or a red/violet mix. Or if you prefer the blue use that and move slightly round the secondary colours on the wheel (the middle ring of colours) to look at colours containing more blue the purple - though to blue - even green if you mix some blue into that.

Eldar are all about subtlety and elegance, having a beautifully thought out colour scheme would be so fitting. Now, dont take this as gospel, as we all know theyre youre minis and you can do what you want. I just thought Id give you a break down of colour theory so you could have a think and see if there was an option you preferred the look and feel of.

If you went in for mixing colours then I would deffinatly make a note of the ratio of colours in the mix and mix up a pot or two (at least) of the main colours to last and keep it a uniform colour blend.

Heres a good image of a colour wheel for referance if you want it. This one is better than many as it has primary, secondary and tertiary colours all there rather than just secondary (most of the ones on the net are like that it seems :rolleyes: )

Good luck with where ever this goes!

29-07-2006, 17:02
Absolutely agree. If you want to "unbalance" your minis so that they stand out then feel free to do so.
And again I think these look good (except the tentacle pink/mauve grenade pack on his hip)

Who says eldar sensibilities are the same as Humans? This may be VERY flowing to an eldar.

I agree with the grenade pack do you have any suggestions on a different colour ? :)

Quin 242
29-07-2006, 22:21
I agree with the grenade pack do you have any suggestions on a different colour ? :)

Same as either the red or the blue?

Or tone it to the undersuit but then it might disappear?

31-07-2006, 14:54
That's an awesome base, very well done. I have to say that at first I didn't like the colour scheme, at all, really. But seeing it actually applied on a model, I've changed my mind. I like it a lot, and prefer the areas you put the red and blue on the model rather than the original. All in all, very well done. Can't wait to see this developing. ;)

31-07-2006, 17:17
Thanks ! :)

Though it'll be a while before i update as most of my stuff is being updated though i might get a falcon so i can put it on the base. :D

01-08-2006, 10:11
Hey Chicodon, could you please refer me to the site where you could make up that Eldar colour scheme on the drawing of the Guardian (in your first post)? I've been trying to find it... PM me if you can.


P.S. Looking good so far...

The Purple Ninja
01-08-2006, 22:19
I second that request, i've been intersted in it too. While just taking the pictures and painfully turning them back to blank bitmaps in MS Paint is not above me, I'd like to avoid it if I can.

01-08-2006, 23:14
This is the site http://www.40konline.com/mos/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=833&topic=105763.0 (http://www.40konline.com/mos/index.php?option=com_smf&Itemid=833&topic=105763.0)

Copy the picture you want into paint a save it as bitmap then your ready to go :)

Many thanks.

09-08-2006, 03:31
Nice Job Chicodon... you have inspired me to do the same!

I have to get together some of my stuff that I know will not change in the new Codex, and get to painting!


30-08-2006, 18:11

I have changed the colour quite abit this being the new sheme

1st colour
- Black/Regal Blue (RB)
- RB
- RB/Enchanted Blue (EB)
- EB
- EB/White
- EB/White/White

2nd colour
* scab red
* scab + blood red
* blood red
* blazing orange
* red glaze

-Mix: 1:1 / CG:H20
-Mix: 8:1:4 / CB:SB:H20
-Mix: 1:3:4 / CB:SB:H20
-Mix: 1:2:3 / CB:SB:H20
-Mix: 1:2 / GE:H20


I have done another test guardian, and i bought some rangers yesturday the captain is complete and i am in the middle of paints the 2nd which is near completion. I have the gold, gemstones, leather pack and pouches and the base. Ye gods that sounds alot but thats just about 20 mins work left. :D

The bad news is my dad left the bloody camera at me grandparents so no piccys yet :cries: by the time i get the camera back ill probably have all the rangers done! :)

Comments please, Many thanks


29-09-2006, 23:43

Well just to say im not dead! :p Bloody camera is still at the G.parents though i will be getting it in 2 weeks and that'll be a pic heavy update! :D

The new paint scheme has worked a treat really like it have painted 3 Rangers will finish the other 2 off in the next half term in 3 weeks, also went the GD got 2 boxes of avengers and a flacon will be working up to the 1000pt list before the 2000.

Ive built 11 avengers a whole squad and the Exarch for the other, after the falcon, avengers and 2 rangers are painted will only need 6 dragons, 10 banshees and a farseer with custom platform (gonna be a project in its own right)

C&C and questions always welcome! :)


23-10-2006, 11:51
Well finally I have got my camera back! So here are the pics of the rangers. :D

Ranger Exarch Front
Ranger Exarch Back
Ranger Exarch Close Up

Ranger 1 Front
Ranger 1 Back
Ranger 1 Close Up
Ranger 1 Close Up #2

Ranger 2 Front
Ranger 2 Back
Ranger 2 Close Up

Ranger 3 Front
Ranger 3 Back
Ranger 3 Close Up

WIP Ranger Front
WIP Ranger Back

Comments are always welcome! :D

23-10-2006, 15:59
Not too shabby. I would tighten up the presentation of these a bit...drybrushing doesnt really work that well for eldar, although on rangers it could work better, I suppose. I like the color scheme.

FYI - no such thing as a ranger "exarch" :)

23-10-2006, 16:44
Drybrush ? I havent drybrushed the model, the only part that is drybrushed is the rifle. :)

10-11-2006, 18:59
Just an update, i like the swooping hawk models but i think they aree slightly out with the new models. I know im not the best modeller i wouldnt even say im that good but i decided to have a go at custom building a swooping hawk with a Dire Avenger kit. This my first and im still wondering if i should continue making the squad or buy them...

Anyways here as the pics, so i leave the decision down to you!


Comments welcome as always!

10-11-2006, 19:06
Any chance of getting a look as to what it'll look like with wings?

10-11-2006, 19:16
aint got none yet :(

11-11-2006, 23:59
I really like this idea. I'm not a fan of the "beaky" look of the Hawks.

Consider me inspired, I have a bunch of Dire Avenger heads I can remove the crest from for a similar look.

12-11-2006, 00:09
Looks ok son, just one tip that you might find useful - Use vaseline or some kind of lubricant when cregg-stuffing. Right now some of the areas you've GS'ed look rough, and it's probably because the GS stuck to the tool when it was tacky, leaving slight imperfections. Lube solves all problems.

Good luck.