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26-11-2013, 21:34
I'm wanting to start a vampire count army and will be probably starting in January, I was thinking about having just all skeletons and some zombies and when it came to HQ i was a bit stuck i don't really want a lot of vampires though just wanna hear your opinions and ideas greatly appreciated guys:D

26-11-2013, 23:23
Well, the thing to remember with VC is that zombies and skeletons can't really kill anything. Their job is to hold enemy units in place while your killy units smash them to pieces.

Also, remember that your signature spell can raise zombies above their starting unit size, but only if you have the models to do so. Most VC players I've talked to will bring 2 zombies for every 1 they start on the field. At 3 points a piece that is an absolutely abhorrent number of zombies you'll have to assemble and paint.

Also, don't forget dire wolves. Chaff is a very important strategic element in this game, and direwolves are some of the cheapest chaff available. A very good unit to fill up the remainder of your core alotment.

If you're really wanting to stick with the "skeletons and zombies" theme, then I would suggest going with grave guard. They're basically just skeletons that can actually kill stuff. The "internet consensus" seems to be that crypt ghouls and black knights are the better choices, but I'm still afraid of the GG whenever I see them plunked down on the other side of the table.

edit: oh, and what you do for heroes and lords is really up to you. The vampire lord is one of the deadliest generic lords in the game, when equipped right, though many people like the double-necromancer army as well. Vamp heroes can be good as well, though I'm personally a bigger fan of the wight kings. They're just tough as nails!

Gustav Kohn
27-11-2013, 02:31
I say go with what you like. I am currently doing a skeleton themed army. No zombies. I have Vamps & Wight Kings (but you could go with Necromancers). Grave Guard and Black Knights are also skeletsons. Zombie Dragon looks very skeleton and so does the Terrorgheist. I also use black knights. Just play the models you think are interesting.

27-11-2013, 12:03
I know it's not exactly what you're looking for, but this thread (http://www.vampirecounts.net/Thread-300-Zombies-I-m-sorry-but-yes) on carpe noctem might give you some ideas with regard to using (and winning with) a zombie-heavy army.

27-11-2013, 17:27
i was wanting to go with the all skeletons and zombie theme but ghouls have poisoned attacks but r pretty weak. Grave guard look realy good and like evryone has them in there armies, i wouldnt mind using like vargheists and monsters like tha cause they do heavy damage:D thanks though givin me some ideas about my army cheers!

27-11-2013, 17:30
Black knights look so cool tbh, might throw in a group of 10. Im defos wanting to have a zombie dragon, first they look sick and they also can do quite a bit of damage. thanks though really appreciate the ideas, thanks!

29-11-2013, 15:34
Essentially buy and assemble what you like, never be coerced into buying stuff you don't want. I run skellies and zombies with no problem, to me skeletons are amongst the most beautiful sculpt GW has ever released for core. Zombies on the other hand... Magics are far nicer and cheaper. There's a comment saying that you need bulk zombies for raising, that's true but most places will let you use die to show numbers if time is short. I take a zombie bunker of 20 with another 20-30 In the bag.

8th edition has spoiled VC, we have the most balanced of all the current books and is even say the greatest election of units because of it. You don't need a Vampire if you don't need one, necromancers are awesome, backed up by wight kings they can deal some damage but are there purely to raise your troops up. Vampire lore is all about support, the direct range spells I've only really used in the knowledge that my opponent will be forced to dispel or will let through I order to stop in of.

Enjoy vampires, I've played VC since 2001 and no other army has given me the same level of satisfaction or been able to capture warhammer In such a way for me.

29-11-2013, 19:02
yeah im wanting to go with just skelies and zombies, ghouls maybe but probably not. And im only going to have a vampire to make my army look nice tbh ahaha. And necromancers i'd say are necessary. and i hope i have the same fun with them as u did, thanks for the advice though bro greatly appreciated.

30-11-2013, 01:52
Vampire thrall with red fury and a GW can be very devastating, if you play against lots of low toughness troops, give him an extra hand weapon and a ward save and he will rack up 4 kills per turn not including those he gets from red fury.

Feel free to ask it you need advice or help.

30-11-2013, 17:24
Generally, go with what you like, and just keep the realities of the units you pick, as well as the atmosphere of the match you've set up, in mind while you play. Even zombies should be able to chip away at most things if you can pile enough on (and bring them back fast enough...) and don't get your more capable units involved in the same combat (so they don't just die in a tremendously underwhelming fashion).

01-12-2013, 19:42
yeah the one big worrie i got is when i come up against heavily armoured troops and skeletons aint the toughest guys tbh. But vargheists are really good according to some of the other forums. Thanks for the advice though greatly appreciated.

02-12-2013, 04:00
Go for the lord necro just for the cool factor and use the saved lord points on more horde. More horde!

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Archon of Death
02-12-2013, 04:29
I intend to run only Dire Wolves and Skeletons. Wolves can keep up with my force, and with the one vampiric power I can increase the unit size (can't wait to test the ever expanding shield tactic). Skeletons are kind of the go-to of Lahmians if I remember correctly, and while the wolf/lahmian dynamic never really made sense within the fluff, it makes too much sense based on the tactics and abilities associated with Lahmians.

Aside from the meta leaning toward giant blocks of infantry, any of the core choices (aside from direwolves, whose footprint/cost ratio is off the chart) are really entirely acceptable. Zombies give you more bodies and potentially more anvil hordes, skeletons are a middle ground, and ghouls are kind of the elite face rending force.

Pure necro/skeleton is actually pretty good if you use MotD on your level 4 to get you a massive number of skeletons every turn via IoN. Then if you run 3 level 2s you can use them for Death. All kinds of possibilities there.

02-12-2013, 16:59
Dire wolves sounded good at first but i think im gonna stay with a core based army of skeletons zombies and ghouls. Although i did see a few armies with dire wolves and they looked pretty smart but dk if i want to go with them, thanks for the advice though greatly appreciated thanks!

Archon of Death
02-12-2013, 17:46
Oh no, they are great, as chaff. Throw away harassment units. Just not as the majority of your core. Should have gone into more depth with that ~_~. Running two or three units of 5 is a good way to harass your enemy. Running 10% of your army as direwolves is just a great way to not be able to fit them all within your general's bubble