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27-11-2013, 02:12
Here is my 2500 tournament list. Take a look. Might run beast on the lv 4 to be a little more comp friendly.

Supreme Sorc (shadow)

Sorc (Dark)
Tome of ferion

Death Hag on Cauldron in black guard unit
Fury of khaine/Ogre blade

Master BSB
Sea dragon cloak, heavy armor, enchanted shield, and sword of might.

21 witches (7x3)
full command and flame banner

5 dark riders
banner, rxb, shields

5 dark riders
banner, rxb, shields

14 darkshards

30 black guard (10 wide with cauldron)
full command and razor standard

5 harpes

hydra with breath wep


2499 points

27-11-2013, 02:40
My first impression is that while you wanted to complement the lack of high strength attacks(bar Kharibdyss, although lone kharibdyss can be dispatched quite easily) with lore of shadows
the army itself is very fragile. Cauldron does give ward to BG but it's only 6+.

If you want a cauldron inside infantry unit, I think witches are the optimal choice since it gives 5+ ward to them. Take two Kharibdyss(There is massive difference between S5 and S7),
1~2 bolt throwers instead a unit of harpies and a rank of darkshards would be good countermeasure against heavily armoured foes.
Along with these changes, I would also like to recommend Lore of Life for making your frail infantry tough and healing the units.