View Full Version : Magic Items for 8 ed 1500pts Kislev Army

27-11-2013, 15:30
Hi there ,

can you help me out completing my 1500 pts list with hero's equipment and magic banners. I know it is not the best army and probably not balanced at all but these are all the models I have and I want to try make up as much as possible so I end up with an army usefull for games with noncompetetive friends who seek something different for a change. (We play all current armies together)

So I've got the fllowing:

(L) Tsar Boris 375
(H) Boyar 90
(H) Boyar BSB 115
(C) Kossars (12x) + full command 133
(C) Kossars (12x) + full command 133
(C) Ungol horse archer (6x) + full command 137
(C) Winged lancers (6x) + full command 184
(S) Gryphon legion (6x) + full command 196

Which brings me to a total of 1363 leaving me

137 points for up to two magic banners and extra expuipment both magic and non-magic for my two boyars

Can anybody help me out?

Thanks, Daniel