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27-11-2013, 16:56
So over the last few weeks I've been cobbling together an army to represent (as unlikely as it may be) an actual army of Nagarythe Loyalists. I've converted much of the army from Dark elves and I may start a project log for it after I build a new light box. I've been trying to cook up some sort of acceptable backstory but I am reaching at times given what I have converted. The army has nothing really in the way of chaff and is all on foot sans the chariots so as far as competitiveness goes, I don't know. Anyways, to the list.

Loremaster of Hoeth - Naked!
Noble carrying BSB with heavy armor and enchanted shield.
Noble with reaver bow, shadow armor and great weapon.

21 Spearmen with full command in 7x3 formation.
20 Spearmen with full command in 7x3 formation. <-- Battle Standard here
10 Archers.
10 Archers.

21 Phoenix Guard with standard in 7x3 formation.
20 White Lions with standard in 7x3 formation. <-- Loremaster here.
Lion Chariot.
Lion Chariot.
9 Shadow Warriors. <-- Shooty Noble here.
10 Shadow Warriors.

4 Repeater Bolt Throwers.

The army is for the most part changed considerably from how a typical High Elf army looks. I used a large amount of the new Dark Elf models and all of the Dark Elf iconography has been removed. All of the models in the army have the shorter conical helmet versus the typical high helm.

The Spearmen are all the new Dark Elf Dreadspears with the hooks on the spears shaved down and the helmet hole green stuffed.
The Archers are Corsair bodies with Shadow Warrior arms.
The Phoenix Guard and the new Black Guard models with Shadow Warrior Helmets and all the Dark Elf iconography shaved/greenstuffed.
The White Lions are Corsair torsos (for the cold one cloak), White Lion Legs and Executioner arms and again the Shadow Warrior Helmets.
The Lion Chariots are the most bizarre of my changes. It is represented by a Thundertusk ridden by two of my White Lions.
The bolt throwers are conversions from the new bolt thrower from the Lothern Skycutter. I've made a stand for the bolt thrower from plasticard tubing and used the Skycutter crew to man it.

Here are some pictures of what I've painted so far, they were my test pieces so I know how to paint each unit.


27-11-2013, 17:16
I like the idea, I've always wanted to try it for a fun game. But you gotta find room for Alith Anar! I've used him before and he can be a very good distraction if he starts getting into your opponents flanks. You could find points by dropping maybe 1 lion chariot and a bolt thrower.