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28-11-2013, 18:28
So some ebay trolling essentially got me 80 of the new warriors for $170USD (vs the $280+tax it would be retail), via realizing the only shared component in the kits is the body... Waaay more than I planned using, but now I have a dagger bunker at least.

Really curious to see if it's viable to buff units with PoD and having the L4 in a combat unit, maybe on the corner of horde-formation spearmen

ANyways, here's what I was thinking:

Supreme Sorceress (L4, Dark Magic, Sacrificial Dagger, Talisman of Preservation) [in darkshard bunker or possibly spears if in horde]

Sorceress (Beast Magic, Dispel Scroll) [in darkshard bunker]
Death Hag (Cauldron, BSB) [in witch elves]
Death Hag (Witchbrew) [in dreadspears]

40 Dreadspears, fc
30 Witch Elves, fc razor standard
2x10 Darkshards, mu
20 Darkshards, fc flaming banner

5 Shades
2x5 Shades, GW
1 War Hydra, flaming breath

2x Kharibdyss
1 Bloodwrack Medusa

Core units, shooting, and hydra should shred squishy stuff. Dual Kharibdyss, Wyssans, razor banner, PoD on spearmen, GW shades, and medusa shooting to deal with high armor/T stuff.

The list is definitely lacking in redirection and mobility. Models I also plan on acquiring that could make their way into the list are:
- Executioners (20)
- Warlocks (5)
- Dark Riders (10)
- Peg Lord (trying to think up a good all plastic conversion -- thinking either DEldar scourges or black dragon rider on a ripperdon :P)
- Cold One Chariot (1)

fairy drowner
28-11-2013, 19:57
dont use the blck of 40 split it up into 2 blocks of 20 for more manuverability and definitly add dark riders they are very good

29-11-2013, 12:08
With almost no mobility this would not do well at all in my local meta.

30-11-2013, 16:18
I disagree, don't split up the block of 40. 20 will do literally nothing, and get eaten alive by anything heavier than a light gust of wind and they won't be steadfast. At least 40 will be steadfast for a turn or 2. Are you considering Hording these guys for combat? I would reconsider this, they will not win any combats outside of run of the mill core. Better to rank em deep to keep steadfast.

Dark Riders and Warlocks are always a good option.

My biggest suggestion would be to cut down on all the strength 3, you have almost nothing to deal with heavy armour besides the Kharibdyss, and they will die pretty quickly considering nothing else in your army is a threat to high armour saves.

I would seriously drop the Bloodwrack shrine.

Get some Bolt Throwers, Cold One Knights or Executioners.