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30-11-2013, 14:48
Sooo highborn deploys normally with a unit of waywatchers for -2 to hit and 4++ vs magic and plays gone avoidance game amongst my lines to make the most of the ld10 bubble.

BSB deploys with larger wardancer troupe, champ can unload/offload challenges. Against regen units, BSB negates it before the dancers attack. Again avoidance with reroll bubble but devastating on the charge against weakened units.

Lv4 bunkers in scouts, stays mobile and offensive, savage beast boosted with BSB, alter and lord eats face if I can get it off XD. Lv1 hops around GG as light magic defense.

Alter assassin runs in range of two flanking wardancer units to benefit with LOS before breaking ranks to hit his target.

Eagles can redirect or aid the waywatchers war machine hunting. As ever high armour is a snag for me but when isn't it with wood elves?


Highborn, bow of Loren, arcane bodkins, obsidian lodestone, additional hand weapon, light armour.

Spellweaver, level 4, power stone, ironcurse icon, resplendance of illuminescence, talisman of preservation.


Noble, bsb, wildfire blades, potion of strength, dragon helm, seed of rebirth, light armour.

Noble, alterkin, sword of might, potion of foolhardiness, helm of the hunt, dragonbane gem, light armour, shield.

Spellsinger, level 1, dispell scroll, obsidian trinket.


12 glade guard, musician, standard, banner of eternal flame.

6 glade guard, scouts, standard (lv4 goes here).

10 glade guard, musician.

10 glade guard, musician.

10 glade guard, musician.


8 wardancers, champion, musician (BSB goes here)

7 wardancers

7 wardancers


Great eagle

Great eagle

6 waywatchers

6 waywatchers

Whatcha fink?

Gustav Kohn
01-12-2013, 17:33
Wow, this is eerily similar to my list. A few differences in the characters and core, but the main ideas are the same. Here is the tactica I wrote up for it. http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?382035-Hide-and-Seek-An-MSU-guide-to-Wood-Elves-(no-forest-spirits)

Sounds like you are dedicated to the style and that is very important for your winning. You can't half do the MSU movement stuff with WE and win. you have to go all out (hence I like no treeman even though he is a good option in other WE lists). I would love to hear how it turns out for you.

05-12-2013, 07:04
Lovely article mate. Really helpful ;-)

Had a few play tests which have ranged from massacre to massacred with no middle ground. Biggest struggle was chariot woc army... No shock nut pulled a convincing narrow victory against it eventually (faced him4 times in 1 week until I won) using a feined refused flank and really focusing my force.

Assassin build on my bsb was a big surprise. Chimera for lunch anyone?

Speaking of which... My alter build is new and alos my new favourite. Good burst damage and consistency in good proportion. Having a unit of WD near by for LoS is great... Very useful

Thinking of dropping my lord lodestone.. Nit been actually gettingmuch mileage.... Maybe because if itspresence though ... More of a magic deterant than protection atm

And the weavers resplendance and bits for a feedback scroll... Or something for battling mages early on. Dominating the magic phase makes a marked difference... Derp!

05-12-2013, 07:58
I'd try and squeeze in some Dryads, especially if that Spellweaver is Lore of Beasts, they'd be invaluable in a list like this if you can boost them with Wyssans to S5/T5, that should certainly help against the chariots. Unless you're going for an all Elf list in which case, good luck! Another one is to switch out one of the characters for an Eagle rider with Great Weapon and assorted protective goodness, they fill so many holes that might be missing in the list.