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01-12-2013, 20:58
Ever had those moments where you said to yourself 'wow, that was awesome' during any friendly or competitive game of 40k? I have a story that's over a year old. It was just before 6th ed came out, I was playing against necrons with my tau and imotekh assaulted my commander and his bodyguard. Before my guys or the necron lord swung, I had 1 shield drone left. He hit, wounded, and because imotekh already took 2 wounds from shooting and down to his last wound, he rolled, failed his 2 up and his ever living. I won the game because of that. Sound off and give your story.

The Emperor
01-12-2013, 21:21
Back in 2nd edition, when you damaged bikes there was a chance of them going out of control and crashing into other stuff. I was playing Tyranids and fired my Biovore at a squad of 5 Ork Bikers and nailed two of the guys at the back of the unit with my Spore Mines. I inflicted damage on both of them and they both went out of control, crashing into the three bikes which were in front of them. Those three bikes were then damaged and likewise went out of control. One of them in particular had a chance of running down Ghazghkull. At the time, if Ghazghkull called down the power of the Waaagh!, he'd be completely invulnerable to all damage for the duration of the turn, but he had to make the choice beforehand, so I laid out the odds to him. There was only a 1-out-of-3 chance that the Bike would hit him, a 1-out-of-3 chance that it'd wound Ghazghkull, and if it did then he had a 50% chance to make an armor save, and if he failed it he had another 50% chance to make his force field save. And if all else failed, the warbike only had a 25% chance to inflict enough damage to kill him outright (at the time weapons and attacks could inflict more than 1 Wound of damage at a time. In this case, a Warbike could inflict 1d4, while Ghazghkull had 4 Wounds).

He decided to forego the use of the Waaagh! ability and save it for a time when Ghazghkull was more likely to be in serious danger, so we rolled. I made the 1-in-3 roll for the Warbike to head straight to Ghazghkull, and so it did end up colliding with him. I rolled to wound, needing a 5+, and succeeded. He rolled a 4+ armor save and failed. He then rolled a 4+ force field save and failed. I then rolled 1d4 to see how many Wounds I inflicted and it came up a 4, the maximum and just enough to eliminate Ghazghkull's 4 Wounds. And just like that Ghazghkull Thraka died after getting run over by one of his own Warbikes, which had been sent out of control by ANOTHER Ork Warbike which had crashed into it, after it had itself been sent out of control thanks to damage from a Spore Mine fired by a Biovore. I couldn't believe the amount of carnage that little Biovore and its two Spore Mine shots inflicted!

01-12-2013, 21:37
Nothing as elaborate (and hilarious, I might add) as The Emperor's saga, but I did have an opponent shap shot a heavy bolter off of a hydra that had lost its auto-cannons and do two wounds to my wraithknight, who was my warlord. In an apocalypse game. It was literally the LAST thing that could have fired in his army, and it was the last turn of the game. I would have also won the game if he had stuck around. And he was in his Finest Hour.

Hilarity ensues as I cry in the corner and the guard players rejoice.


01-12-2013, 21:45
Once, I played with My Gk's against a friends Flying Daemon Circus.

He Vector Striked (or shot) a Razorback open, leaving 3 henchmen.
Then he Assaulted those 3 Henchmen with another Daemon Prince who had only 1 wound left. I shot down that last wound with my overwatching Laspistols :p

Another one was when 3 Henchmen with Coteaz (who had cast Presience) failed to do a SINGLE wound on an enemy Dreadknight with their Plasmaguns, only to kill it with their overwatch...

01-12-2013, 21:51
Not so much ridiculous as hilarious. I had a special weapons team with three sniper rifles sitting on top of a small building right. So small that they almost covered the entire top. Now my foe, deciding that he didn't have another use for his marker drones (he was winning handily), chose to charge them into my snipers. All the over watch missed and then it got ugly. They failed to wound a single drone and the drone struck back and killed two. My guard broke and ran, and in doing so were cut down by marker drones. Who don't actually have any weapons. At all.

We envisioned it like the ball species from Futurama. Just bouncing on top of my poor guard to death. Maybe with a stooges style pratfall, where one gets behind the victim and crouches down so the other pushes him over the first guy.

The next game we played a vet squad tried to chase a group of fire warriors off a objective after their chimera had been killed. They suffered two rounds of fire and were reduced to the power sword wielding sgt and a melta gunner. Being the end of the game, I charged them in. The sgt was killed by over watch (the gunner didn't feel like pointing out the obvious), but then it really went down. The melta gunner blasted one fire warrior at point blank range, bashed a second to the ground and caused them to flee, whereupon he clobbered and melted the fleeing xenos. Ending up with the objective and being the only surviving guardsman on the field. He didn't win the game for me, but he looked good doing it.

I've yet to decided upon how to commemorate these events. My fancy guardsmen (plumed pith helmets and yellow cloaks, but still regular foot sloggers) got grey trim on their cloaks for taking down a lone wolf in close combat over several turns. He kept killing them, but they refused to flee.

Truly, in a galaxy of horrors, only the most fashionable can survive.

01-12-2013, 21:53
10 Ratings being charged by The Emperors Champion. Cuts down 3, but the plucky little buggers somehow put a wound on him. Of course they run, and manage to escape with an initiative roll off. They rally next turn, due to the regimental banner being nearby, but the commander is busy trying to direct fire against a pair of unkillable dreadnoughts that dpent an entire game shrugging off the combined firepower of an Imperial guard gun line for four turns. Bereft of any orders, the ratlings mill about in confusion and fail to snap fire anything. Next turn, The Champion charges again. One ratling looks up, sees a 2 meter mass if flesh and muscle bearing down on him, squeals and pulls the trigger. Rending hit, straight to the brain pan.
I lost, but that remains one of the closest fought, most fun games I've ever played. Also included the sanctioned psykers and the accompanying psyker lord, realising they couldn't effect the outcome in any way and having lost their overseer, repeatedly casting invisibility on themselves and sidling away towards a board edge...

01-12-2013, 22:00
The first time I used Scout Sergeant Telion, first shot of the game, he rolled a series of 6's that blew up a Leman Russ tank. After that debut, my regular opponent has never let him finish a game alive.

01-12-2013, 22:27
Nemesis Dreadknight in Apoc 5th edition- Ork Stompa has chewed up a good chunk of my allies guard army turn one with the supa-gattling gun. So my Dreadknight, armoed only with a teleporter and incinerator jumps out to get closer. Stompa charges it. Dreadknight swings first, gets one hit. Roll for pen- 6. Roll for damage on old superheavy chart- 6, chain reaction. Roll again for damage on old superheavy chart- 6, chain reaction. Roll again for damage on old superheavy chart- 6, chain reaction. Roll again for damage on old superheavy chart- chain reaction. Stompa runs out of structure points at this point. Roll on catastrophic damage chart- 6, Apocalyptic explosion. Ends up with a 14" radius nuke going off. Dreadknight takes a wound from the explosion. Rolls for Invul save- 6, saved. We had to take a break in amazement. Said Dreadknight now has heraldry of a burning stompa and the name Orkbane.

01-12-2013, 22:30
I had a chaplain leave an objective he was contesting to charge and clear a squad off another objective just for sheer lulz. Tactically he should have just hid there rather than take the risk but it was more funny.

01-12-2013, 22:32
In 5th edition.

My nids vs my friends space marines. My lictor arrived from reserves in area cover next to a land raider full of thunder hammer termies.

I attacked the land raider with my lictor. I rolled a 6 to pen. This was rending so I rolled 6 on the D3. This gave the attack str 15. I rolled on the penning chart and rolled another 6. The land raider blew up and the death star unit was left in the middle of nowhere.

My friend threw dice out of anger.

01-12-2013, 22:37
Classic setup - guardsman vs. terminator, both only members left of their squads. At very edge of their range. I hited, wounded, and he fail both save and FnP ( *&%$%^# sanginary priests ). BA player just facepalmed :D.

My friend in 4th ed have somewhat similar sitiation with his nekrons. He used veil to deep strike 20 warriors + lord, but unfortunetly they scatterd, and take beating from entire tau gunline. Warriors fall one after one, but as long lord remaind, they will have their chance to roll their op "we'll be back" rolls. All tau keep shooting at that unit, ultimetly drownig it to just lord on single wound. And only one unit still not used was hammerhead on other side of the board. With that very last shot his army can make, he killed lord, finaly puting end to threat.

01-12-2013, 22:55
A platoon worth of guardsmen (with orders) laying into a squad of 5 terminators. After the dust settles a bit we're left with 5 wounds to save. My opponent fails 4......

Spiney Norman
01-12-2013, 23:00
I have two, both from Necrons

There was the time my Lychguard came under fire from a SM tactical squad's plasma cannon, deflected 3 out of 4 hits off their dispersion shields into the face of Marneus Calgar who was getting ready to charge them after losing his terminator bodyguard and he failed all his invs.

Then there was the time my overlord spiked an eldar avatar with his mind-shackle scarabs, made him stab himself 3 times with the wailing doom and then finished him off with his Warscythe.

01-12-2013, 23:08
4th edition
Variable game length
Imperial guard junior officer with honorifica, carapace and power fist
30 fire warriors, 20 kroot, 1 hammerhead and 1 stray battlecannon shot
Result: 51 dead models, 0 wounds lost

In the same game 1 leman Russ survived 50 railgun shots.

That same man is also responsible for killing 5 grey knight terminators in 1 round of CC
Killing a greater daemon of khorne, kharn and 1 chaos dreadnought in a single game
Several space marine heroes
And an entire large squad of Ulthwe farseers and warlocks
He put marines to shame.

01-12-2013, 23:41
4th edition
Variable game length
Imperial guard junior officer with honorifica, carapace and power fist
30 fire warriors, 20 kroot, 1 hammerhead and 1 stray battlecannon shot
Result: 51 dead models, 0 wounds lost

In the same game 1 leman Russ survived 50 railgun shots.

That same man is also responsible for killing 5 grey knight terminators in 1 round of CC
Killing a greater daemon of khorne, kharn and 1 chaos dreadnought in a single game
Several space marine heroes
And an entire large squad of Ulthwe farseers and warlocks
He put marines to shame.
Wow. Just pure Wow :D. He truly deserves highest imperial honors.

Now we know who straken is trying to emulate ;).

01-12-2013, 23:53
Back in 3rd edition you actually had to "guess" the range of indirect fire weapons by declaring how far you were shooting. My basilisk hit a Black Templars Land Raider Crusader dead-on. Back then you also rolled on a separate chart when ordnance penetrated a vehicle. Well, I rolled a 6 on that too, which killed all the men inside the land raider. This was first action of the first turn, of the first game, of the first tournament I ever played. My opponent could only look on in horror.

02-12-2013, 00:04
5th Edition. My autarch with scorpion chainsword and mandiblasters ends up base-to-base with Kharn. Five attacks, all hit, all wound. Kharn then fails three out of the five saves and dies without ever landing a blow.

6th Edition. A combat squad of five Tactical Marines with a combi-plasma and plasma gun, accompanied by a MOTF with harness and plasma pistol, leap from their Razorback and pour six plasma shots into a squad of Deathwing Terminators. Five hits. All to wound rolls come up ones. I. Was. Livid, since this was a tournament game!

6th Edition, old C:SM. Five Tactical Marines carrying a plasma, combi-plasma, and melta bombs hop out of their Razorback and help put down the remnants of a Necron Lord and its Wraith bodyguard; the Necrons respond by taking out of the Razorback with gauss-fire. The Marines then charge and take out an Annihilation Barge with krak grenades. The Tactical Marines weather a fusillade of fire from about 1,000 points of Necrons and lose no one. They then charge and take out a second Barge with a melta bomb. The next turn, the entire Necron force opens fire on these five Space Marines. . . and kills one of them. They then charge into a squad of ten Warriors holding an objective, kill four of them and lose one in return, and run the rest of them down. Those three Marines ended up holding that objective, almost single-handedly winning me the game.

02-12-2013, 00:29
2nd edition - an isolated guard squad came face to face with a scorcha and only the squad leaders bolt pistol could damage it. One very lucky damage roll on the front wheel later and it cartwheeled back across the board and landed on the warboss and his retinue killing them instantly.

Most recently (6th edition) - a lone death cultist shrugged off the attacks of a bloodthirster and then took off it's last wound. Skulltaker - in the same combat - then failed the subsequent leadership test by a wide margin and was banished back to the warp due to instability.

Archon of Death
02-12-2013, 00:50
In 3rd I had a beastmaster get slain, over the next couple turns my opponent actually tried to kill them to help me out, but then they got into combat with my Archon and managed to kill him.

Da Roc
02-12-2013, 01:01
In 5th ed, my tau vs space wolf in a friendly match. His thunder hammer termies dropped down close to my line, my single xv88 with plasma shot 2 turn killing 4/5, the last one made the charge, the xv88 promptly wounding him, before he roll his AS, I promptly turned the termie around and bend it over, he promptly failed the AS and became my xv88s prison bitch after being fisted by the railgun. :D

02-12-2013, 01:01
You should see the blood-soaked Ethereal I have. Once went mano-a-mano with a khorne termi-lord w/dual chainfists.

Or for a ridiculous set-up, once had a Chaplain lead a squad of kroot into the side of a guardsman squad. Maybe not glorious but to see a Chaplain lead Kroot into Guardsmen, well, it was a special kind of messed up.

02-12-2013, 01:25
Two that come to mind, I've told the first one before, but:

Outflanking rhino has dropped off it's Recon Marine squad. Alone behind enemy lines, it's a few inches away from the Emperor's champion. Armed with only a combi-bolter, it opens fire. Two hits. Two wounds. I'm thinking "ooh, with a bit of luck, I might take a wound off here". Double-1 for the armour saves, and we're both stunned.

Second one was at a recent Apoc game. I've set up opposite some imperial guard, who have a Baneblade exactly 12" from the centre. On my side, I have my Lord of Skulls behind a Maulerfiend, the fiend being also exactly 12" from the middle. First turn, I open up with everything on the Baneblade, and strip off a few hull points, but nothing too great. I decide I might as well try a charge from the mauler, as it'll only die if I don't. I pick up the dice, and... Double 6! Puts it exactly in base contact, and as it's the first turn, Baneblade hasn't had a chance to move yet, so I auto hit, and get the bonus magma cutter hits.... Kaboom. Lynchpin of the right flank gone without firing a shot, and the only real threat to The Lord of skulls is removed, as all the other big hitters were on the other side of a mountain.

02-12-2013, 02:59
Back in 5th ed my emperor's champion probably killed over a dozen trygons in the various games I played (the bolt pistol always got em too) but when it came down to anything else he couldn't hit the broadside of a barn in combat.

02-12-2013, 03:28
Was in a huge three on three fight. Tau vs. Ork ....

About the mid-point of the game, the battle started to basically collect on my side of the board. My two Pathfinders squads were sighting in railgun shots from my Hammerheads (my list was mech. firewarriors with only my Commander and body guard being the only suits in my list. Also have a full squad of Gun drones.

I crippled the Forgeworld Ork Battle Wagon, his War Bozz and his crew got out and started the trek to my Commander. So I charged my drones into melee, and they took him out in HtH ...

02-12-2013, 03:50
playing a 2k point game back a few years ago, my land raider fired off its hunter killer missile at the side armour of a baneblade (my mate had just bought it, so i thought i'd let him use it in a non apoc game), was fired almost as an after thought as i dont normally take hunter killers. managed to penetrate it, then get successive chain reactions, sending it apocalyptic, killing a large chunk of his army that was bravely hiding behind it.

02-12-2013, 04:36
4th edition, my Guard vs. Orks. Ghazghkull had killed three Chimeras, two Stormtrooper(Grenadier) squads and a Leman Russ by himself, after losing his Nob bodyguard to a Basilisk. I pour everything I have into him, including another Grenadier squads plasma guns, a Lascannon HW squad and a bunch of Heavy Bolters, finally dropping him to a single wound. My last shot available is a single Guardsman who passed his "All alone" test earlier, armed with a Flamer. He proceeds to torch Ghazghkull and wound him, leading to a failed save. We determined that the Commissar only saw that one Guardsman, and instantly promoted him from a lowly Guardsman. (I still run him in my Company Command squad)

In 5th, was running Night Lords against a Vulkan Melta spam list. As I was running pure mech, the game didn't last very long. However, I did manage to get my Power FistLord and his Chosen stuck in with Vulkan and his command squad. Vulkan directed all his attacks at my Lord, hit with all and wounded with all. I then proceeded to make all of my 5+ invulnerable saves. The two bodyguard squads mutually destroyed each other, and all that remained was my Chaos Lord. He reached out with a Power Fist, got 1 hit, 1 wound and Vulkan failed his save. My Lord stepped through the carnage, only to fall to a multimelta in the next turn.

02-12-2013, 05:59
Wow. Just pure Wow :D. He truly deserves highest imperial honors.

Now we know who straken is trying to emulate ;).
He might be the son of straken, or more likely genetically engineered from strakens tears, and straken never cries, so its an extremely rare and powerful thing

02-12-2013, 06:18
Early Apoc game, Tzeentch daemons vs guard. I'm getting hammered by a baneblade. My Lord of change deepstrikes in second turn, 17.5 inches from the baneblade, lets off a bolt of change, penetrates, chain reaction, chain reaction, boom. Blows the baneblade up. 17 inch explosion. Destroys the guard players whole army. We couldn't stop laughing.

02-12-2013, 08:11
I have two,

5th edition
I was at a tourney with my Nids and played against an all bike SM army. He was moving up three five man squads and his honer guard (or chapter can't remember, they had FNP) with captain, down the middle but left a small gap between his units so gave it a shot and dropped Doom in. Rolled a hit on the scatter, so he had to roll Ld tests on all units within six. Horrible rolls later he lost two whole squads, three from the third, and two from his honor guard. So doom being super charged fire his pysker attack at the captain and honor guard killing all but the apothecary. We had people coming from the other table to see doom alone in the middle of the field. He was obliterate in the next round by melta fire but he had earn his title, DOOM!

Second was a couple weeks ago, at another tourney. My Nids vs fate weaver army. Rough fight, the only wounds on fate weaver and two daemon princes were caused by perils, my swarm lord was laying waste to a horde of khorne dogs, my Tervigon was being ripped to shreds by 20 daemonettes and I only had one unit of troops left to score points. Turn 4 comes up and my carnifex drops down near his unit of 20 pink horrors and herald on a disk with the grimore, on his objective. Shooting killed a few but not enough. I knew what was coming. His herald (with only one wound left due to perils) casts flickering fire at my fex. Rolls double ones. I cringed at that as he stares at it those dice. "Well it still goes off." I said as I roll deny the witch roll, and rolled a six. We just stare dumb founded.

02-12-2013, 08:16
Not epic, but hilarious. Second edition blood angels Vs orks, a standard jump pack assault marine charges an ork warbike. Folls initiative to not be hit by the vehicle (bikes were vehicles back then) and fails, taking a Str 4 hit that fails to wound. Bike takes a hit equeal to the marines Toughness, hit location is the pilot, and the collision kills him.

We thought at the moment that the marine miscalculated the jump and ended wondering why he was suddendly covered in green goo.

02-12-2013, 08:37
Last edition, I had a group of stealth suits charged by an ork warboss, who killed all but one. That one proceeded to kill the warboss singlehanded in close combat. And they say tau aren't suited to melee ;)

02-12-2013, 13:13
On one of the few 5th ed. games before we stopped playing 40k, I had a Lord of Change in a daemons vs. eldar battle. the LOC flew in and the eldar player threw his entire armies firepower at him in an attempt to ground him in front of a squad of 8 fire dragons. They managed to get him 1 1 wound and ground him, but only with the last shot of the fire dragons. He lived!

My turn and he is set to assault another squad of eldar. Come the assault phase, first I sent some 'nettes behind him in to kill a waveserpent. waveserpent goes boom. S3 explosion kills the LOC (if he had charged first he would have lived.). Good luck goes around and comes around I suppose...


02-12-2013, 13:17
Single mutilator beating up Tycho, a squad of death company and a sangria ;) priest.

Go Mutes!

02-12-2013, 13:37
Now that I come to think of it, I've never had an outrageous combat, no harrowing last stands turning into against-the-odds victories, nothing really cool happening at all. Lots of watching my marine captains, chaplains, techmarines and sergeants getting shot and chopped to pieces and the game floundering into a mass of half-hearted combats and firefights.

I wish my games were more exciting and memorable.

02-12-2013, 13:56
3rd edition, IG vs nids.

A souped up Carnifex was threatening my flank. What could fired at him, leaving him with 2 wounds left. My last model able to shoot was a Sergeant with a Laspistol, the sole survivor of his squad who had passed his Last Man Standing test on that turn just barely. Since he had stayed stationary, he was able to fire his laspistol twice (that was possible back then). 2 shots against 4, 2 hits. 6es to wound: boxcars. The carnifex rolls his 2+ save: Snake Eyes. Dead. I guess the Sergeant shot him in both eyes.

02-12-2013, 14:11
Had a couple of good ones recently. A GK Techmarine wading through 10 plaguebearers and a Herald of Nurgle without taking so much as a hit (all praise to the dice Gods!). And a plucky Death Guard snap shooting with a plasma gun at an Avenger Strike Fighter (that had literally just entered the board and chewed up the rest of the squad) and making it explode. There have been others over the years, but those have been some recent faves. :)

02-12-2013, 14:24
I once exploded a Necron Monolith with the very first shot of the game.

02-12-2013, 14:25
Beginning of 6th ed. A leftover squad of Fire Dragons (Exarch + 2 guys) killed a 5 man Berzerker Squad in the assault phase thanks to some lucky and unlucky rolls.

My 5 man FD squad loses two guys to bolter fire but remain.
The Berzerkers charge...During overwatch my Exarch uses the flamer and kills 2.
My FD both roll '6' two melta shots kill 2 more.
Only one remaining...Exarch has superior Ini and kills the last berzerker with the flamer's stock to the berzerker's face

We resolved the fight and looked at each other like...How the hell did that happen...All 3 are still there and 5 berzerkers are gone.

The NEXT squad of berzerkers totally mauled the Fire Dragons in revenge but their soulstones were recovered so the Exarch WILL return ;)

02-12-2013, 14:31
In 5th edition I had a lone space marine scout sergeant with power sword kill 7 plague marines in combat over 3 turns. I have never passed so many 4+ saves in my entire life. :D

02-12-2013, 14:59
5th Edition, the Storm Raven Blood Angels Gunship makes it appearance in the 40K Battle fields.

My usual Space marine opponent is eager to test this super dreadnought transport, Fast Skimmer against my Eldar. I'm worried about this new expensive marine toy. The next 3 battles i fight him i managed to explode the boxplane in the first turn in the first volley directed at it, first two with bright lance shots, then with twin linked EML.

Moral of the story: Boxes can't really fly that well

02-12-2013, 15:18
A pimped-out daemon prince, a Lord who became a daemon prince through the eye of the gods table, and the line surviving terminator from the Lord's retinue; all died to a dreadnought heavy flamer :'( :'(

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02-12-2013, 15:25
I played a fair handful of games this year in the summer with lots of hilarious moments!

My land raider killing all the vehicles it shot at with its snap-firing lascannon for 3 whole turns! (still lost the game!)

Had a chaos lord get charged by three units of ork boyz challenge an ork nob, kill it then the lord ascended into a daemon prince! Only for himself to get slapped down mightily as he didn't have a 2+ save and remaining ork nob refused the challenge. Some ascension huh!? :D

Also had a dark apostle and 4 chaos marines get charged by a warboss and 6 ork nobz. The snapfire takes two of them... the aspiring champion nearly takes the warboss (two saves of three on a 5+ !!) but gets snipped up by the powaklaw.The dark apostle and the other three take down another two more ork nobz. I lose no models in return. The combat is won and I proceed to sweeping advance the rest of them.

In my turn someone else asks "did you even fail your bosspole re-roll?!" Remembering he had a bosspole I let my opponent have his re-roll and of course the remaining marines then got mushed completely. One of those ridiculous moments denied to me. But otherwisegreat.

I had a unit of iron warrior marines open fire with melta guns and a plasma pistol on an ork dreadnought. Doesn't take a dent and the plasma pistol kills the user. Thankfully it dies to a krak grenade.

Another one I recall was my unit of 15 chaos marines opening fire with 13 bolters at long range on a seer council of 6 warlocks and a farseer. Farseer is the only one left with a single wound! :O In the same game my unit of 6 terminators and their chaos lord having been denied their target proceed to vaporise a unit of firedragons. Only to have rings ran around them by a unit of Warp Spiders. The lord was the only one who survived the 3 turns of shooting (his turn, the overwatch and then his turn again) before they were put down by the 15 man squad. The game ended before we could have my lord of chaos face the farseer. :evilgrin:

02-12-2013, 16:49
I remember back in 5th losing a terminator to a slugga shot from a falling back Ork boy

02-12-2013, 17:46
My friend deep-striked his khorne lord into my ork gun line and was immediately run over by my looted wagon.

Kung Fu Hamster
02-12-2013, 17:58
I have a single Wych model with one hell of a throwing arm. She's managed to take down a Storm Raven, two Vendettas, and a Dakkajet with nothing but Haywire grenades.

Once I get my second box of Wyches, she's getting promoted to Hekatrix. :)

02-12-2013, 18:01
I remember back in 5th losing a terminator to a slugga shot from a falling back Ork boy

Back in 3rd edition I had my slugga boyz falling back after losing combat to a hive tyrant leaving it with one wound left. I decided to try and shoot it while falling back and one slugga shot hit and wounded the tyrant. And so the tyrant rolls for it's 2+ armor save and fails...

02-12-2013, 18:14
During an apocalypse game a few years ago, my brother played orks, allied with eldar, necrons (cousin's) and tau (freind's).... (yep), it was against tyrands (me) allied with imperial guard(an other cousin), fielding 2 super heavy tanks a and a thunderbolt.

My brother ordered the meteorite-action orks have access to and aimed at the field's centre. He rolled some catastrophic scatter dice. first one of the rox hit and destroyed the allied Monolith... one of the 5piece-monolith-phalanx. It was the first and the last monolith that shall be destroyed till the end. The second scattered in th opposite direction right into a fight between two carnifexes, a superheavy cobra, somegreyknights (acting as "Deathwatch") and a 20boyz orkmob. just the seargant survived :P.

There were some cool moments allthe game, but that was just Ork style: Just because!

02-12-2013, 18:32
Two 2nd Ed. games in a row my scouts got charged by Striking Scorpions led by an Exarch, and both times the Sergeant and LeVar Burton survived, while slaughtering the Scorpions.

02-12-2013, 18:51
Several months back, I was running my mech-infantry IG against Necrons. My opponent was running a destroyer lord on his own to try to draw a lot of fire away from his other units. So, my 10-man guardsman unit jumped out of a chimera a fired at him, luckily inflicting 1 wound with lasguns. On his next turn, the destroyer lord shot and missed the guardsmen, then he charged. The guardsmen held their ground and inflicted another lasgun wound with overwatch, then they slayed him in close combat without suffering a single wound from the lord. I never would have thought lowly guardsmen would be able to single-handedly defeat a Necron destroyer lord.

02-12-2013, 18:56
I had another funny one where my half-Deathwing DA army was taking on my friend's Daemons army. Turn 2, his Great Lord of Change Tzeentch-thingy (I don't remember his name) deep-struck on my flank. On my turn I began by firing the only weapon within range of him, a heavy bolter wielded by a scout. He inflicted one wound, causing the daemon to fail his leadership check, thus banishing him back to the warp. I've been a big fan of scouts ever since then!

02-12-2013, 19:22
i have another. this is still in 5th. there is this guy i use to play alot when he lived in my area and this is the type of person who tailor's his list to play someone else's. funny thing was he always lost to my tau, except on 2 occasions. during all the times i played him, i was secretly building my 1st space marine army to play everyone at my local store. when my army was ready, i brought it over that night and no one expected it. the guy i played came in, saw my army, and asked whose army that was. i said it was mine. he didn't believe me, so he asked 4 or 5 other people and they all gave the same answer. with a grim expression on his face (yes grim), he said "oh", and stared at it for awhile, and then said he was planning to play my tau. he had deep striking blood angels that he used against me before. i brought pedro, 2 squads of sternguard with melta, 2 tac squads with plasma, dev squad msl launchers, and 2 thunderfires. i got first turn, and it was kill pts. everything he had was deep striking (even his land raider). dante dropped and i killed his squad when they came in, except for dante. one of dreads died along with his drop pod, lost his land raider on a mishap that carried a chaplain and death company, and lost all his assault squads by turn 4 and 5. the only thing he had left was 1 dreadnought and a baal predator. the expression on his face after the game was priceless. he was so mad and i found satisfaction just for beating that person because every time i played him, he always tailored his list to try to beat me, and that victory was so sweet. where this story is not so much ridiculous, it was just awesome. i have a battle report on this story if anyone would like to see it. i'll put it in my next post. the video i think was 2 years old and gives better insight on what happened.

02-12-2013, 20:19
Speaking of bizarre rolls, few will beat my first ( and so far only :p ) Apocalypse game. I used my black-reach terminators for first time, well, in fact it was first time that my forces possed any model with save better than 4+.

Sadly, they were painted by my youngest brother, and belive me, he's a horrible, horrible painter ( so bad, that even now, 3 yerar after this game, my gameing group still makes jokes about his lack of skill. They even thinked about "prize for the worst painter" named after him :p).

First turn of enemy shooting, temies take 8 wounds. I roll 8 one's :chrome:.

After this battale, i sold all my terminators :p.

02-12-2013, 20:22
Speaking of bizarre rolls, few will beat my first ( and so far only :p ) Apocalypse game. I used my black-reach terminators for first time, well, in fact it was first time that my forces possed any model with save better than 4+.

Sadly, they were painted by my youngest brother, and belive me, he's a horrible, horrible painter ( so bad, that even now, 3 yerar after this game, my gameing group still makes jokes about his lack of skill. They even thinked about "prize for the worst painter" named after him :p).

First turn of enemy shooting, temies take 8 wounds. I roll 8 one's :chrome:.

After this battale, i sold all my terminators :p.

My Deathwing recently had a game where I passed 16 consecutive armor saves.

It was the most glorious thing I'd ever seen. Of course, I was playing against eldar, so I got rolled anyway. But moral victories and all...

02-12-2013, 20:53
A friend of mine has his Eldar Corsair Prince who was scoring in this mission on top of the only Objective. Two rokkits hit him. No problem, saved. Two sluggas hit him. Dead.

Another time I went to town with my CSM right after the new book was released. Eager about this new Champion of Chaos rule I sought out challenges as best as I could. I had three all game. First one: My Chaos Lord slaughtered a poor Space Marine Sergeant. My Lord is turned into a Spawn. Second one is my Warpsmith against another Sergeant. My Warpsmith is also turned into a Spawn. The last one was really a miss-calculation from my part... I charged 35 Cultists of Khorne into Terminators hoping to drown them in attacks... forgetting about the Champion of Chaos rule that makes me have to challenge with my Champion... sigh, no matter the outcome at least the Terminator Sergeant will still be alive, right? Nope, he died before he got to swing his Thunderhammer. My Champion? He was turned into a Daemon Prince.

And a last one... this is from the latest game I played, CSM vs Iron Hands. He aims for an early First Blood and a Drop Pod melta landing behind one of my Rhinos. Both his combi-melta and regular melta fails to do any permanent damage, despite backarmour and being in melta-range... so instead, next turn I blow up the Drop Pod (The explosion kills the melta-dude). Iron Hands go at it again, 4 Space Marines left. Trained for years. Decades of battle experience. They walk up close enough to be able to reach out and touch my Rhino basically. Shoot their Boltguns... Not a single hit. Not one. They charge in, hoping to remedy themselves with Krak Grenades instead... my plasma gun and one boltgun inside gets to overwatch. The Plasma kills one guy and overheats and kills the bearer... the bolter gets two hits, and two more dead Space Marines... Oh the dice gods.

02-12-2013, 21:45
The first time I used Scout Sergeant Telion, first shot of the game, he rolled a series of 6's that blew up a Leman Russ tank. After that debut, my regular opponent has never let him finish a game alive.

I had something similar but to a lesser extent with an Eldar Pathfinder in 4th edition (back when you could put the Pathfinders in impassable terrain, so I used blu-tac on the base to stick him on an impassable mountainside) destroying a basilisk with one shot.

Another 4th edition battle, I had a Big Mek firing a Shokk Attack gun which ended up teleporting him into contact with a defiler, and actually getting to live long enough to kill it. It was definitely an unexpected close combat (the Big Mek and Mad Doc "Puts the Grot in" Grotsnik were my only ork models in a cybergrot army, so the battle was amusing all around, watching cybergrots getting massacred by Khorne berserkers. Having anything win a close combat that game was ridiculous)

03-12-2013, 01:51
Had a game a few months ago where the one surviving crewman of my eldar support battery killed a helldrake in close combat with a plasma grenade. Who said the grenades were useless?

Worst I had against me was 8 grots gunning down 3 terminators in 1 turn.

Plague Lord
03-12-2013, 02:06
I remember back in 5th losing a terminator to a slugga shot from a falling back Ork boy

Bloody orks. Lost a leman russ in the same manner!
But on my part I have slain many foul beasts with the trusty lasgun/laspistol.
Oh and Colonel straken losing his command squad and wading alone through 2 tactical squads and 10 cc scouts. That's ball of steel for ya!

03-12-2013, 02:59
Straken taking the last wound off Abaddon with his plasma pistol (last shot of the game too lol)

03-12-2013, 03:25
I had a game where my Mechanicus were fighting a hoard of Necrons, who had been running all my stuff over. At the centre of his battle line was Immotek, with a bodyguard of 10 praetorians (or which ever ones have storm shields and power weapons). All I had left was to fight off that Death Star was my Magos (an Inquisitor with power armour, and psychotroke grenades) his command squad of 3 death cultists and 3 crusaders. I charge in, knowing this would be the battle that finally kills the Magos (who has silly luck in surviving games). He challenges, I decline, and psychotroke grenades give him only one attack each. I manage to kill 2 praetorians, and he whifs his few attacks, and then proceeds to fail his LD test, and get run down! He spends the rest of the game shooting his army at my Magos, killing most all of his bodyguards, but failing to bag the Magos, as he ran from cover to cover :). I lost the game, but I took a major victory for my 'generic' character VS GWs big super characters:D

03-12-2013, 04:01
Oh, all these Eldar examples remind me of one of my own! Back in 3rd Edition, I used the Ulthwe Strike Force list for a good long while, led by a Seer Council of two Farseers and four Warlocks. I was playing against a friend's Black Templars, and my Seer Council passed twenty-three consecutive 4++ saves without the use of Fortune (I failed the psychic test that turn). Asuryan was with me that day!

03-12-2013, 08:02
A 4-Players Free-for-all-Match:
1 Blood Angel
1 Ultramarine
1 Custom Marine
Me Eldar

Setup: Table 72"x48"
Blood Angel left upper Corner
Me left bottom corner
Marine right upper corner
Ultra right bottom

random turn order

I got hammered hard by the ultras and Bloodys and while the action is all in my corner the custom marine as well moves towards me.
Having only left my Serpent with Avengers inside...a few guardians with brightlance and Hawks and Flier in Reserve i chose to boost over the Ultras. We basically swaped sides.
So i left all the marines for themselfes. It was an awesome clash of armor and flesh. Ultra with 2 vindicators saved my guardians from Sanguary guard. They survived a charge from Bikes due to superb overwatch. and killed the ba dreadnoght. I then rolled up the marines from behind and won the game with a good lead in kill points!

Tricky Eldar :)

03-12-2013, 12:54
Had a game little while ago, one of the first against the new Tau against a friend. He was wiping my daemons off the board pretty well, when I get a chance to finish off a Fire Warrior squad (with one member left) with a Fireblade! Charge in 3 Plague Drones with 3+ poison in combat Tau are dead, right? Fireblade soaks all the damage and rolls 7(!!!!) sixes in a row, survives the attack, does max wounds back (2 i think is all the attacks he has) and pops the Drones from existence thanks to instability and a bad roll. Tau in close combat, whoda thunk!

Unrelated, and Fantasy- years ago against my brother's Dwarfs I threw everything I had of Tomb Kings at his unit of stubborn Hammerers with a Dwarf Lord. They took charges from a Bone Giant, unit of chariots with a Tomb King, killing everything. Finally the last turn I had had enough, I charge in with a block of skeletons, knowing I had lost the game, somehow they win combat and he rolls boxcars for his leadership! We stare dumbfounded at the dice. I say "well, I'm sure you'll get away." He rolls snake eyes for flee, and Dwarfs are -1 for fleeing so he goes 1 inch. I won the game running down 700+ points in one unit. He still grumbles about that game (in true dwarf fashion).

03-12-2013, 14:50
My last two games:

1. Against Necrons, I fire a Plasma Cannon at his 20+lord Warrior unit, it scatters 12(-4)=8 ... Straight on top of my own Terminators, killing 4 of 5. That large unit took all my shooting for almost the entire game, but thanks to Res. orb and that damnable barge managed to end the game at full strength.

2. Against Dark Eldar, 6 of his Kabalites sit on an objective, I have the three remaining members of a Combat-squad in range. Rapid-firing Imperial Fists=6 dead Kabalites.

03-12-2013, 14:55
I had a unit of dark angel devastors shot down to a Sargent, he charges a unit of 20 guardsmen, killed two with his chain sword, survive the attacks back and run them down.

He then was run over by a basilisk while trying to krak it. Didn't win, but the look on my opponents face was priceless!

03-12-2013, 21:40
> Unit of 3 Scourges (remainder of a 10 chick squad)
> Flying hive tyrant at full health in front of the chicks
> Fires splinter carbines.
> 2 wounds.
> Fails grounding test.
> Crashes behind the chicks
> Takes an other wound
> Chicks charge.
> Take off last wound with a st3 hammer of wrath attack and kills it.

Zombie P
03-12-2013, 22:25
Ive got a few...

4th - Guardsman with vox, rallies after losing all 9 of his mates. Then goes toe to toe (and actually wins 2 rounds) with a unit of three old necron destroyers in combat for 7 rounds.

Old trick with the Honorifica and sanctioned psycher, killed a hive tyrant and a broodlord with force weapon in one game.

Commissar with powerfist vs 9 strong seer council with farseer. Lives through all attacks, then targets farseer, gets the hits, wounds and ID's him. I win the combat and run the whole unit down.

6th - Killed storm raven with snap fired krak grenade (last hull point), unit of 10 GK strike squad die on impact, tabled...

Took three vindicators (with no shields...). moved them all over the same barricade, immobilised them all.

Librarian in TDA. first 2 saves of the game. 2 1s.


03-12-2013, 22:49
in an apoc game,I saw THE greater daemon of khorn (the big forgeworld one, using the apoc rules) charge a squad of crisis battlesuits. it was already damaged and the tau overwatch took it down to one wound. The damon killed all but one, and then that battlesuit managed to take it down in close-combat.

A standard battlesuit, takes out the greatest daemon of khorn. In close combat:cool:

03-12-2013, 23:19
5th ed, in a game with my infantry heavy guard facing a horde of nids two ridiculous deaths took place almost consecutively.

On turn 4 my platoon Command Squad are charged by a Carnifex and due to some bad rolling the Commissar and Platoon Commander are left, both attack with power swords and both fail to do anything. After consequently failing the morale test the Commissar shoots the Platoon Commander stone dead...then proceeds to fail his own morale test and is run down by a irate 'fex, who next turn tramples through a set of mortars to boot.

The same turn a squad of guardsmen the other side of the board are shot and charged down by a hive tyrant, killing all bar the sergeant - who flees. Whilst running away he is screamed at enough by the Company Commander he turns round and faces the Tyrant, who had been brought to a single wound thanks to some jammy artillery. Charging wildly the chainsword wielding sergeant not only manages to save the 4 attacks placed against him, but also actually hits and wound the beast which, to my opponents horror, failed its save. That one man killed a warlord and prevented my flank from breaking with only a chainsword - needless to say he got a new paintjob ^^

04-12-2013, 01:05
Scenario 1. Belial is 3" away from a squad of 10 Grots. He attempts to charge and rolls snake eyes. The Grots snap fire and take 2 wounds off him. The following turn he successfully charges, snap fire does nothing, but the Grots strike first due to him having a Power Fist (not sure on this, but that is what my friend told me). The Grots do two more wounds that he fails his saves for, and promptly dies.

Scenario 2. Abaddon charges a squad of 12 Lootas, who snap fire at him and promptly dies (his three man terminator retinue had been shot out from under him the previous turn).

04-12-2013, 01:15
i have another. this is still in 5th. there is this guy i use to play alot when he lived in my area and this is the type of person who tailor's his list to play someone else's. funny thing was he always lost to my tau, except on 2 occasions. during all the times i played him, i was secretly building my 1st space marine army to play everyone at my local store. when my army was ready, i brought it over that night and no one expected it. the guy i played came in, saw my army, and asked whose army that was. i said it was mine. he didn't believe me, so he asked 4 or 5 other people and they all gave the same answer. with a grim expression on his face (yes grim), he said "oh", and stared at it for awhile, and then said he was planning to play my tau. he had deep striking blood angels that he used against me before. i brought pedro, 2 squads of sternguard with melta, 2 tac squads with plasma, dev squad msl launchers, and 2 thunderfires. i got first turn, and it was kill pts. everything he had was deep striking (even his land raider). dante dropped and i killed his squad when they came in, except for dante. one of dreads died along with his drop pod, lost his land raider on a mishap that carried a chaplain and death company, and lost all his assault squads by turn 4 and 5. the only thing he had left was 1 dreadnought and a baal predator. the expression on his face after the game was priceless. he was so mad and i found satisfaction just for beating that person because every time i played him, he always tailored his list to try to beat me, and that victory was so sweet. where this story is not so much ridiculous, it was just awesome. i have a battle report on this story if anyone would like to see it. i'll put it in my next post. the video i think was 2 years old and gives better insight on what happened.
does the video feature his reaction?

04-12-2013, 01:28
Back in 3rd ed the Emperors Champion was a scary bloke,
He could attack normally at strength 5 or swing his sword 2 handed to use it as a powerfist (albeit at the usual initiative 1- tradeoffs!)

This meant that he could threaten most characters with instant death if he chose to take the risk of attacking last or he could straight butcher up a unit leader, effectively pulling the teeth out of a unit.
No refusing his challenges either.

1 instance during a large multiplayer game of 40k (what would now be apocalypse i guess) He found himself in combat with a Dark Eldar lord and his Incubi.
Since the Archon was striking first there was no real reason to not swing double handed so I did.
The archon had an overdose or whiffed his attacks, I'm not sure which...
But the Champion got two strength 8 attacks past the shadowfield's 2+ save.
We decided that he had been cut in 4- diagonally both ways.

Same champion, different battle. His squad had been taken out by this point and he was standing on his own, near my captain and chaplain(perhaps they had managed to stay out of LOS?).
He was in charge range for his next turn - but first he had to survive a volley from the necrons.
Having heard the rumors the Necron player was looking nervous, but he rolled for his warriors, his immortals etc- a solid wall of necron fire reached out.
I rolled 20+ saves together .

Not a one in the bunch.

Facing a charge from my seemingly immortal champion and two other characters next turn, he gracefully conceded the game.

We decided that since necron weapons draw matter from the target, in order to pass all those saves my champion must be in the nude.

04-12-2013, 04:32
I used my jetseer and turbo boosted across the board to contest his objective and the game went another turn , his soul grinder assaulted me on the top of 6 and I blew it up on overwatch

04-12-2013, 05:56
I've had 3 Chaos obliterators all roll a 1 on their gets hot roll for plasma cannons and subsequently fail all three 2+ saves. 2 died and one left with a single wound remaining. My opponent and I both laughed about that one for a few minutes, but on my opponents turn he charged his daemon prince (he was also chaos marines) into that last obliterator and rolled a 1 on his daemon weapon and lost 1 of his last 2 wounds. He made 1 attack which i saved on my invuln and proceeded to take off both his remaining wounds with the oblits power fist. This is with the 6th edition book btw. The chaos gods were very fickle that day.

04-12-2013, 08:46
It was during 5th ed.
Was playing Tau with my CSM.

Everything was going well until my Terminators came across a unit of 4 gun drones. Shooting them failed.
So i decided to assault them, no problem, they are terminators and those are just gun drones. I fail all my attacks, the drones get 1 hit in, 1 wound is made and promptly failed to save.
Terminators fail leadership test and the gundrones proceed to run them over..

04-12-2013, 10:42
Outflanking kroot (yes really) rapid fire at a thunderfire cannon get one wound get mauled by it's shots (pre new dex) fail there leadership and run next turn snap shot sniper rounds and kill the cannon with rending turn after there rally then snap shot the tec as well even though he got his 2+ save and a rending shot gets though his bolstered ruin as well love it.
And going back to last ed 2 fire warriors beating and killing a lictor in close combat one turn then doing it again the next.

04-12-2013, 11:17
My favorite not-kill was a leftover imperial meltavet being attacked by a farseer, at the beginning of 6th.
Both duelled for 4 or 5 rounds, the farseer using every psychic power to get rerolls, but failing to kill the guarsman till the end.

Then, the most useless MotF of all times, died several times by overheating plasma cutter.
He hits on a 2...twin-linked, so again on a 2...still overheating, 2+ save...fail.
Considering that guy is the highest-ranking engineer the SM have, that's really poor.
"If it's broken, repair it. If it ain't broken, it hasn't got enough functions yet."

Contrary, his no-upgrade apprentice managed to survive the all-out attack of a defiler, only to rip it apart with his single servo arm.
And IDd the chaos lord that followed. Aaaaand a demon prince with a leftover wound.

04-12-2013, 11:49
Had an Apocalypse Match whith Guard.
The List and Models were from another player. It included lots of Plasma Weapons. In my first Round of shooting i killed every single Plasmagunner through Overheating, bare one.
The last one died by overheating the next turn when the owner of the ig wanted to show me how its done.

04-12-2013, 13:01
Throughout the years I've had a decent amount of absurd things happen.

At the top of the list are the Killer Grots. Three Gretchin shoot at a squad of CSM Havoks and kill three. The squad then promptly fail its leadership test and runs off the table.

Then there's my rock hard Fire Warriors. A squad of about ten or so get charged by five Ogryns and a Commissar, win combat and run them down.

And finally my ninja Ethereal. He's in cover and gets assaulted by a tricked out Nurgle Lord with all the bells and whistles (this is the 3.5 CSM codex). My Ethereal goes first because the trees and pebbles are confusing to the rotting fella, and kills him.

04-12-2013, 16:08
5th edition, a unit of spinegaunts took down the eldar avatar in one round of shooting.

04-12-2013, 16:13
At the top of the list are the Killer Grots. Three Gretchin shoot at a squad of CSM Havoks and kill three. The squad then promptly fail its leadership test and runs off the table.

"We can't stop them! Chaos has abandoned us!"
*Chaos Lord Facepalms*

04-12-2013, 18:04
I went to Warhammer World with some friends this weekend where I played my Orks against Grey Knights. Awesome game with only three models left on thetable at the end of the game. But the best moment was taking out 7 Paladins in one shot! All failed their Invuns. What was that shot? Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun :D

04-12-2013, 18:26
All this talk of plasma reminds me of a game...

One of the last turns of the game - a squad of four surviving assault marines run towards my untouched squad of 10 chaos space marines camping on an objective, sporting a plasmagun, missile launcher, and combi-plasma on the champion. They're within rapid-fire range on my turn, I shoot with everything that squad can muster, the dust settles, and all four assault marines remain, but both my plasmagun guys die from 'gets hot'. Then the assault marines make four pistol shots before charging, killing four more chaos marines. I lose the assault, fall back, and get wiped out. I lost the game because of that objective.

04-12-2013, 19:36
squad of tau fire warriors killing a furioso dreadnaught with blood talons in close combat with emp grenades.

04-12-2013, 20:44
This Saturday at a tournament vs Nurgle Chaos Marines with Damons of Nurgle allies...

Turn 1 - my drop pod comes down behind his 3 vindicators hiding behind a wall, 10 Tactical Marines jump out and combat squad.

Marine with melta - aims, shoots, destroys a Vindicator! Hurrah!

Sarge with combi-melta aims, shoots, and destroys another vindicator! Hurrah!

His turn 1 - Vindicator turns around and shots at the Melta squad - direct hit! OH NO!

Four marines die! OH NO!

Marine with Melta lives! YES!


Combat squad with sarge go molest the Plauge Bearers in a ruin to force them off the objective - SNEAKY!

Lone Melta gun marine aims, shoots, and kills last Vindicator! HURRAH!

Game goes really well but then his Hell Drake turns up - with a 3++ inv. save thanks to some book the Herald Deamon of Nurgle has! OH NO! It does vile things to my troops, but then it's final turn and it comes roaring back onto the table from ongoing reserves...

I take aim with my Iacaurus Lascannon
I hit...
I pen...
He fails his ward save...
I roll...

a SIX!!!


He shakes my hand and calls it a day! Tyhpous and his horde of Zombies died already, he lost his Plauge Marines, I took minimal casualties - a textbook shakedown of the scum of the universer!

09-12-2013, 12:11
In 4th Edition, I was with a standard Tau Cadre against a Tyranid Horde. A unit of Fire warriors without any upgrades (and far away from markerlight support) was inside an open topped bunker. A unit of Tyranid Warriors was straight ahead against them. At shooting I couldn't damage him too much (perhaps 1-2 wounds in total). The Warriors assaulted, but they couldn't wound a lot (mostly by the good FW armour), and I could wound them in CC. After three or four rounds of CC, without losing the LD checkings, I ended with 2 lonely Firewarriors and no tyranid warrior inside.

Shaft, Lord of Slaanesh
14-12-2013, 21:13
Some true classics so far, kept me chuckling :D

4th Edition:
I've lost an entire Space Marine army to Tau without causing a single casualty; Tau got the first turn, one ridiculously accurate shooting phase later and I had lost half the points value of my force on the table (I could not make an armour save...). Later on in the game a 10 man Tact unit charged a squad of Fire Warriors, failed to kill a single model, lost 3 in return, failed the break test and slowly got shepherded off the table.

3rd Edition:
Fighting Dark Eldar and I had to make 10 3+ armour saves for a unit of Noise Marines; I failed all of them (8 1s and 2 2s). Different game, same armies; my Keeper of Secrets showed up, beat the chuff out of a unit of Mandrakes in combat, they ran off, I failed to catch them. The following turn they fled again but were still in pistol range and killed my Keeper with Splinter Pistol fire...

5th Edition:
No one has ever killed my Big Mek with Shokk Attack Gun. The reason why? First shoot every game without fail, the gun misfires and he kills himself... I've also had a single unit of 5 Mega Nobz stranded in the middle of the table fighting Necrons after their trukk was blown up. They somehow managed to wade through everything that army threw at them, got into combat with one unit of Warriors and slowly began to wipe out most of the army single handedly (klawedly?) in combat. They lost a single wound.

There was also the time playing PlanetStrike after it first came out. My Warboss deepstriked onto the table towards the end of the game (damn those reserve rolls!). Was promptly filled with several large calibre holes from various shooty things which left him on 1 wound. I then went on to make every single armour and invulnerable save for the rest of the game as the Warboss tore down every Bastion single handedly winning me the game!

2nd Edition:
A shot from a single ork with a boltgun killing an Eldar guardian jetbike rider only for the bike to go out of control into his mate who then also died and in turn went out of control... into his mate. The jammy rolling continued until the whole squad had managed to wipe itself out by flying into each other trying to avoid the first guy dying!

When I had Chaos Marines the same Eldar guy would use Warp Spiders. Back then there was the chance if you had daemons that they could enter the table by possessing teleporting troops. One warp later and the entire unit bar the Exarch that had joined them was replaced with Plaguebearers - he wasn't amused! Another favourite tactic of his was to use a Warp Spider Exarch on his own armed with a Vortex grenade, warp down the side of the table and chuck it at the biggest, scariest thing in your army. Every game without fail that he tried this, we (my Chaos Sorcerer or my mates Rune Priest) would always get the Assail psychic power and just knock him off the edge of the table (because he really did stick that close to it. Never learned!). The one time he finally got to use the grenade (against my Great Unclean One) it was a dud :P

Those were the days. it''s a shame I don't get to play anywhere near as much as I used to (only one game so far of the current version and that was an intro in GW. The first game in around 3 years!).


Col. Dash
15-12-2013, 01:00
In second edition I had a chaos marine with an autocannon fire the first shots of the game at a Hive Tyrant in the middle of a horde of bugs keeping synapse together, 1500 point game. Bug fails both armor saves. Roll for wounds, exactly the amount needed to kill it. All bugs are now out of synapse which was really bad in 2nd Ed. Opponent concedes. It took longer to pull my guys out of the box than the game took.

15-12-2013, 20:41
Well, it was only crazy because of the silly terrain rules, but back in 2nd, the whole of one flank was covered with party poppers (yeah, but it was fun back then). These were declared as AV10 plasma fuel containers, any damage setting them off and wiping out the table.
Opponent fired heavy flamer and rolled a 6 to damage... I had been losing up to that point!

Then there was the Vindicare Assassin who took out a terminator armoured, displaced fielded chapter master in close combat whilst parked atop an objective.

16-12-2013, 19:28
> Unit of 3 Scourges (remainder of a 10 chick squad)
> Flying hive tyrant at full health in front of the chicks
> Fires splinter carbines.
> 2 wounds.
> Fails grounding test.
> Crashes behind the chicks
> Takes an other wound
> Chicks charge.
> Take off last wound with a st3 hammer of wrath attack and kills it.

Greentext on Warseer...? I am amused. 10/10 would lol again.

On topic, I once had a Chapter master take an entire round of shooting from 2000 points of Tau and live through it all. Then he called down an orbital barrage and killed an entire unit of broadsides save one who ran off the board.

16-12-2013, 22:04
space wolves verses my friends blood angels, he had a stormraven with 10 death company and a dreadnought on board, he'd taken every upgrade he could, turn two when it arrived a fired a single squad of longfangs one missile hit and i got a 6.

The dreadnought took a fatal faceplant into the ground and 8 of the 10 death company died in the wreck, needless to say he wasn't impressed.

17-12-2013, 04:29
I've got a few stories.

Third edition, noobie Tau (me) vs. Chaos Space Marines 3.5 book. Aun'Shi is out by himself standing in the middle of the board. A Dreadaxe toting Iron Warriors Daemon Prince flys into combat with him. For those who don't know, Dreadaxe was a daemon weapon that ignored invulnerable saves, monstrous creatures ignored armor saves. For nine turns (we just kept playing) Aun'Shi dueled the Daemon while the battle raged around them. Eventually, the Tau army cleaned up the CSM and all that was left was the Daemon. It was nearing curfew, so I had to go at this point, and Aun'Shi and the Daemon parted ways, both completely unscathed, but the Tau the victors in the battle.

Third edition, my Tau vs. Tyranids. My brand new squad of Fire Warriors that I had just spent a week modeling -just- right and painting hits the table for the first time. They get charged by Raveners in close combat, Raveners fail to kill any Fire Warriors, warriors kill 1.5 Raveners, raveners flee, Tau run them down. The same squad, still unscathed, goes on to crest a hill to move into rapid fire range (12" at that time) of the enemy hive tyrant with full wounds. Each is the last unit on the battlefield. One shooting phase later, the tyrant is dead and the Tau claim total victory. This squad is now my honor guard for my Ethereal/Cadre Fireblade whenever they take the field, and otherwise is tasked with holding a key flank, objective, or whatever I deem is the key to my battle plan. They have, to this day, yet to be completely wiped out on the battlefield.

Early Apocalypse game, 4000 pts of Tau with no super heavies vs. 4000 pts of Space Marines on an ice world, including 3 Warhound Titans proxied by AT-AT's. Six squads of fire warriors equipped with EMP grenades charge the warhound titans, 2 squads to each titan. 2 Titans crumple, and the third (charged by my honor guard unit mentioned above) goes nuclear taking out an additional 3 predators and a land raider. Miraculously, the squad leader of the honor guard survives (failed to be wounded), and lives out the rest of the battle.

But my favorite, and most recent, has to be this. Three weeks ago I was playing a 1500 point practice game for a tournament, Tau vs. CSM. I was winning BIG, it's end of shooting phase of turn 3 and all my opponent has left is his Helldrake, so I win at the end of this turn. Longstrike is sitting about 6" behind the Helldrake, and a squad of AA Missile Crisis Suits is up on a hill. Longstrike has, this turn, just killed the Hellbrute that kept trying to multi melta my suits to death, so the suits decide to help out by taking out the Helldrake for him. They shoot, hit, score 2 pens, one gets through the invuln, roll a 6, helldrake goes up in flames. We place the template and roll scatter. It scatters 12" backwards, across the hammerhead, and the template lands behind Longstrike hitting rear armor. He rolls the S10 hit on my rear armor 10, pens, rolls on the pen chart, explodes. Longstrike's Hammerhead taken out by a crashing Helldrake.

17-12-2013, 05:24
3rd edition my grot cannon (when they were BS 2) shot a landraider and destroyed it and since they were ordnance back then you rolled on a separate table and I killed everyone inside 5 termies it took three 6's.

4th edition had my imperial guard sergeant shoot a carnifex twice with his laspistol taking its last two wounds killing it.

17-12-2013, 05:28
2nd edition for me was all about killing Commander Dante in the most silly ways every game. It was like the running gag with Kenny in south park. Squigs ate him, grots shot him, melee'd him, he'd get warp grenaded, buildings brought down on him by pulsa rockets... my friend loved Dante, but the fickle winds of fate brought him low every time.

17-12-2013, 06:47
Back in 3rd or 4th edition i played an infamous orc army in my old area. They were known for two things, scoring exceptional amounts of hits when shooting, and getting the most ridicoulous kills.

My absolute favorite is the following.

My orks vs IG. The shop owner set up his imperial guard, on top of a tower was their vindicator assassin.

Oberst Jorgen: "Eagleeye, can you see the target? It should come into your line of sight any moment, over."
Vindicare: "Yes, i see the warboss of these cursed greenskins. Dont worry, i will end this invasion before it starts."

It didnt quite work out like that. In four turns, the vindicare missed 4 (FOUR) of his precise shots on my warboss. Wich means my opponent rollen 4 ones for his elite sniper.

Oberst Jorgen: "Eagleeye... rargh... come in! Were getting... getting overrun by greenskins here! Why is that Warboss still alAAAIIIIIIHHHHhgh....."
Vindicare: "That beast must be protected by a forcefield, commander, im not able to hit it, but...wait! There is an enemy vehicle heading towards me!"

During the game, one of my buggys was driving all over the right flank. I dont know why i sent it over there, because the imperial guard was on the other side, but hell, i was an inexperienced player. So, i figured, i could at least try to shoot that vindicare down. The buggy turned towards him and rushed at the tower in a streight B-line, guns blazing.

My opponent decided to take out the vindicares pistol and shoot at the aproaching buggy (wich, at this point, was about 6 inches away from the tower.) Hit on the front armor, penetrating, the buggy explodes, propelles towards the tower and kills the vindicare in a blaze of glory, the driver and gunner laughing hystericly.

We both couldnt stop laughing about the most incompetent agent of the officio assassinorum.

Losing Command
17-12-2013, 07:05
Once in a GK vs Chaos marine match (6th edition) my Brother-Captain Stern was locked in combat with a Maulerfiend that was being buffed with Invisibility from the Telepathy psychic discipline all game long. The first option was using a Krak grenade, needing a 5+ to hit and a 6 to glance, after which the Maulerfiend would probably cause one wound and inflict Instant-Death on Stern. After some on the spot research, a second option presented itself : Stern's Zone of Banishment psychic power. It didn't affect models without a Str. value, leaving most vehicles unaffected by it ... but the Maulerfiend does have a Str. value, and also happens to have the Daemon special rule, meaning that he would have to re-roll succesfull strenght tests. Because of the high stenght only a 6 would cause the Maulerfiend to be removed as a casualty. "No problem" said my opponent ... and rolled a 6 :evilgrin:

Another time every single anti-vehicle weapon of my vanilla marine army shot at a Helldrake (the only enemy vehicle on the board) and nothing even hit. Then one marine in a combat squad standing behind the hellturkey throws his Krak Grenade. He hit, hit penetrated ....

and scored a weapon destroyed.

17-12-2013, 07:40
The most rediculous game I can remember was back when I was using the WD abhuman doctrines for my all infantry IG. There was an in store weekly challenge set up pitting xenos vs imperium. A freind of mine who played Tyranids wanted to play me in that weeks mission with lists we already had made, so we wouldn't be tailoring them. I agreed and to my horror and my friend's amusement the mission was a breakthrough mission with xenos defending. The board was 4x6 running long ways. I had a 12" deployment filled with forests followed by a 12" deadzone. The next 24" was the xenos deployment and had 4 large tower shaped bunkers in a diamond pattern. The remaining 24" was open terrain. My friend had to set up first and for some reason his warrior unit had to set up in reserve coming from the opposite edge as my deployment. I would automatically get first turn.

Unsurprisingly my friend set up his bug horde on the edge of his deployement taunting me that I couldnt kill enough of his bugs and he would assault and wipe me easily on his turn. I set up my infantry as close to my board edge as possible trying to keep every extra inch I could between me and the bugs. I already knew that it was impossible for me to get off the far board edge with infantry (running didnt exist) even without the wall of bugs in my way. Then I had a stroke of ingenity. My friend was so eager to assault that he left the bunkers open. I had just enough room to infiltrate my 3 plasma toting veteran squads behind the farthest bunker and the two side ones. The look on my freind's face was priceless.

First turn all three units promptly walk into thier respective bunkers, lock the doors and begin pouring fire into his synapse creatures. The rest of the big guns from my line join in while the lasguns and heavy bolters focus on thinning the gants and gaunts out. I manage to kill some of his synapse and wound others. One side of his line was completely out of synapse at the end of my turn. My friend was so caught off guard that his genestealers, hive tyrant, and carnifex turn around to assault the bunkers. Even more frustrating to my opponent was that combined with the trees, the extra couple of inches I left between us, my selective targeting, and some bad rolls he made, only a single unit made it into assault with my guard... and it held due to the abhuman doctrine I had. (It was Afreil Strain which gave stubborn, but I just took it because I thought at the time painting them poorly in white was easier than painting flesh tones.)

By the time he bust through the bunkers and slaughtered my veterans the fex, tyrant, and steelers were about all that was left of my friend's army and they were taken down on my third turn by massed fire. All he had left was his reserve unit of warriors that came on at the far end of the table on foot. My freind ceded the game accepting that I had 3 turns to get in range and shoot down the warriors winning by annihilation. Thus by sheer cunning and dumb luck I was able to win a scenario that should have been impossible for me to win otherwise. My friend played that scenario several times over the week but faithfully put a unit in each bunker at deployment. I declined his numerous challenges to a rematch on that scenario. Afterall if it works right the first time.. dont do it again!

17-12-2013, 14:23
Popped a Landraider with a Lictor in 5th. 6 to wound, 6 on the D3 rending roll, 6 on the vehicle damage chart. One of my all time fav kills.

I once killed 4 of 5 terminators with guardsmen lasguns, I think it was only like a 10 man squad too.

Son of Morkai
17-12-2013, 17:20
Six Wolf Scouts once killed three Leman Russ tanks, four Grey Knight Terminators, most of a platoon of Imperial Guard and half of their own squad in a single assault phase. Who knew six meltabombs would make those tanks blow up like a meth lab full of nukes directed by Michael Bay? To be fair, that opponent did have the most horrendous luck with his Terminators and explosions. The same squad once charged a Rhino, blew it up, and died to a man in the explosion. Against my Venerable Dreadnought? Destroyed - reroll - explodes. Squad died to a man. Fighting alongside his Eversor Assassin against some Blood Claws, Eversor dies, explodes, two Grey Knights go with it.

17-12-2013, 17:35
All of these were in 4th edition.

My best: Death company chaplain charges 2 fire warrors, whiffs all his attacks. Both fire warriors strike back, hit, wound, and chaplain fails two saves and dies.

Honorable mention: A Land Raider full of chaos terminators enters from reserves. A bright lance vyper fires off a shot at it, and rolls 6 to hit, 6 to pen, and 6 to explode it. I thought the guy was going to have an aneurysm.

My most absurd loss: 10 striking scorpions attempt to assult a unit of necron destroyers but fail their difficult terrain test when they needed only a 4. The destroyer return fire was 15 shots, 15 hits, 15 wounds. I'm thinking no problem, I should still have half the unit. Then I fail 10 saves.

17-12-2013, 22:08
This happened TO me,

Chaos Storm Eagle Carrying a Nurgle chaos lord and 10 CSM. Fly on, shoot guns, say go.

Opponent shoots a ground based Assault Cannon at it, 4 6's to hit, 4 6's to glance 4 times, ... jink saves made.. ZERO...... Storm eagle Crashes....10 marines take 10 str 10 hits, rolls no ones, everything Dies, Chaos lord, fails his 4+ invul, Insta gibbed...

maze ironheart
17-12-2013, 23:07
Most ridiculous kill happened when I fought the new space marines the player and I had 1 model left each.I had my heldrake and he had a heavy flamer tactical marine all I had to do was wait till my next turn flame the guy with my heldrake and I would table him.He then moves the guy behind my heldrake he then throws a kragg grenade (Strength 6 one) and he rolls a 6 to hit a 6 to penetrate it and a 6 to blow the thing up.To add insult to injury he plans too paint a heldrake mark on the shoulder pad off the model.

18-12-2013, 00:13
In 3rd edition, my Guardians were sheltering from a Grey Knight army in so rocky terrain, but who should deep strike next to them but the Grand Master. My shooting was unsurprisingly ineffectual and the Grand Master was relishing the thought of beating up on 10 defenceless Guardians.

Of course in those days, Grand Masters didn't have grenades, giving me a grand 10 attacks to try and do some damage against a Terminator armoured monstrosity. I still remember the rolling only three hits, followed by amazement as they all wounded and finally the look of despair on my opponent's face as he rolled triple 1 for armour save.

18-12-2013, 00:41
A while back GW released rules for fighting on a frozen lake. Things that fall through the ice have to take a test to see if they could swim back up. Things that can't swim like vehicles were auto lost. That game had multiple silly things. One of them was a drop pod that went straight through. Another was a baneblade that ate a thrown grenade. Causing it to fall through and since it can't swim was destroyed.

18-12-2013, 16:42
An amusing one for me, but not my mate, was our first game of 5th which was not only my first game with Eldar but his first game with Tyranids. I had a Farseer escorted by 6 Dire Avengers in my backfield and my mate unborrowed a frickin' Trygon right next to them which then charged my HQ. My Farseer had the initiative so hit first and well, I kinda mixed up the witchblade rules with force weapons as they're described a force weapons in the book but don't actually have the force USR. So my weedy lil' Farseer hits this great big Trygon, easily rolls the 2+ to wound and then naughtily uses the force rule to instant death my mate's 6-wound model in one slap.

He was not impressed.

I've since apologised a few times...

More recently I had an excellent game of 6th with my Eldar & a mate's Marines vs two other friends fielding Marines and Nurgle daemons (it was a friendly, we made up some nonsense about the Marines being ensorcelled or somesuch) and that game was full of hilarious trolling trollery.
First off Nurgle's Rot fells a handful of my Rangers and my ally's Tacts. Then...
My Wave Serpent became the ultimate Troll Serpent and it's EML immobilised a Soul Grinder at the far edge of the board rendering it mostly useless for the whole game along with killing half a unit of Plaguebearers & Marine Scouts before finally being wrecked in the last turn (but not before it dropped off my Wraithblades...)
My axe Wraithblades + Spiritseer chopped up a 5-man Terminator squad (and Chaplain) in a single round of combat only to have...
The warp storm table transform my Spiritseer HQ into a Herald immediately afterwards
The enemy flew on a Stormtalon which fired at the side armour of my Troll Serpent to no effect and was wrecked immediately after by the only two Marines with flakk missiles on the board.
My Wraithlord was killed by three Scout snipers.
The enemy Whirlwind's final shot scattered from my Troll Serpent onto the final Plaguebearer of one of the 3 blobs, killing it outright and earning us a VP
My Scorpions fled from a Great Unclean One (which rolled up our entire flank over a combat squad of Tacts and a unit of Terminators) charging in to help some Tacts in assault with Plaguebearers only for the surviving Tact to run off and leave them to it (they died)...
And the last surviving Tact Marine of my ally fled from a combat with 12 Plaguebearers only to be slain the next turn thanks to The Dark Prince Thirsts.

Loads of unexpected events and silly deaths made it an excellently memorable game of trolling.

18-12-2013, 19:52
1) 4000 point game the forces of Chaos vs the Ultramarines and Space wolves who have allied to push back the tide of chaos, lead by the legendary Tigerius famed chief Liberian of the ultramarines.

Turn 1 Khorne smites him by casting down a great brass skull from his citadel squishing the weak psyker where he stood to the astonishment and dismay of the Ultramarines.

2) One of my favorite victories was when a lone Daemonette was stuck in combat with my opponents Terminator Liberian who was worth over x10 as many points as her and to my utter shock managing to defeat him, she is still honored to this day with victory painted onto her base.

3) Final one was when I was trying to be cautious with a chaos dreadnought due to my opponent having 2 Talos near it, alas fate intervened and my chaos dread decided to go berserk and charge the pair of Talos, poor thing didn't survive but actually managed to bring both Talos down with his 6 attacks.

19-12-2013, 20:35
1850 game of tau vs vanilla marines before the new codexs came out. I was rocking my sexy gunline and laying waste to anything in the midfield, but he got solid reserve rolls and deepstruck a terminator ubersquad with termie chaptermaster and termie librarian attached. Needless to say it didn't take long for him to start wrecking house. After he wiped a broadside squad when he landed, I was only able to take half the squad down before he got a disorganized charge into my FWs. He broke two squads without even trying, and on my turn i was able to get his squad down to just the chapter master. When he got his turn he charged at my second broadside squad, and one of the gun drones I took (just to soak up wounds) ended up killing him in overwatch. A drone killed a chapter master!!! The game as a whole was a very close outcome, but that one kill is the one that locked in my love for the Tau.

20-12-2013, 15:10
First time ever using my new Imperial Guard against a Grey Knights force - Had mixed luck with my Hellhound getting taken out before it fire a shot, but on the whole things were working out fairly even. In the last two turns of the game, the GK Grand Master starts chasing after my Sentinel, who keeps backing away, firing (and msising) with it's Plasma Cannon. I realise he'll catch me eventually and decide to just charge in. Grand Master completely stuffs up his attacks, my Sentinel lands one good hit that he completely fails to save and takes the GMs last wound. Assault Sentinel for the win!

24-12-2013, 11:18
I went to a mini tournament at the weekend with IG. My blob squad of 30 chaps with plasma guns killed the following units with overwatch!!! 2 carnifexes, 1 hive tyrant, 3 ravenors, 8 gaunts, 2 interceptors, 1 dreadknight. Massed flashlights are awesome (ok so there were some plasma shots as well, but flashlights!!!)

24-12-2013, 12:33
I was playing a 1250 point game with my Dark Angels mixwing vs my friends CSM. I dint get a good start a lot of tacticals died in the beginning wiped out by Daemon Prince, and massed fire from plague marines, cultists and terminators. However the tide turned when Belial with 5 knights deep striked right behind his army and started to wipe chaos filth off the board. His terminators gone on deep strike turn, next turn 10 marines and 20 or so cultists. Then 5 chosen and chaos lord, fell to Belials blade. I was down to 3 knights and Belial when a hellbrute and a DP charged into combat. 3 knights went into smite mode took down hellbrute, but they were slain by the Daemon Prince, so it was just DP and Belial left on the board at the begining of the 6th turn,it was an epic duel I managed to score 1wound but Belial fell on my opponents fighting phase.

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24-12-2013, 15:00
I think this was third edition. It was my first game, and I was playing my Eldar against my boss' Dark Eldar. There were two moments in this game that left my boss wondering why he played Dark Eldar.

Moment the first: He runs a raider with a wych squad behind my foot-slogging striking scorpions. He moved too far to deploy, but it was also out of my charge range. My Scorpions turn around and fire at the raider with their Shuriken Pistols. One shot glances, then immobilizes the raider which destroyed it. Most of the squad dies in the resultant explosion. The survivors fail their leadership and flee...right into my Scorpions. Squad dead with one hit shot with a pistol.

Moment the second: Final turn of the game, and we had a morass in the center of the board with his Archon facing off against my swooping hawks exarch. I had a power weapon and sustained assault, he had a shadowfield (or whatever...2++ save). Archon takes his swing and fails to wound the exarch. Exarch takes his swings, and ends up hitting a ridiculous amount of times. It took til the last few saves to drop the field and I finally killed the archon. Game was a tie overall, but I got some serious moral victories in there.

24-12-2013, 16:44
5th Ed SW vrs lash whip dp's. Two wounds left on the final lash prince, my whole army has shot and failed to kill the lash prince. Had no but to go into my opponents next turn but realized I had a Strom bolter on a rhino. Oh well let's go for it. Both hit, wound and the lash price failed his saves.

24-12-2013, 20:36
In 5th edition, I once charged a 20 strong Ork slugga mob led by a PK nob and a weirdboy into a few space marine scouts led by a captain.

The weirdboy uses a psychic power to zap all of the scouts, then the squad assaulted but failed to wound the captain. For 5 rounds of combat he single handedly held back a whole mob of Orks, until a squad of terminators charged in and finished off the rest. The captain survived to the end of the game with only one wound left... (it ended in a draw).

Brother Haephestus
25-12-2013, 14:35
It's been a long time since I'd played 40k, so I'm using my CSM against SWolves. i'm not really trying to win, but rather create situation where I can try out rules elements. I'm basically getting my fandango handed me, but that's okay. Opo ent points out I haven't shot with my Reaper cannon. No biggie I say, but then decide to go ahead and shoot. Hit, Penetrate, explode one of his fliers. We both kind of look at each other at that point ...

25-12-2013, 21:24
4th edition, I played my salamanders versus my pal who borrowed my Ork army. His gretchins was getting close to my tactical squad and I was looking forward to charge as soon as he had ended his turn. He attempts to shoot with his gretchins and was like "Gah, only one in range." But he rolled the die.

1 in 3 to hit. Check.
1 in 3 to wound. Check.
1 in 3 to penetrate armour. Check.

All in all, one chance in twenty seven. Space marine dead, charge denied. :)

25-12-2013, 21:35
Another more frustrating experience. I played a rather odd mechanised Ork army with double warpheads.

At the end of turn two, both my warpheads has died from miscast. I managed to roll snake eyes thrice! The last one was a successful but unwanted spell, so I rerolled it. And scored another 1. When I rolled to wound myself with the blast I didn't roll a single 1, so four wounds taken. Plus a **** load of Ork Boyz.

What are the chances for that? To begin with, the first six dice that came up 1s. In other words, a yatzty in a specific number with six dice in only one try? Can someone help me do the math on that? Because I get 1/(6^6) = 1 in 46 656 tries. A pretty slim chance...

bork da basher
28-12-2013, 09:32
played vs a chaos force with 3 daemon princes last week. my wraithknight shot and instakilled all 3 by turn 4. his personal best performance by far. he then had the audacity to kick a soulgrinder to death on turn 6 too.

my most glorious kills in 40k came back in 5th when i was playing in a 5k apocalypse size battle with my dark eldar. my tooled up archon and incubi squad went on a rampage that ate through 2 chaos terminator squads, a khorne berserker squad, raptor squad and finally killed abaddon and his bodyguard of terminators too. my dice were hot, my opponant fluffed his dice constantly and it was just magic to behold the carnage.