View Full Version : Nostromo Runes?

Kurgan Ironbeard
01-12-2013, 21:10
Does anyone have a good picture of Nostromo runes? Those used by the Night Lords?

03-12-2013, 11:13
I believe you mean "Nostramo".

Kurgan Ironbeard
03-12-2013, 23:19
Sorry auto correct >.<


04-12-2013, 15:42
Not that I'm aware of, no.

04-12-2013, 16:28
Talo's helm has a Nostraman rune on its brow. You can get a look at it on the cover of Blood Reaver. As I understand it, covers only get minimal input from authors so it may not be perfect but its a start.

There's also a good few Nostraman runes on the pre-heresy NL marines depicted in FW's Massacre. They're small (pauldrons and kneepads) but you should get the picture. Some of the art is floating around the interwebs.

04-12-2013, 18:04
The following thread may be of some (prob not lots) of use to you


Asi the Red
04-12-2013, 21:46
There is no canon basis for my belief, but I've always thought of them being something like cuneiform... really, really evil cuneiform.

Inquisitor Engel
06-12-2013, 16:16
It's described as cuneiform-ish a couple of times I believe, and Talos' rune look similarly Indo-European in origin. Urdu or Telugu are appropriately "non-Western," but follow an alphabet pattern, whereas Nostraman seems to be rune or glyph-based, closer to East Asian languages.