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04-12-2013, 13:31

'They have condemned us to death and ruin, but while one man stands 5 of them shall fall. We fight to the last, we fight for the honor that they have broken, we fight for the Emperor until our last.'

The temptation to attempt my own 30k army has been growing for around 6 months helped along by some stunning work by you guys in your plogs and i had held out for so long until i encountered DarkRitual's attempt at Emperors Children. Something broke in me that day and i went from resisting 30k in all forms to planning army lists, to making a couple of sly visits to forgeworld to check sculpts and plan some bits. I want to create a 40k legal 30k army, with the option to play 30k because i cant imagine i'll get to play too many games and as such i've designed an army list that allows me to swap some basic stuff out without having to have 4,000pts worth of resin. I'm also determined to stay loyalist as the bravest men on Isstvan III were not any allied to horus and im hoping it will allow me in the long run an opportunity to slot in marines from other Legions to represent the survivors. My army will be led by Saul Tarvitz and i've a couple of conversion idea's for him, his blade will be the biggest challange but im sure something in the dark elf range will surfice. Im setting myself a target of 3 months to get this lot done, this is a break from my guard and eventually Rhino's and Land Raiders will not sustain my need for treads. If this force however does take hold of me i may bring the guard into line with it and have them as allied loyalist guard legions, it'd just involve re-basing 100 odd guys (Welp).

The army list/PLOG Tracker:
(key: white=not bought yet, green= own, blue= built, yellow=finished,)

Phase 1

Saul Travitz
Preator in Terminator Armor

(10) Tactical Squad with Rhino
(10) Tactical Squad with Rhino
(10) Tactical Squad with Rhino
(5) Breacher Squad with Drop Pod

Fast Attack:
Land Speeder
Strom Talon
Storm Talon

(10) Palatine Blades
Contemptor Dread with combat arm and assault cannon
Contemptor Dread with 2x Assault cannon
Land Raider

Heavy Support:
(10) Kakaphony
Storm Raven


wish me luck!

04-12-2013, 17:52
Darn, thats alot of FW crack :D Looking forward to seeing how you will do this, Mate.

....oh ! And GOOD LUCK !

31-12-2013, 17:34
Happy Holidays all! Progress has been made at a fairly good rate, i've just not been so good at updating as i go, so here is a super update to catch up with it all.

Firstly, everything from the first batch from forgeworld is now assembled (3x tactical squad w/ Rhino's, Vindicator and a contemptor) and in various states of painting. It took me a few attempts to nail down the purple colour but I'm now happy that i have something that works...
http://i.imgur.com/qGtAnW6.jpg?1 http://i.imgur.com/dw6jq5w.jpg?1

Im going with the broken ground city fight theme as mentioned above and i'll be throwing down some detail onto the bases in a later stage, First i want to get all the troops painted to the above standard, then i'll go back over them and apply some damage/paint chips and weathering powders to blend them into the bases. Im also playing around with water effects on the base and ooze from toxic piping, something that i'll follow into some scenery after the army is made.


The light isn't great in these photo's, they arnt quite that purple, they are a few shades darker in the flesh.


The contemptor is also pretty much ready for weathering, again the base will be tweaked post weathering, which i've already started on this (dusty feet).


The first of my HQ choices is also pretty much done. Minimal conversions to blend it into the theme.

Finally, a w.i.p and very yellow army shot.


*FAKE EDIT* Why do i always spot mould lines in photos, but not when I'm starring straight at the model with a file in my hand?

31-12-2013, 17:51
Looking great so far bud, and it is always the way the camera can't lie I am afraid :)

31-12-2013, 18:03
maybe i should take photo's of models pre-spraying, because I'm obviously blind. Luckilly the only mould line thats noticeable outside of the macro lens is the one on the studded shoulder pad and i can live with that as its the only studded pad i've used.

Brother Nidus
31-12-2013, 19:06
Looking good Elfraen! you've got as many painted EC done in a month as i have in two years (i must try harder).

Always a fan of the Loyalist Children. Have you thought about using the Sanguinary Guard's power weapons for Tarvitz's sword? There's a two-handed power sword with eagle motifs that fits perfectly for Emperor's Children. I also like their chest plates for representing Artificer armour.


31-12-2013, 23:13
I'm liking these! What purple paint did you use?

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31-12-2013, 23:44
Looking very nice so far - shame you've opted for the misguided Emperor's Children though :P . If you used the Army Painter Alien Purple I was going to use that for my own EC but altered my recipe so I have a full un-opened can and a second can that has sprayed about 10 models - would you be interested in them?

Keep up the excellent blogary!

01-01-2014, 11:48
Looking great so far =) Some freehands on the contemptor would be great =)

Keep it up :)

01-01-2014, 20:32
Love it. Keepern goin'!

02-01-2014, 00:56
Keep up the good work

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05-01-2014, 07:40
That is a great looking army so far.
Very curious where it is going to go after this.
I really like your Librarian conversion even though its not that large of a conversion. Good job!

05-01-2014, 11:37
Very impressive army, love what you have done so far!
Its good to see someone else with a gargantuan project ahead of them...its scary looking at a box filled with goodies to be worked on!

As I am working on a pre-heresy Iron Hands army of equally epic proportions, Ill be watching your progress with a very watchful eye ;)

Keep up the great work!

Porkus Pigu
05-01-2014, 12:10
It looks epic!

How did you paint them PM me :P

05-01-2014, 14:38
Thanks for the kind words and encouragement guys!!

The paint scheme was originally black undercoat, then an airbrushed base of Naggaroth Night and two highlight layers of 50/50 Naggaroth/Xerus purple, then a final coat of Xereus. Then line highlights of Genestealer purple working up to almost pure white. I did this for the first Rhino and tactical sqaud, before deciding it was faaar to much work for very little gain. So for the rest of the force i'll be using Army Painter Alien Purple spray, then washing the models of a couple of thin coats of Druchii Violet and working the edge highlights up in the same way. I've since painted a Vindicator and a Rhino in this way and i really cant tell the difference, once i get all the tanks to this stage i'll start weathering them as a batch.

Christmas has been very kind to my Emperors children and i now have the following sitting in a box below my desk to add to this force.....

Storm Talon (x2)
Storm Raven
10x Palatine Blades
Land Riader Proteus
Javelin Attack Speeder
Contemptor Dread with 2x Autocannons
Fire Raptor
5x Breacher Marines
5x Kakaphoni

Daunting stuff.....

Quick image update of what i've got done this week nothing is fully finished yet though so no close ups. Today i'm fixing Storm Talons in the hope of making it look less terrible.


06-01-2014, 00:27

So what do you think? I've swapped the tiny engine pod wings to the back, cut the underside tail fin off and put it at the top, cut the tail topper in two and used them as wings, hacked away at the god awful assault cannons and managed to tuck them into the chassis and instead of using the oversized and ugly missile pods i've taken a page out of aircraft of the current age, in particular the F-5A and mounted missiles on wing tip hard points. There's still a bit of plasti-card work, especially on the underside and i'd like to put some landing gear on it in a raised position but i think it better suits the flying escort role of the original model. Its less chunky, more streamlined and now at least looks like it could pull a sharp banking turn without slamming into the deck harder than a drop pod.

Heres a few more pic's....





06-01-2014, 09:36
That's actually quite a clever fix.... the completely redesigned rear end works nicely.


Brother Nidus
06-01-2014, 12:17
Looks good Elfaen!

Liking the storm talon. Can't wait to see it painted.


06-01-2014, 18:52
Now thats quite a list of "to do" youve got there, Mate :)
Wish you the best of luck ! Love what youve done to the stormtalon. Ive got one that im rebuilding myself and this gives me something to
look at to get my own ideas stright.

07-01-2014, 21:31
Yeah and its so easy to just keep building and never finish anything! I fell into that trap with my guard and got massively side-tracked and daunted by the sheer number of units sitting on the table. So today, as my last day off for a week or two, i went back and finished painting my first assembled unit and the H.Q units.

(I'm having real issues getting my old camera to take good pictures, may need to get the background kit out in the future)



I won't have a great deal of free time over the next week or so, but i'll use the little time i have to go over already started models and add the finishing touches. Lots to do \o/

12-01-2014, 01:00
Your colour selections are exquisite! Also can I get a paint by paint description of your purple?

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14-01-2014, 14:14
I'm always happy to see some other Emperors Children! Yours are looking good, and you seem to be painting fairly quickly. Do you have anything else in the pipeline?

14-01-2014, 17:51
Just a warning, kakophoni are not pre heresy, they are an heresy unit for the traitor legion, and not for Saul Tarvitz resistence force!


14-01-2014, 19:26
Thanks for all the support guys, there is some serious trolling going on with star ratings atm!

Superduper, i did a paint by paint on previous page, its Alien purple spray, washed with druchi violet, edge highlight with genestealler purple, then corner highlight with genestealler with increasing quantities of white.

MT, im going to slowly work my way through what i have, then make a gaming table! This project log will hopefully last me a year.

Bender, Yeah they were a gift for xmas from a friend and they are nice models so i'll make use of them. I have enough stuff to make a small heresy force with a few conversions of early chaos effected children, so they may yet get used.

Sadly there wont be any progress this week as i've snapped a ligament in my neck whilst sleeping! lots of pain meds and not much painting till its better =(

14-01-2014, 20:04
I wish my friends would also present me with a few FW stuff!!!

By the way I forgot to tell you what an awesome thread you have here!!! I think these represent very well my idea from the battle in the tunnels beneath Choral City!

With the force lead by Tarvitz and also Ancient Rylanor

18-07-2014, 22:41
My god! An update!!!! I've just moved house and settling into my new man cave and decided that my marines are first to be back on the paint table. I've flogged the fire raptor on ebay to fund a gaming table and have sourced a few people to play games against which will no doubt inspire me into painting again, I cancelled my eve online subscriptions today too in the hope of re-focusing my energy to tabletop. Gonna spend the next couple of days reading through everyone else's plogs and then get back to some quality hobby time. Missed you guys!!

19-07-2014, 10:06
Welcome back, Mate :) Good to have you back ! Hope you get your mancave up and running as soon as possible then.
Ill be right here waiting for the next update :)

Porkus Pigu
20-07-2014, 00:28
Great to have you back Elfaen!

21-07-2014, 18:14
Lets have some pictures!!! (fake edit: which i forgot to resize before uploading. I apologise to anyone with a 15'' monitor)


Firstly, i'd like to welcome you all to the shell that will eventually become my man cave. Its lacking cabinets and some storage shelves currently and the table will eventually be the base of a 6x4 modular gaming board. I've room down here for 2 of the Ikea glass cabinets, one for my Pre-Heresy and (eventually maybe the odd titan ;)) and the other for my guard and non-GW forces.


I've dug out all the Emperors Children i've already built to this point and sat them on the table for the time being, I trimmed down some of the unbuilt bits and flogged a bit on ebay to help fund the furniture thats going to end up in this room. So still to build, but not pictured is 10x Palatine Blades, 10x Phoenix Terminators, dual auto cannon contemptor, enough spare bits to make 5 more marines (objective markers) and my conversion for Saul, once i've got this lot done i'll start thinking about some not so loyalist bits as i've a couple of ideas on how to do F.Bile that i'd like to explore and i still have 10 Kakaphoni i've no idea what to do with.


I had a couple of the Rouge trader marine knocking around and decided that a quick head swap and sanding would be enough to through him into the mix, probably as a sergeant of a squad yet to be bought. Love throwing ltd edition models into the mix just to add a bit of extra colour.


Finally, this is what I'm currently working on. Most of my games of 30k, will no doubt be played with 40k rules as there's so few 30k players in my area (don't blame them, the cost is incredible) and i've already assembled to storm talons so it was time to think about the storm raven. I used the chapter house extension kit as a base to the conversion and I'm going for more of an orbital to landing site craft a la baby Thunderhawk look than the plane thats eaten all the cookies look of the original. Its still a massive W.I.P and the plasti-card will be out in force to make it look natural, i still have no idea how I'm going to replace the god awful servitor turret. I don't want it underslung as that just puts me towards everything i hated in the design of the storm talon and currently I'm leaning towards a low profile razorback turret building the bodywork up so that its aerodynamic.

Again, sorry for the giant pictures, i'll remember to resize them next time!

Bob Hunk
22-07-2014, 11:59
Nice Emperor's Children. :cool: Care you share your plans for converting Saul? :)

22-07-2014, 14:15
Two of the best Storm Talon's I've seen! Great work, looking forward to more progress on the Raven too!


22-07-2014, 15:09
Nice Emperor's Children. :cool: Care you share your plans for converting Saul? :)

Currently my plan for Saul involves a Chapter Master model (the one holding his helmet.... that doesn't sound right) i'll hang, draw and quarter it so that the torso and shoulder pads can be changed then it'll get a suitably epic backpack and cloak. Depending on how steady my hands are, i may cut the helm out for a more ornate one, but that maybe beyond my skill level.

Two of the best Storm Talon's I've seen! Great work, looking forward to more progress on the Raven too!


Thanks! I'm very pleased with them, they look like planes now instead of helicopters.


Today i have a day off and i was hoping to make some serious headway with my rhino chassis vehicles. They've been sitting crying out for finishing and weathering for about 6 months now and late last night i varnished 3 of them ready for weathering with todays plan being to paint the 4th up to standard so that tonight i could get all messy with the weathering powder. But the pollen count seems to be stupidly high so I'm gonna have to delay everything and spend the day with my face in tissues =(

Here's how far i'd got last night...


Amazing how much depth a bit of sponged on Charadon Granite and chaos black can add.

23-07-2014, 16:13
Wow, thats a room full of potential :D Great to see all those marines youre working on. (its feels so good im not the only one with tons of plastic and resin :p)

25-07-2014, 01:34
I've got more on the way too =/

I've ordered Fulgrim and Horus because i want a shelf full of primarchs and they seemed like the best place to start, they'll be purely for the cabinet so i'll try to go to town on the painting and do the best job i can. I've also ordered the first of my Knights (eventually want 5; 3 normal, 2 cerastus) but thats not to be started until I've painted everything in the group photo above! The last two days i've been working on the vehicles a bit more and got all rhino chassis ready for weathering and oil paint coats. I had a bit of a disaster with a spray can giving a really watery and sticky coating to the exhaust pipes, tracks and bolters of these tanks and its been a real mere to strip them down and re-spray and paint up but i got there in the end.


Once these are done at the weekend, the focus switches back to infantry. 20 tactical marines, the sergeant and 10 Palatine Blades to paint before i allow myself to look at anything with tracks or wings.

25-07-2014, 05:32
Beautiful Emperor's Children! I can't remember the last time I posted on Warseer (couldn't even remember my password), but I had to logon just to say what a great army you've got on the go. The tanks are particularly impressive :)

25-07-2014, 06:22
Wow, superb job on those tanks! The Vindicator especially catches my eye. Great job.

26-07-2014, 01:07
Going to steal the idea for the gold face plates to use on my sternguard. And there is nothing you can do about it.

26-07-2014, 12:24
Going to steal the idea for the gold face plates to use on my sternguard. And there is nothing you can do about it.

No wai!!! Of course s the highest form of flattery =D

Wow, superb job on those tanks! The Vindicator especially catches my eye. Great job.

Cheers Phatsquirre1.

Beautiful Emperor's Children! I can't remember the last time I posted on Warseer (couldn't even remember my password), but I had to logon just to say what a great army you've got on the go. The tanks are particularly impressive :)

Thank you kindly! lets see if i can keep it up this time.

27-07-2014, 21:01
Sad day today, end of my week off and back to work tomorrow and because of it progress will slow a bit. I'm pretty pleased with what i've managed to get done; Taken my last rhino from undercoat to ready to weather, taken all the other tanks to the same stage finishing the blotters and fiddly bits and finally got around to picking a paint pattern for the fliers, here's a few pics of an up to date army shot and a couple of the flyer;



(really I'm just delaying painting infantry =D)

28-07-2014, 09:10
Very nice looking force so far...i am curious about the rest of your infantry...even if you are delaying it :P

14-08-2014, 01:59
Its been a busy couple of weeks! Went to Hamburg at the weekend and just about recovered and managed to fit a bit of painting in on the side. I've been working on my Praetorian in terminator armour because I'm not happy with just how purple the first phase of my troops are but I'm not ready to show that to you guys yet. So instead here's my finished Storm Talon, sorry about the colour hue on the pics, i'll have my studio lights back up soon.





14-08-2014, 02:41
Digging some of the details quite a lot, but not sure I'll ever be okay with that model no matter how tweaked it gets. it's just too stumpy.

14-08-2014, 18:18
Great work on remodeling that stormtalon, Mate :) Is that clear red for the canopy ?

15-08-2014, 09:38
Great work on remodeling that stormtalon, Mate :) Is that clear red for the canopy ?

Clear Orange, Red was too dark to go with the purple and i wanted some of the detail inside to show through, awesome stuff though. Going to pick up clear blue for my guard flyers.

16-08-2014, 10:50
Ah, good to know ;) Thanks !

16-08-2014, 17:24
Hi there,

just discovered your blog, looking cracking so far and your flier looks brill. Are you using army painter for the base coat? If you are I've got a tin and 3/4 full if you would like them?

all the best,

16-08-2014, 22:09
Hey RTB01, I was thinking about it, but now i'm doing a 3 stage airbrush technique instead. The tanks I'm still taking from a army painter base coat, but i've 3 cans left and 4 tanks to do.

I had a disaster with some varnish that fogged a squad of infantry so i've spent today wrist deep in dettol. I cheered myself up by unboxing my first of 5 knights, they be very very pretty. Will try to get some pic's up tomorrow!

16-08-2014, 23:08
The phoenix termies are lovely, they really are. They make a great looking bodyguard. Look forward to seeing yours!

19-08-2014, 10:53
Called in re-enforcements. House Hyperion was busy (and is already in the progress of being done by Inquisitor Enge (http://www.warseer.com/forums/showthread.php?397472-House-Hyperion-Knight-Errant)l) So i decided to choose a different house to call upon..


19-08-2014, 15:50
Ohhh, cool a new knight :D Is that your own house ?

19-08-2014, 16:10
Nope, i'm taking the scheme from the titan legion called Tigers eye or Legio Fureans (http://warhammer40k.wikia.com/wiki/Legio_Fureans). My three forces (guard, emp child and titans) will all form one half decent sized apoc army. I'd say large but i know how many tanks you have :p

I have 5 Knights to build and all will be variations of this paint scheme and once they are complete I'll add 2 war hounds and a reaver. I've got 50 marines on foot and 5 more emp children vehicles left of the marine force and zero willpower when it comes to painting troops.

19-08-2014, 16:15
Ahh, now i remember they were in the same WD as my Imperial Hunters......way back in the 80s :D They sided with Horus in the heresy, if im not mistaken.

19-08-2014, 16:17
they did and took part in the drop site massacre at Isstavan V. Figured they were good company for my Children as I too am having more and more chaos based conversion ideas, I may also have acquired Horus =D

19-08-2014, 16:27
Indeed :D Right, the big man himself, thats cool !

09-09-2014, 23:20
Looks like this army's going to go too, any offers? Everything in the last army pic plus another contemptor. This utterly sucks but I'd rather it went whole.

10-09-2014, 06:52
Depending on the price I'd be interested to save these legion brothers and include them into my army. If you have any particular price in mind, pm me. Sorry to hear that :/

Rusty Magos
11-09-2014, 15:18
That's such a shame to hear. These guys were looking really good.

All the best and hope things work out for you!

11-09-2014, 17:35
Sad news, Mate :( Will you be able to keep anything ?

12-09-2014, 11:47
honestly not sure, may sell one or both armies, may be able to scavange enough unbuilt from both to not dent either list or both may have to go. Took a new job which im very proud and pleased with but due to notice period and start date im gonna struggle for a couple months to make ends meet. Going to sit down tomorrow and the result will be a tinners style firesale of some bits and i'll just keep going till i hit a total high enough to live off.

31-03-2015, 00:13
Hey, this is probably way too late but do you have any of these model left that you're willing to sell? The money is spend on those guys is crazy? any info would be much appreciated.
Thanks a lot,