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04-12-2013, 14:17
Good Morning folks,

I was having a discussion with my local game store owner after a game where I was trumped after the new Be'lakor died horribly to a unit of Chaos dwarfs about how fun and a change of pace it would be to build a list around a special character and another in the group to play his nemesis. I figured that this could be a great opportunity and make me a better player without regressing to THE power builds.

So I guess the reason for this post is if you were building a list around a special character who would you pick and why? Also who would be his/her nemesis?

Looking forward to see who your favorite special characters are and what you would take with them from the army book.

04-12-2013, 15:50
For my last campaign, I created a daemon prince named Shartax that was orchestrating the whole series of events from behind the scenes and eventually had his own army of both Chaos Warriors and Daemons. He eventually became the nemesis of my Empire General and friend's Dwarf Lord, who both dueled him whenever he first showed up. Later, at the climax, my friend's Dwarf Lord had a great roll and with that multi-wound rune put six unsaved wounds on him, which was kind of a lame end. I suspect Shartax is already plotting revenge though.

04-12-2013, 15:55
You see this is the awesome tales that I am hoping will come up for me by going this route.

04-12-2013, 16:01
Yeah, it was fun because I really have no interest in playing Daemons or Warriors. I prefer to only play "good guys", my three armies are Empire, High Elves, and Lizardmen. But having Shartax and building a small army up around him let me play with miniatures I don't usually get to, and led to a fairly interesting story, so much that Shartax is still mentioned around my local GW.