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04-12-2013, 14:40
Hi everyone, here is a fun, yes semi competitive list that I came up with for the first round of an escalation league I will be playing in. All comments are welcome.

Night goblin warboss, great cave squig, charmed sheild, potion of strength
Night goblin shaman, lvl 2
Black orc big boss (general)

42 night goblins, FC, nets, short bows, 1 fanatic

2 spear chukkas
1 doom diver
2 pump wagons.

Its got 5 drops, can be fairly fast and shooty, and has a lvl 2 for some magic fun. My concern is the warboss getting shot to hell, but maybe he can sneak his way in or take our some chaff. I just love the idea of him running around like crazy.

26-12-2013, 01:00
Disclaimer: New to O&G, havnt done much aside from theory craft this edition, played a little bit in 7th ed. Pesonrally I prefer combat than ranged, but ranged is still effective, and cheap.

I am guessing the black orc is there purely for LD stats, I think he will be shot down to easy, especially with virtually no defenses. Granted T5, but with 2 wounds, and only a 5+ Armour save a single bolt thrower/cannon hit, would destroy him. Magic and arrows would have a good shot at taking him out unless he is hidden behind the goblins, in which case he may cost more points than he is worth. If you ignore the rest of my advice, at the least I would Armour him up and put him on a boar or chariot.

Personally I would drop a hero. Drop the black orc, get some squig hoppers, leaving your warboss as your army general, with the LD 7 aura instead of 8
Alternatively drop the war-boss, which should give you the points for 5 boar boyz. Replace the black orc boss with an orc boss on boar, throw him in the unit. If you can spare it give them a standard and musician, maybe even the boss.

So I recommend:

Orc Big Boss; Boar+spear
Night Goblin Shaman; level 2

42 Night Goblin archers, bows, netters, full command, fanatic

5 Boar Boyz, full command, shields+spears
2*Spear Chukkas

Doom Diver
2*Pump Wagons

Total of 749 points (I dont know if I am allowed to give unit points cost, however its all rather easy to work out)