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Your Mum Rang
08-06-2006, 12:14
Hey all! Just a few quickies to help me understand both how to play and how to beat the army....

-1 Would a pairing of a large Marauder unit with Shield and Light Armour (4+ save) with small, flanking units of Devoted be good? Seems to me like they would. You have the full +5 CR of the Marauders combined with their good save holding the enemy waiting for the nasty, nasty charge of the Devoted hopefully breaking them!

-2 Would 9 PD be enough to have a good magic phase with the Lore of Slaanesh?

-3 What are the hard-hitters of the army? I would not like to use Chaos Knights.

-4 Can you survive without Mtd Daemonettes?

-5 Is a shooting and counter-attacking approach viable?

-6 What is the optimum amount of Shades?

08-06-2006, 14:34
It's an SOC list and won't be around for much longer. :(

Your Mum Rang
08-06-2006, 15:02
What makes you say that?

Just because it has been banned from SOME tourneys does not mean that I cannot play with it with friend now does it?

Thanks for the help =/

08-06-2006, 15:26
Exactly, besides, why does Games Workshop have the Cult of Slaanesh and NOT the other Storm of Chaos lists up for download on their website if they intend to scrap them all? I think it will make for a very nice addition when the new book commes out, featuring the story of the civil war within Naggaroth.

As for your questions, I'd say that the Devoted are much better used as a large unit on their own, the Soporific Musk is far better than any armour you can have, coupled with the fact that the Champion upgrade can take the Quickblood to thinn out the number of attacks comming at you IF you would be charged with your M5.

9 PD might well be enough, however, what characters are you planning on bringing and what will your opponent often bring? You can't really say what is enough untill you know what type of enviroment you play in, although, I myself normally survive with 7 Powerdice for 5 levels of magic (2 sorcs, both lvl 2, one with Power Fam, the other with Spell Fam) in my normal armies.

The Hard Hitters are as follows:

Chaos Knights, although, you were not going to use them, so let's skip ahead.

Fiends of Slaanesh, excelent at tarpitting and quite killy if you get two of them into one unit.

Reaper Bolt Throwers, crokokokok... TWANG.... swooosh.... ARGH! MY KNIGHTS! MY KNIGHTS! YOU KILLED MY KNIGHS!!! Need I say more?

Moutned Daemonettes are also hard hitters, they are almost essential if you want flankers, if you want baiters, use the Special Slots for Dark Riders instead.

Devoted of Slaanesh, sky high numbers of attacks, coupled with the enemy halving WS and I... and you wonder what to use as a hammer?

However, the most hard hitting of all is the Keeper of Seecrets, able to break ranks, can turn on the spot without Movement penealty, an 18inch charge move AND a lvl 4 Slaaneshi sorceror... and you ask about Hard Hitters?
The Anointed on Steed with Avatar of Slaanesh, Speed of Slaanesh and Greatweapon/Draich of Dark Power comes shortly after him, not able to break ranks, however, nearly as killy, longer range and rerolling Break Tests... AND striking first

And yes, you can surely survive without Mounted Daemonettes, but they are almost too good to pass up.

08-06-2006, 20:51
and, of course, cold one knights.



08-06-2006, 21:10
Ugh! How could I forget them! Of course, Coldone Knights, however, they do compete about your Special Choices, although, in less than 2k, they can be lethal.

Though I do wonder... when they have the Mark of Slaanesh, do the Coldones still take Stupidity tests? I'd say so, but I'm not sure

08-06-2006, 21:46
Pretty sure they will have to test for stupidity, afterall the coldones arent Slaanesh followers, jus the riders )_)

08-06-2006, 22:21
It's like when a character with the mark of Slaneesh takes the helm of many eyes, I would wager. He'd still test for stupidity. Also, there's the point made about the mounts being stupid. On that note, do you remember that awesome picture of the cold one knights in the 5th ed rule book? The cartoon-a-like picture with one cold one sniffing the ground, one just leisuring on a hot rock and the riders frustrated out of their minds? In my book the CoK are worth one of your special slots, they hit hard and well.



Nurgling Chieftain
09-06-2006, 09:50
The list specifically states that cold ones with the mark of slaanesh are still stupid.