View Full Version : Monstrous Arcanum Clarrification

07-12-2013, 19:35
Just seeking some clarification on a couple of mistakes that have probably all ready been debated somewhere. The question is that the Dread Saurian, Shard Dragon, Merwyrm, Basilisk. I am just wondering if these creatures should have the large target rule and maybe the Preyton as well.

08-12-2013, 00:53
Shard Dragon does have it, Curs'd Ettin doesn't for some reason, but since 8th ed really plays down the Large Target rules in favor of True Line of Sight, it doesn't really matter. The Carnosaur didn't used to be a Large Target either. Sometimes GW's wierd about this one. Maybe it's a mistake, maybe its not. If you're actually using the Monstrous Arcanum you could simply house rule it with your opponent