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07-12-2013, 21:14
Hi all,
First draft and comments welcome. The decision to go without a Slann is not intentional but simply wanting it less than a Carnosaur, Cowboys and massed fliers.

Oldblood- Great Weapon, Gambler's Armour, Carnosaur with Bloodroar

Scar Veteran- Great Weapon, Light Armour, Cold One, Dragonhelm
Scar Veteran- Halberd, Light Armour, Shield, Cold One, Army Battle Standard
Skink Chief- Spear, Light Armour, Charmed Shield, Terradon
Skink Priest- Level 2 Beasts, Dispel Scroll
Skink Priest- Level 2 Heavens, Cube of Darkness

Skink Skirmishers- 10, Blowpipes
Skink Skirmishers- 10, Blowpipes
Skink Skirmishers- 10, Blowpipes
Skink Skirmishers- 10, Blowpipes
Skink Skirmishers- 10, Blowpipes
Skink Cohort- 26, Standard Bearer
Skink Cohort- 25, Standard Bearer

Chameleon Skinks- 8
Terradon Riders- 4, Fireleech Bolas
Terradon Riders- 4, Javelins
Ripperdactyl Riders- 4
Ripperdactyl Riders- 4

Salamander- 1
Salamander- 1

2500pts: 625 Core, 596 Hero, 411 Lords, 708 Special, 160 Rare

Massed Vanguard movement to hopefully allow the Rippers into flanks and the Terradons to clear chaff and/or War Machines. Skink Cohorts exist purely to remove Steadfast and hopefully protected by using Cowboys to minimise unit frontage. Skink Chief is there to eat Cannonballs if appropriate. I am hoping that massed fliers + Chameleons + shielding Chief should minimise the chances of the Carnosaur getting punked.
In retrospect I might not need 2 units of Terradons and the Chief, I could drop a unit without much loss. I am unsure how I would reinvest the points however, maybe into a second unit of Chameleons and getting a better defense on the Oldblood.

Any comments greatly appreciated.

08-12-2013, 03:11
I would put an enchanted shield on your skink chief over the charmed shield. Nobody is going to be shooting cannons at him with so many other dangerous targets running around, but they might try to pick him off with bows because shooting bows at scar veterans is a waste of time.

Get the ironcurse icon on the oldblood. If it works a single time it will pay for itself 10 times over.

08-12-2013, 06:30
Thanks for the comment.

The idea behind the Charmed Shield was that by putting the Chief in front of the Carnosaur, it greatly reduces the chance of bouncing cannonballs to snag the Oldblood. If it hits the Chief on a bounce, I have a 2+ chance to discard it and thus stop the cannonball moving any further due to the MC rules. That said I don't have enough experience to know for sure and will revise it if my plan won't work.

Good call on the Ironcurse though, that's definitely going in.

08-12-2013, 06:50
The carnosaur's base is too big compared to the terradon for that to pan out. A unit of Kroxigar could do it though.

Gor (dopanium opa) rok
13-12-2013, 14:52
I'd Likr to use gor rok in my first army, no help for your thread but still, if you change the other scar vet with gor rok it would be propably cool.