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09-12-2013, 16:31
The Tyranids are rumored for next month, and alot of sources are saying that this is accurate. With this said, we're expecting a big buff in the army's capabilties. Rumors of running and assaulting in the same turn for some units, shooting attacks on units, such as lictors and ygmarl genestealers coming in that at the beginning of the Tyranid turn, have to roll 6's to hit them, and a possibility of a mobile MC that can transport other units across the board (warriors with bone sword and lash whips inside? yes please). now whether or not these hold true are yet to be seen, but this should make shooting armies a bit worried, ie tau, eldar, IG, Necrons, etc. armies that can get in your face by turn 2 or 3, and their decked out for cc, is never a good thing (especially if ygmarl genestealers can keep their current rules for assaulting as soon as they arrive). Where yes, interceptor is a nice rule for these kind of units, but the problem you run into is how many squads are coming in this way, and do we have the right units to take care of this problem assuming if hitting them on 6's when shooting at them is accurate? I play Crimson Fists and Tau, and this may have to make me change my strategy a bit if this holds to be true. Something I can say that has been consistant is many sources are saying their cc will be getting better and can spell deep trouble for some armies, but awesome news for Tyranid players (especially if Nid Zilla comes back). So the question I pose is with the rumored rules and abilities coming, will assault make a big comeback? I'd like to hear from you guys. Wish list if you like. As always, please keep it clean, respectful, and reasonable. Have at it.

09-12-2013, 17:59
I am pretty sure that chaos daemons have managed to put some pressure on the shooty armies. I don't think there is a single army out there that doesnt fear 40 wounds with a ++3 save coming at them with at least a 12" move. Plague drones, beasts, screamers or seekers, choose your fast attack, give it grimoire and run up the middle. Now you still have around +1000pt for the rest of your army. Daemons have multiwound models and invul saves across the board. Nids will bring more bugs than you have guns. The little ones get into assault first, the next turn the big ones hit you.

I don't think we will see assault as a whole make a big comeback. We will see Orks, Nids and Daemons in assault as they should be, Necrons, IG, Tau and Eldar fighting from a distance, then marines doing whatever they have to to stay alive. Oh, and DE doing whatever they do, I don't know... 6th is a shooty edition because only 1/3 of the assault xenos armies are out. While arguably 3 of the shooty xenos armies are out (necrons, eldar and tau) I think once we see nids and orks on the table things will change up a little. Then you have the strange stepchildren like SW and CSM who really really want to be assault armies, but have some trouble dancing with pure assault armies.

09-12-2013, 19:27
If any book brings back assault in a meaningful way it would be the tyranid codex. Even though its a swarm based assault army and not a smaller strike force assault army. They have the best chance to work in 6ed. The are currently the only army with a unit still able to assault from reserves (which is believe will go away) and rumoured to have a rule on the certain other units such as lictors making overwatch harder on the turn they appear. Im hoping nids make the assault a fearedentry to 40k again.

09-12-2013, 20:19
Will the new tyranid codex make people play with enough terrain?

Otherwise no.

11-12-2013, 04:24
I sure hope so, so much need for this sorta thing. TBH I doubt we will be seeing any direct run-and-assault, but I could be happily proven wrong when the codex is released >.>; I also like the idea of hurting overwatch or stripping them of the option for it, would certainly help in concert with a "turn they come in you can only overwatch them". Could even turn into a Battle-Focus esque army-wide ability on the no overwatch thing.... Maybe a defensive/agile/hive-controlled rule that makes them harder to hit and gives them a special save against things that arent blast templates.... Something along the lines of, "Units with this special rule are treated as being shot at at a -1/-2 BS" or "Units with the special rule that assault cannot be hit on overwatch except by template weapons."

IDK i just want my genestealer+Broodlord 1500+ armies back where I could feasibly take out the entire army >.>;

11-12-2013, 21:37
Daemons are a pretty good assault army, granted they have some randomness, but otherwise a strong assault army

11-12-2013, 21:55
The inherent flaw in the game is and always will be that people write super shooty lists then when it comes to playing a mission type will casually say "Ah I want to just play kill points instead, it's much simpler" or something along those lines and people go along with it. At least that's been what I've seen in all of my experiences of watching or playing in 6th edition against gunlines.

Convenient that your army is super suited to just standing back and shooting lots and you don't want to risk playing a mission which will discourage that...

I usually say "neh, let's roll" and hope to get one that does involve a bit of movement from them, typically though they can just put the objectives in their own handy to get zone and proceed with the shooting like mad plan.

11-12-2013, 22:10
I usually say "neh, let's roll" and hope to get one that does involve a bit of movement from them, typically though they can just put the objectives in their own handy to get zone and proceed with the shooting like mad plan.

One of the nice things I noticed about Escalation is that the new missions, which are now an official part of 40K (assuming official or not actually matters these days), require you to place objectives before choosing deployment zones. If you can get one of those missions it becomes a lot harder to just park a gunline on top of your objectives and never move anything. Then again, those missions also involve lots of 'fun' elements which probably make them worse to play than the stock missions, so maybe it's better to just ignore them despite that one improvement.

13-12-2013, 04:13
I have a huge 'nid army (18,000pts) that has been sat in boxes for the last year because they are just not competitive enough to play with. Any rule changes they make in the new codex to tweek their CC ablities would be welcomed, even something small like giving them back their plus 1 Int on the charge will greatly increase their effectiveness.