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Lord Squidar
09-12-2013, 17:37
Hi Guys,

My google fu has failed me again (seriously I did try) but I cannot find a single review of the ork warkopta kit from forge world. Nada, zip, not one! Even tried youtube, people usually put unboxings and assembly vids.

Anywhoo, my question is which of the warseerians have bought this kit and assembled it? Can you give any tips? I want to get one for christmas but might be put off by those rotorblades, how do they go together.

How does it fight on the battlefield in 6th?

Thanks in advance!

Lord Squidar
10-12-2013, 21:06
Well I found someone on facebook funnily enough that has put together 3 of these models, thought i'd share here since there is nothing on warseer.

Matt on FB says that the models go together really well, the only real issue that that the instructions are terrible/non existant and you end up with many parts unused, perhaps alternates? Also the chain between the two rotors is flimsy and needs to be cleaned and handled carefully.

As for the rotors themselves, they have their own unbuilt locator pins that act as pins. Matt suggests that pinning the rotors completely would make it far too ridgid for everyday use and would lead to it snapping. However he does say to glue the rotors together but not attach them to the main body for ease of transport, the rotors slot into the body perfectly and hold up well without any glue during a game.

Lastly, the flight stand slot is built into the body and cunningly hidden as panels. its solid enough but requires some conversion to make the kopta be in different poses.

Hope others searching for this stuff find this useful!

11-12-2013, 06:43
The only trap I've found is that there are two different kopta bodies, each with two sides that pin together. The two types have slightly different pin connector locations so aren't too difficult to tell apart, but remember to dry fit first just in case you've got two halves that aren't supposed to go together.

And yes, leaving the rotors unglued makes them much easier to transport.

Lord Squidar
11-12-2013, 19:35
two different bodies, you mean the plastic deff koptas right?

11-12-2013, 23:37
Think you've got the wrong models in mind Clang, He means the Forge World "Chinork" Warcopta.

12-12-2013, 07:11
Sorry, yes, I thought the grumbling about lack of instructions was re the plastic deffkoptas.

Lord Squidar
13-12-2013, 08:00
That would be funny though!

I dont think anything from FW I have bought had instructions, and slightly older GW kits have numbered sprue parts but no corresponding instructions, like the stompa, each part numbered but no point!