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Colonel Lexx
10-12-2013, 17:48
What sort paint schemes has everyone adopted traditional paint schemes to ones of your own creation, I'm just curious because I plan to get the dark vengeance box set soon and have chosen my paint scheme of the Mantis warriors chapter that I'm portraying but was wondering what others had done or created.
183229 1 ST company Mantis warriors remnants of the old army after Badab war but not sent on 100 year penitence crusade because the company was not present with rest of the army when they betrayed the Imperium and side with the Astral claws therefore they must regain their honour to have any chance of rebuilding the army.

22-12-2013, 23:17
Everyone is doing purple these days. It's the new black!

23-12-2013, 13:15
I come up with paint schemes for each army largely based on personal preference, rather than particular groups, regiments or chapters.
I tend to go with a 'basic clothing' colour that makes up the majority of the model, a 'badge colour' that makes the army coherent, and an 'elite marker' that shows a unit is particularly special. Plus 'natural' colours for extraneous metals, belts, hair etc. so-
- Totenberg XXIX, Imperial Guard- grey fatigues as 'basic clothing', red shoulder pads, helmets, las-weapons and feathers (rogue traders, don't ask) as the 'badge colour', and light blue for elite markings.
- The Starveling Court of the Laughing Lord, Dark Eldar-
Royal Blue as 'basic clothing' (well, armour in this case), poisonous greens for the 'badge colour' (including their skin. They're starving, y'see...) and I have yet to paint any elites, so I still have to think of a colour for them. Maybe purple. Need to experiment. And ensure my colourblindness doesn't lead to insane choices.
- Carodinixe's March- Wood Elves.
Greens of all varieties as 'basic clothing', Yellow as the 'badge colour', going for a tongue-in-cheek, 'welsh springtime' look, so trying a yellow to dark green blend in their cloaks- daffodils! Elite marker, again uncertain, but maybe a deep red.

TL-DR- go with what feels good, and what inspires you instead of what you feel you 'must' do.

24-12-2013, 09:31
I've done DYI chapter, but colour was largely inspired by Ultramarines. I liked the colour but not the fluff so I came with one designed by myself and modified the way that company markings are shown.

Main body of the armour is Regal Blue over UM Blue to be a bit brighter than just Regal Blue painted over black undercoat (I don't use white undercoat, I don't like painting over it). Details like some of the backpack exhausts, aquilla's wings, helmet top detail and some of the backpack grills are in bleached bone (sort of - I use Valejjo Game Color for it) and golden trimmings of aquillas, shoulder pads etc. For company markings I use different colours of left foot, wrist plating and right backpack exhaust. These do not refer to Terminators (always Ist company) and scouts (always Xth).

I decided to tie my other PA armies with Regal Blue. My SoB forces have tabards painted this way and Grey Knights have Regal Blue Greaves. This way I can use my rhino/LR vehicles in 3 armies (4, 5, including my yet to come branches using SW and CSM rules). Rest of their armour is boltgun metal with cooper like trimmings (SoB) and metallic silver (Delta Ceramcoat) for GK. Trimmings for GK are also golden and tabards are of various colours.

My guard scheme is a bit of a mess because I wanted them to look like a mix of ex prisoners and bandits (catachan), miners and trapers (Voystroyan) and military remnants (cadian). I plan to add bits and pieces of other factions representing refugees, gang members etc. This force is tied by Kommando Khaki like colour of vehicles, armour and equipment pieces (I use Delta Ceramcoat for it) as well as Dark Flesh used for most of the "military like" materials like pants, some coats etc.

Looks like my gallery from the last year is still on the forum, here they are:


26-12-2013, 01:13
I play Crimson Fists. They have the standard "official" color scheme, but I added some minor tweaks to make them more my own. All my Veterans and Terminators have gold helmets, and the all Sargeants (including Sargeants of Terminator and Veteran Squads) have red helmets. Other than that, they are strictly codex Crimson Fists.

26-12-2013, 07:55
Yellow-Green Marines with sculpted Dark Angel symbols on their shoulders... I dunno.