View Full Version : Challenges and who can fight

11-12-2013, 22:20
I want to make sure I didn't interpret the rules wrong in a recent game we had. I've included an example picture:


In example 1 the green unit has the red unit in it's flank. Challenges are issued and accepted and the two champions move together to fight.
Now, since the champions are in a fight no other model can fight them, and since no other model is in base contact except for the champions this means only the champs can fight, correct?

Exactly the same scenario in example 2 except now the green unit is also battling the blue unit. The red unit, according to how I understand it, still has no models who can hit the green unit. The blue unit however can hit with the normal amount of rows except for the leftmost row as that only has base contact with the champion.

Did I interpret this correctly?

11-12-2013, 23:16
Yes, you've interpreted correctly. pp48 and 102 of the BRB are the relevant sections (who can fight, and fighting a challenge).