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13-12-2013, 13:09
Was going to post this in painting forum but nobody seems to respond there. I want to paint som samm hein but have had trouble with red in the past. I dont want a 25 step job with loads of 10% mix intervals as i dont get a lot of paibting time. Ideally i want a schene which looks effective and is

1. Undercoat spray
2. Colour spray
3. Wash for detail
4. Dry brush
5. Edge

For both red bits and white bits.


13-12-2013, 13:12
take out drybrush for step 4, and replace it with highlight... and you'll get such a better result. I think dry brushing should be avoided at all costs

for my reds, I like to mix in scorched earth/rhinox hide into my undercoat or wash. Dark brown works better on red. in steps
1)prime, black
2)basecoat (though I don't have red spray, I just paint on red + brown)
2)wash, red + dark brown
3)highlight, red
4)edge highlight, whatever you use (I use fortress grey)

13-12-2013, 13:17
Should really be in painting forum, but i know what you mean :D. Try setting up a log and linking it in your sig with some test models that normally gets a good bit of feedback.

I find khorne red as a base is pretty good with a black wash then build up khorne red again, then a liberal highlight almost layer of wazdakka red then a highlight of any of the oranges gw do to taste then a very very fine highliight of Lugganath Orange

not eldar but thats what i did on this guy http://farm4.staticflickr.com/3814/11018189663_c00e77a593_b.jpg

13-12-2013, 13:35
My steps list was just an example so highlighting is fine. Been looking at sprays, anyone know if either of the army painter sprays is a good red? I have had great success with their range.