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13-12-2013, 22:52
Hello all, I was wondering what are all the different ways that a chaos cult can infiltrate the worker drones of a planet. So far I have only been able to think of very few. Through missionaries bringing in a new cult of the Emperor that secretly is Chaotic (like the prophet from Soul Drinkers). Could a Slaneesh-i cult try to convert the population by creating a business that slowly perverts them into loving Chaos? Or some sort of Khorne gladiator entertainment that makes people blood thirsty, like Roman coliseums but bloodier?

I am trying to think of a new fun way for Chaos to take over a planet for some back story for a campaign.

Thanks in advance!

13-12-2013, 23:00
A trade union! Not very "fun" but if it's worker drones you want to convert, starting up a lodge type group would be a good start, worked for Erebus anyway. Although it seems unlikely that trade unions are allowed in the Imperium, they're probably treated in the same vein as Chaos itself.

Something to do with sport maybe? Mirroring the sometimes senseless devotion that some sports fans have to their teams in real life?

OR, slightly inspired by Doctor Who, a tv program that contains subliminal messaging and slowly converts viewers to Chaos. That would be pretty cool. Like a true cultist could just say a certain phrase that had been implanted into the civilian population by this tv show and *snap*, whoever hears it is turned into an automaton like chaos trooper.

13-12-2013, 23:06
How would the trade union work?

I like the subliminal shows, like the factory workers just end their 18 hour shift and just want to crack an imperially sanctioned beer and watch an episode of Hail Chaos.

13-12-2013, 23:48
No idea. Probably like the Warrior Lodges in the HH series. Kinda like "Hey comrades, come and join the union, you can relax with colleagues and chat about real issues and have a say in how the workplace runs and secretly worship chaos".

I don't think the Imperium is big on worker's rights though, so it would probably get shut down before anyone was converted :(

Just go wild really, choose whichever idea takes your fancy :) "Chaos has many faces" and all that stuff.

EDIT: Actually, the trade union thing could work with a communist Tau twist. One of the Ciaphas Cain stories has him fighting Tau, but it turns out the whole thing has been masterminded by genestealers (surprise surprise). Before war breaks out the Tau are living in their own camp/embassy/tradequarter area located in the planets capital. The planet is near to Tau empire, so they are common in the area and Ordo Xenos Inquisitors don't visit much.
Basically, the Tau have converted a lot of the local human population into Greater Good zealots, they wear braids and paint themselves blue and everything, very Avatar-esk.
For a campaign background, you could have a Tau human-convert gang, like a trade union, that is secretly being run by a chaos cult, unbeknownst to the Tau obviously. Then you'd be able to shoehorn in a Tau player/army and extend the campaign, if you wanted to.
You'd get a clearer picture of what I mean if you read the novel, For the Emperor.

13-12-2013, 23:59
Or why not how we are all controlled now .. Papers and media ... Media controls what people think governments pander to that to get votes to get into power ... Then pander to the media to win public opinion to stay in power .. And so on and so on

14-12-2013, 00:56
Flood the market with increasingly shameful porn. Boom! slaaneshi cult (or khornate depending on the porn in question. you don't want want nurgle to get involved....)

16-12-2013, 01:02
Chaos worship starts as a slight variation on Emperor worship. Or anything else that is accepted by the Imperium. Over the years the message shifts, ever so slightly. The Emperor brings peace to the downtrodden, to the poor, to the sick. Pray to the Emperor and he will alleviate your suffering. Worship the aspect of the Emperor that provides shelter and safe haven. The Emperor is a kind and loving god, who cares for his children. Like a shepherd he tends his flock even through darkest disease and death.

Then a plague starts spreading through the hive, killing millions. Hive plagues happen with fair frequency, so this is not so uncommon as to be noticed. But look, those who pray at this one temple have been spared! Millions flock to hear the priest who leads this group.

The Emperor loves you, the Emperor cares. The Emperor is a kind god who grants gifts to his followers and saves them from the ravages of disease!

And look, many of those dying with the plague who come to worship at this altar, and who allow the priest to touch their foreheads and whisper a mumbled prayer, find that the disease has stopped. They aren't completely cured, the boils and sores remain in many cases, and the hacking cough persists, but they feel better and they aren't dying. The pain has disappeared.

Pray to the Emperor more! If you show your faith more openly he will surely heal you fully! Tell others of the wonderful things your Great Father has done for you!

The Great Father brings peace to the downtrodden, to the poor, to the sick. Pray to the Great Father and he will alleviate your suffering. Worship the Great Father as he provides shelter and safe haven. The Great Father is a kind and loving god, who cares for his children. Like a shepherd he tends his flock even through darkest disease and death.

Soon all will worship the Great Father. And he will take his followers into his bosom, where they will live forever.

16-12-2013, 17:05
I think the idea that Chaos needs to "infiltrate" a planet to be downplaying the very nature of Chaos itself.

There is a great unfathomable truth out there that the human mind cannot comprehend. We can catch glimpses of it however. Sometimes there are people with low grade psychic ability that slip through the cracks. Sometimes there are warp-based phenomena that happen on a small scale in the Materium. Unnatural chills, animals getting spooked for no reason, plants withering and dieing. That kind of thing. Sometimes people just come up with a philosophy or creed all on their own to help them understand the universe around them and that provides an acceptable framework for something to slip in. Whatever the root cause, some of these people will try to find some way to see the greater truth behind the curtain. Usually this is through whatever local flavor of mysticism that the person has been exposed to as the people of the Imperium are not very sophisticated. Sometimes these people create their own systems of mysticism. If the planet is sufficiently advanced enough these people may try to do so through science. With their enhanced senses they will begin to perceive the Immaterium. They will begin to see the entities out there and will ascribe names to them based on their own understanding of the mystic traditions they have immersed themselves in. If in the present day real world you used New Aged Mysticism as a framework to expand your consciousness beyond the mortal realm you would probably mistake the entities there for Ra, Isis and Sekhmet and such. If they manage to do this of their own will they will still try to give them names and categorize them. It is the nature of humankind to seek truth and we categorize, classify and name things as a means to better understand the world around us.

The thing about Chaos Cults is that they can spring up independently. There doesn't need to be some nefarious schemers trying to bring their religion to an unaware populace. People can simply fall to Chaos without outside intervention. All of those independent cults probably look nothing like the cults we see in the lore even though they venerate the same entities. There could be a cult formed by the mystic revelations of their prophet that venerates Nurgle but they perceive it in a different way. Like as a Lord of Famine who takes the form of a dessicated holy man frozen in meditation by rigor mortis with a mind that is very much alive in a dust choked wasteland. To think that the Gods of Chaos have a single true name that a mortal could ever comprehend and say is folly. Nurgle, Slaanesh, Tzeentch and Khorne I believe are all names assigned to them by mortal worshipers. Specifically the Revelations of Lorgar. I see it possible for two cults of "Khorne" to go to war with each other for dogmatic reasons. One sees their god in the traditional, Lorgarite way and the other sees their god as a great, black-winged beast-god that stalks the night and drinks blood. One cult offended by the thought of another thinking their god is so low as to skulk in the shadows and the other taking offense at the other's offerings of skulls when their god so desires fresh and living prey delivered unto him.

This is the reason why the Imperium is the way it is. They beat obedience into their subjects. They provide them with a higher power to worship. They created a form of mysticism to explore in the Imperial Tarot. They claim the truth is that your value comes from your service to your superiors whom are in a great chain of hierarchy that leads back to the God-Emperor. They punish curiosity, reason and thought and replace it with dogma. They do this for the same reason that the Emperor came up with the Imperial Truth. To provide the beings of the Warp no means of spreading their influence beyond their realm. Of course it fails but that's because its so counter to very nature of humanity.

16-12-2013, 17:28
Flood the market with increasingly shameful porn. Boom! slaaneshi cult (or khornate depending on the porn in question. you don't want want nurgle to get involved....)

I actually LOL'd in real life.

Nurgle would be more along the lines of 2 girls one cup.

17-12-2013, 06:35
How about a fitness gym? You have groups of people who are building themselves and pushing for physical perfection, they could totally fall to Slanneesh.

17-12-2013, 07:34
Any group of people aiming for perfection could fall prey to Slaanesh. Any group interested in violence is ripe prey for Khorne. Any hopelessness and despair is growing ground of Nurgle and any seeker of knowledge can fall to Tzeentch.

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17-12-2013, 13:18
Thanks guys!

Also thanks Polaria for answering my next question, which was going to be how could Tzeentch influence a planet.

19-12-2013, 02:25
for khorne i think the best way is whisper to an animal butcher house worker ,after all blood god care not where the blood flow as long as it flow.
as for dark prince well, as long as their is eilte class their is his follower . for papa nurgle , just dorp some plague infest vermin in their food storage the next day you get your army of zombie for your 24 days later style warflare .

i can image tzeentch will not be that pop up among imperial world which, over 70 percent of the inhibitian cant even write their own name , but the lord of fate can making pomise like if offer / convert a thousand soul to me i let you win the next lottery which will be ten million imperial .

19-12-2013, 12:16
I have to go with TheSaylesMan.
Chaos and human nature mesh so well that infiltration is not always going to be necessary.

20-12-2013, 23:36
Look at Repo, the genetic opera for an example.
A tzeentchian one could start out as anything, a group of bored aristocrats, an angry group of revolutionaries, artists, writers, thinkers, politicians and schemers.
Heck, you could describe apple and their cult status as an example of a Tzeentch cult.

23-12-2013, 09:57
Heck, you could describe apple and their cult status as an example of a Tzeentch cult.

Apple confuses even Tzeentch. True story.

23-12-2013, 10:29
How about a fitness gym? You have groups of people who are building themselves and pushing for physical perfection, they could totally fall to Slanneesh.
Already thought of that one - with a basis of Necromunda Goliaths and Sororitas Repentia.

And some day, if LatD ever come back, I'll work on them. :)

How could chaos infiltrate a planet? Well, pick a method: -
Boy Scouts/ Girl Guides.
Some kind of citizens militia.
Media celebrities and their fan clubs.
Sports teams - from the fan clubs of large organised teams to local amateur teams.
Bars and Brothels.
News sheets.

And so on.

23-12-2013, 11:33
I'm partial to evil umbrella inc in space.
Legitimate business that hides an evil secret.