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15-12-2013, 07:01
Hey guys, first off long time ;) secondly, want to address that i have been very busy with rl due to me about to marry the most wonderful woman on the plant ;) but we plan to have a post christmas battle and (she plays dark elves) we are constructing a cult of slaanesh list to team up with our buddy's VC in a mega battle. This of course requires Lords and heroes and while i will leave the magic (mostly) up to her i had an idea for a chaos lord and would love to hear opinions on it.


Steed of Slaanesh
Mark of Slaanesh
Pendant of Slaanesh
Talisman of preservation
enchanted shield
flaming breath
Acid Ichor
Sould Feeder


1+ armor save, 4+ ward, regains wounds, the more wounds he loses the more attacks he gets permanently, tests LD on 1d6, immune to panice, fear, and terror, fast cav, M10, and anytime wounded dishes out S4 attacks and has a breath weapon at S4.


he will be escorted by fast cav as a delivery method then run wild killing warmachines and chaff (until his attacks hit 10etc) then smash him into bunkers and stuff

15-12-2013, 07:07
I like the idea! Personally I'd drop acid Ichor and the enchanted shield and give him scaly skin and a halberd instead. Strength 6 is better than the Ichor effects.

15-12-2013, 08:38
cant take soul feeder/ichor/scaly sking/ flaming breath :/ i could remove flaming breath on him and give him soul feeder/ichor/ and the scaly skin

16-12-2013, 19:11
I prefer the Daemon Prince of Slaanesh, you get roughly the same benefits as your Seeker mounted lord, however instead of being Vanguard you get better mutations and Unbreakable.

16-12-2013, 19:41
I would use a lvl 4 sorcerer of slaanesh on a steed of slaanesh. The lore attribute of lore of slaanesh can make a sorcerer pretty killy and the lore itself is insane.

17-12-2013, 17:05
I run a DP of slaanesh level 4.. Cacophonic choir before combat and she ends up doing rather well. Sword of striking (or whatever the +1 to hit magic weapon is) is key though... think about it. You will be hitting almost everything on a 2+ Soul feeder will benefit from a larger wound pool. Pendant of Slaanesh is nice but not needed with a DP.

But as for a lord without magic the kit you did above is successful. Just make sure you pick your targets well.

19-12-2013, 23:45
The build you're going for is a great idea, but you're trying too hard to set it up for failure.

At T5, 1+/4+, and immune to thunderstomp, he won't be getting wounded often, if at all, which is exactly what you want to happen to him. Not to mention, if you make him too hard to wound, people just won't even allocate attacks to him out of futility. I would drop the enchanted shield (or any kind of shield) and kit him out with a halberd so he's more deadly, smacking things at Str 6, and is a little bit more damageable at 3+ armour. T5, 3+/4+ is still in the realm of defense that most armies wish their general could achieve.

Depending on what you think would be thrown his way, I might even advise you to get crazy by taking the Pendant and a 1+ or 2+ armour save and just dropping the ward altogether so you can free up points for the Helm of Many Eyes (is that a magic armour or enchanted item? Don't have my book next to me) so that his attacks become more accurate, maximizing the amount of Soulfeeder rolls you can get. Obviously a build like that is pretty risky for a take-all-comers tournament environment, but it sounds like this is a one-off game so you should be all right against VC as long as you don't get him caught up in a challenge with the blender vamp (and even if you did, the Helm will remove his re-rolls.)

TL;DR: If the build is centered around him taking wounds, make it possible for him to take wounds.