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15-12-2013, 18:00
Hey everybody,
I like to run my slann with TG and I was wondering with the special rules for the slann being in the second rank, how does that effect challenges. For example you've lost your unit champ and your opponent challenges again and their aren't any other heroes or lords in the unit. Do you have to except the challenge with the slann or go to the rear? How does it work? Thanks for all the help!

15-12-2013, 18:27
When the Slann's unit is engaged in close combat, the Slann is subject to the challenge rules (BRB pg. 102). The part of the Guardians rule applies when the Slann joins the unit; the Slann's position within the unit may be altered during gameplay, such as when accepting and refusing challenges (BRB pg. 102).
Also note: That when a Slann is nominated to be moved to the back rank (by refusing a challenge) the rules state (BRB pg. 102) the Slann's "Leadership cannot be used for and Leadership tests that take place that turn". This includes using Inspiring Presence, if the Slann happens to be the General. Additionally, if the Slann is also the army's Battle Standard Bearer it "loses the Hold Your Ground rule until the end of the turn" according to the BRB rules FAQ. If the Slann is in a unit of Temple Guard, the Sacred Duty rule still applies granting Stubborn and Immune to Psychology to the unit.

15-12-2013, 19:02
Just refuse the challenge, put the slaan in the back, and get more Temple guard attacks from the Slaan not being in the way.

16-12-2013, 05:02
But then you lose the rerolls from the bsb

16-12-2013, 05:20
When he dies in a challenge you also lose the re-rolls from the BSB

Dirty Mac
18-12-2013, 11:33
It only says you lose re-rolls if he placed in the rear of the unit. he doesn't have to be in the rear if he refused though, he only has to be out of base contact. isn't he out of base contact in the 2nd rank?

18-12-2013, 16:46
But then you lose the rerolls from the bsb

This happens so infrequently, but just to have your bases covered take the 5 point banner that lets unit re-roll first failed LD test. Double coverage.