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evil space marine
15-12-2013, 20:21
Hii just wanted to see what people think of my 2000 point warriors of chaos army list feel free to pull it apart :)


Daemon prince - Hellfire sword - chaos armor - magic shield - mark of nurgle - level 1 wizard - lore of nurgle 370 pt


chaos sorcerer - level 2 wizard - mark of nurgle - lore of nurgle - daemonic mount with barding - familiar -230 pt

Exalted hero - mark of nurgle - crown of command - flail - 160 pt


15 chaos warriors - halberds - mark of nurgle - shields - musician - standard bearer - banner of swiftness -335 pt

15 chaos warriors - additional hand weapons - mark of nurgle - musician - standard bearer - 290 pt

6 units of five chaos warhounds each being 30 pt


5 skullcrushers of khorne - enscrolled weapons - musician - standard bearer - banner of rage - 435 pt

Total 2000 pt

Please tell me what do think :)

Yersinia Pestis
15-12-2013, 21:22
There's no Lv4 in your list, getting spells through may prove more difficult than you wish due to the fact that your opponent probably will have a Lv4 to dispell....
Also,your DP isn't legal due to hellfire sword being a magic item of 65 points and he's only allowed 25
6 units of doggies? Make that 3x5 doggies
Personally, i'dd lose this unit too: 15 chaos warriors - additional hand weapons - mark of nurgle - musician - standard bearer - 290 pt, maybe put two chariots with Mark of Nurgle instead....
You could also lose two skull crushers to make a unit of three. They lose a lot of attacks from being at the second rank anyway.
With the points won, you could make this build for the daemon prince: -mark of Nurgle, sword of striking, charmed shield, dragonbane gem, Lv4 lore of death, flight, chaos armour, scaled skin, soul feeder, it's a very popular build for the DP, he gets 1+/5++, a 2++ against flaming, +1 to hit, -1 to hit for your opponent making anything with weapon skill 4 or less hitting only on 6's, the rest has to roll 5's and for every wound he inflicts in combat he has the chance to regain one himself on the roll of a 6

You might still have to puzzle a bit to make the point value fit since i didn't calculate it but it should be close...

evil space marine
15-12-2013, 21:31
Thanks very much ill calculate the points values, I didn't spot the magic items problem that really does need changing :)