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16-12-2013, 20:49
Hey all, just thought I'd put this up to see what you all think of it - and to look for any tips/advice ETC. I've decided to start playing again after around nine years away from the game and fancied trying Vampire Counts out, something small to start with to see how I get on. I've trawled through the army book and tactics page for 8th edition on this forum but have doubtless missed something or mucked it up!

Points cost:
HEROES, up to 25% allowable:
Necromancer, level 2 upgrade, master of the dead, dispel scroll. 145 points.
Necromancer, Book of Arkhan. 100 points.
Total: 245 points

CORE UNITS, minimum 25% required:
Zombies, 40. 120 points
Dire wolves, 5. 50 points
Zombies, 20. 80 points.
Total: 250 points

SPECIAL UNITS, up to 50% allowable:
Grave guard, 20 with standard bearer carrying the banner of the barrows. 280 points.
Total: 280 points

RARE UNITS, up to 25% allowable:
Terrorgheist, 225 points.
Total: 225 points


The only things I can think of maybe moving around are the specials and rares, maybe using a Varghulf instead of a Terrorgheist and slapping a bit of Ethereal in there to cause a few problems. Anyone able to help me out??

16-12-2013, 21:13
Hi there, and welcome to the undead legions! :)

First off, you have master of the dead on one of your necros, but no skeleton units to increase beyond their starting size. Seems like a waste of 20pts.

Second, your dire wolves only come to 40pts (8pts/model), so you can spend your other 10pts giving a command to one unit of zombies (so they'll crumble 1 less in combat - yay!).

As for your list - it looks ok: A little chaff, zombie blocks, and two units of punch. The grave guard might struggle without great weapons, though, and 20 is quite small (though i guess it's ok at such low points). I've used varghulfs in small games before and thought they worked well. Ethereal units are awesome <1500pts because most armies lack the magic to touch them.

Consider giving the cursed book a go (swap out a magic level and ditch the book of Arkhan). With only 3 levels of magic, you can usually afford to let the cursed book swallow a couple of dice per turn without stepping on the toes of your main caster. That'd also leave you another 25pts closer to giving the grave guard great weapons/add an ethereal unit. Used it at 1000pts with one caster before and my magic phase was impossible to shut down. Anyway, just something you might like to try.

16-12-2013, 21:31
Cheers for the reply!!

I had forgotten about "the newly dead" as a rule, thinking I needed the upgrade to raise Zombies too - doh! Twenty points saved though, which pays for great weapons on the Grave Guard!

I must have included the cost of a Doom Wolf in the cost of the wolves unit, so I'll swap that to a Zombie command to maintain the minimum 25% core spend.

I think I'll pick up a Terrorgheist, but also a Varghulf and something ethereal, I still have the points in rare for a Cairn Wraith if I opt for the Varghulf so probably one of those.

I'll have an experiment with the Cursed Book also, see how I get on with it.

Thanks for the help - can't believe I spent 20 points on a needless power, lol!

16-12-2013, 21:41
Well if you got raise dead as one of your spells and you raised a unit of skeletons, then you could use it. ;) Yeah I think the command is a better investment than the doom wolf.

Cairn wraiths are minimum unit size 3 if you take them as a rare choice. You won't be able to take them with either gheist of ghulf. Spirit hosts are the way to go for ethereal chaff - easy to convert, slightly cheaper, and more wounds so they last longer against static combat res than a wraith, too.

Hope the book works for you, but at least you don't have to buy a model for it.

16-12-2013, 21:47
Whats the best thing to do with Spirit Hosts, just use them to hold up the rank and file??

16-12-2013, 22:07
Monsters, chariots, enemy chaff, and units with low static combat res (like archers with only one rank, or 5 cavalry, etc.) that lack magical attacks are the target. With monsters/chariots, you're looking to hold them up. With chaff you may be able to kill them. Small units with low T and poor AS you may get lucky and break (e.g. charge + wound vs. banner, if you can remove their only rank bonus*), otherwise you'll at least hold them for a turn. If they are harder to wound you'll probably just hold them up for a turn.

Large blocks with lots of static CR are not your primary target - 3 ranks and a banner will crumble you in one round if you didn't charge, 2 if you did. Using a spirit host against these is a suicide mission, but if you just need to hold the enemy in place for just one turn it can be useful. Spirit hosts into the flank can add combat res to an ongoing fight, too. They can't be hurt and might even add a wound (on top of charge + flank/rear) but if you're main unit is fairing poorly (because they're zombies, for instance) and you lose combat, you'll lose the spirit host, too.

*Imagining a unit of 10 archers in two ranks of 5.

17-12-2013, 18:22
Thanks, scribbling notes down - gonna pick the first of the models up this weekend and get started, hope it works out - then I'll start expanding!

jacob grimes
25-12-2013, 02:26
One other thing i have found useful, if you have that many necroes, is staying with the doom wolf because he can challenge things like the nurgle np and, with average rolls for something like summon creatures of the night, hold him indefinitely and 6-7 wolves works wonders for this.