View Full Version : borgut facebeater rules.

17-12-2013, 17:03
Hey everyone. I have a very lax gaming group, and if i wrote up a list using characters from storm of chaos, they wouldn't mind. Now that being said, the rules for all of those characters in the book are extremely outdated. I'm not sure what gork'll fix it did back in the day off the top of my head, but i highly doubt anyone would want what it does now to affect him. but anyway, what do you guys think would be a fairish and more correct rules update for him?

19-12-2013, 20:20
Make him a black orc warboss that has frenzy and bodyguard grimgor rules.

29-12-2013, 19:03
there is a pdf with a bunch of updated rules for a lot of old characters.
and borgut is in this one but i think he is very OP for his point cost.

a lot of the other bosses are cool and i think it has one which is ment to be the champion or standard bearer for grimgors da immortalz.
but either way check it out.


22-01-2014, 07:47
That file is a source of gold!