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17-12-2013, 17:57
By default your general has to be the one with the highest ld. However, vamps require your general to have lore of vampires. If i have a vamp lord (ld 10) and a necromancer (ld much less), am i forced to give my vamp lore of vamps and make him my general, or can i give him another lore, and my necromancer lore of vamps and let my necro be my general?

17-12-2013, 18:01
Your general *must* be the model with the highest Ld. The only exception to this are models which say "cannot be the army general." If you have two or more models with equal Ld, then you can choose.

That being established, then your Vampire must be the general, and as the VC book says, must take Lore of Vampires. If you had another Vampire Lord in your army, that one could take one of the alternate lores.

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17-12-2013, 18:11
Also, here is a FAQ that shows what happens in the case they cannot take Lore of Vampires

Q: If a Vampire or Vampire Lord is unable to choose the Lore of the
Vampires as their spell lore (due to the Wizarding Hat for example)
but is still the Wizard with the highest Leadership in the army, must
he still be the army’s General? (p26)
A: Yes.

18-12-2013, 08:29

Didn't know that FAQ. Seems pretty counter-intuitive to me. Always thought of the General as the fellow who raised up and kept the army going, but apparently that's not so...

So what examples does this ruling extend to? Forbidden Lore, Wizarding Hat? I assume that in any other case he'd be FORCED to take necromancy over shadow or death, or there would be no rule

18-12-2013, 16:28
Forbidden Lore does not force the VC take another lore. It allows him to chose a different lore. Since he has a choice he still must take VC lore.

18-12-2013, 22:27
Okaaay, so this all hinges on the Wizarding Hat then?

So amusing never-to-be-used exception aside....

18-12-2013, 22:43
Still trying to figure out why you'd give a level 3 wizard an item that drops him down to level 2 and takes all your item points… the off chance you randomly roll the one lore you can't get with Forbidden Lore? Doesn't seem worth it to me.

19-12-2013, 06:27
Wizard hats look cool. And are good practice when first using green stuff. That's just my guess though