View Full Version : First ever Night goblins list.....need help

18-12-2013, 16:18
It's mainly night goblins with a little help from grimgor and his buddies. I haven't played as orcs or made a list for them yet so all criticism and dismantling of this list is more than welcome.

Night goblin great shaman lvl 3

Night goblin level 2 shaman

39 night goblins with spears & 3 fanatics, FC
(Lvl 2 goes here)
40 night goblins with spears & 3 fanatics, FC
20 night goblins with bows, FC
19 night goblins with bows, FC
(Lvl 3 goes here)

2 spear chukkas
27 Black Orcs with shields, musician and standard
(Grimgor here)


Total comes to 1935 so there are some points for items or fanatics or whatever.

I intend to replace the war machine and arachnarok crew with more night goblins. The idea is grimgor has just had his first defeat by chaos and has beaten some night goblins into following him into his next battle.

Any changes or advice on tactics would be hugely appreciated.

20-12-2013, 16:53
Well here's my thoughts

1. Battlestandard

With a low leadership army like Goblins and Orks, you really really need a battlestandard. Without one, those panic tests are going to start really hurting. Even if it's a cheap goblin boss with a banner, take it. It's better than not taking one.

2. Dispel Scroll

You could really use at least 1 in the army.

3. Keep the Artillery and the Giant Spider

Seriously, once you dump the spear chuckas and the Arachnarok, the only things you have to deal with heavily armored or tough units will be Grimgor and his Black Orcs. That's not a very good tactical position you want to be in. Seriously, try and keep them.

23-12-2013, 09:10
Excellent, thanks. I'm sure I can work in a BSB and dispel scroll without too much trouble.

23-12-2013, 11:48
I don't have the book with me, but isn't 20 the minimum unit size for night goblins? Better add another body to that second unit of archers...

You've got big NG spear units, you might want to consider netters in one of them if you can find the points (perhaps the unit with the BSB) - I find netters worth the cost on units of 30+ gobbos :skull: