View Full Version : Triump & Treachery, quick question

Jimmi Stender
18-12-2013, 20:31
Hi guys.

I am having a game of T&T tomorrow, with 5 players. 1500 points.

I play Beastmen, and I was thinking of using my 300 points for mercenaries on Bretonnia.

2x Trebuchet

Damsel of The Lady, level 1, Prayer Icon of Quenelles and Mask of EEE!

Am I correct in my assumption, that if the Damsel joins a large herd of Gors and using the Prayer Icon, the Gors will then have the Blessing of the Lady?

Any objections? Too gamey?

18-12-2013, 21:20
You can't join units with the merc characters if I remember off the top of my head, nor can your characters join their units

So just take a cheap as chips hero to be able to field the catapults

Tyrant of Zhufbar
18-12-2013, 21:23
Not allowed. Mercenaries, regardless of alignment, are treated as suspicious allies by their employers. Therefore intermingling characters is impossible. Its a nice idea though ;)

Jimmi Stender
18-12-2013, 21:27
Ah, that's correct. They are Suspicious Allies.

Thank you.