View Full Version : Mindrazor and Cold One Knights

20-12-2013, 17:46
Cold One Knight: Ld9
Cold One: Ld3 (or is it 2? in any case, low).

Mindrazor tells us that the "model" uses its leadership instead of its strength when rolling to wound while under the effects of the spell.

So, when you cast Mindrazor on your unit of Lizard Lovers, do the lizards go up to s9 (the model's leadership) or do they go down to s3 (their own native leadership)?

Is it a mindrazor or a mindticklefeather?

20-12-2013, 17:50
I'd personally say that they use the highest leadership available, like how you can use Inspiring Presence for it as well (Check the rulebook FAQ page 5)

20-12-2013, 18:18
Surely ld9. I Cant think of any occasions when you use the mounts leadership for anything other than monster reaction for slain character.

21-12-2013, 01:12
p82 rulebook: ...we assume the rider is in complete control of his mount, so the mounts Leadership in never used, unless a special rule states otherwise.

Mindrazor does not state you have to use the mounts leadership, so by default I think you'd use the riders.

22-12-2013, 03:00
I think the highest LD is used in a unit. Which would be that of a rider, for both rider and mount attacks