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23-12-2013, 12:13
I have very little experience at converting models, aside from the basic head swap here and there. I've never used anything like greenstuff, and I have no sculpting experience whatsoever. I want to try my hand at converting a basic Hellion to Baron Sathonyx, and I'd like some advice on how to do so. My goal is to focus on the areas that seem to separate the Baron from a basic Hellion, based on his artwork. These are as follows:
1. Longer Hair
2. Large Cloak
3. Custom Skyboard
4. Dynamic Pose

So, give me some suggestions for the model! What bits should I use and how? How would I use greenstuff to enhance the model?

My initial thoughts were to try and make use of the cloak from the Dark Elf Shadowblade kit that just came out, though I don't know how I would attach it to the model/if its shape would fit the dynamic of the model. Heck, maybe I could use other parts from the Shadowblade model as well, as I think it's a pretty nice sculpt. Longer hair could be greenstuffed onto a Hellion head (or I could find another head entirely), and a skyboard could probably take shape from some spare Dark Eldar vehicle bits.

Here's the image I'm using to base my conversion off of.



23-12-2013, 12:45
Here's a blog where someone's done a conversion.


What about this as a base for your head?

Or this for the cloak


Would need some trimming and shaving, but might help.

Spiney Norman
23-12-2013, 12:52
I made my Baron before Shadowblade came out, if I were going to do it again I think I would just use him, swap the hooded head off for a Dark elf corsair head and use a hellion glaive.

Here is the list of parts I used for mine

1. Male Hellion body
2. Modified Hellion sky board, the blades on the side were replaced by the blades from spare raider keels to make them larger
3. Feet & Legs from the 'hangers on' from the venom sprue, they are at more of an angle than hellion feet and allowed me to pose the sky board at more of a tilt.
4. Head from a dark elf corsair
5. Cape from a plastic Easterling cavalryman from the LotR range
6. Glaive from the hellion box
7. Left arm came from the hellion box, I'm not sure where the pointing hand came from, it may have been from the scourge box

I'll see if I can out some pics up in a bit
Edit: done