View Full Version : Zombicide update ?

24-12-2013, 16:58
I heard that when Zombicide Toxic Mall and Prison Break were released they updated the rules for various things (movement etc) from the base set is that true ?

Zark the Damned
24-12-2013, 18:37
Pretty much just clarifications and new skills for the most part, the main change is how to resolve runners afaik (you activate all zombies once, then all runners again). I'll dig out the rules and have a double check though.


Just checked, Mall Walkers only has rules for the extra stuff introduced (new skills, mall tiles, Zombivors etc.) and Prison Outbreak's basic rules are pretty much the same as the original (just written a bit better and with a few additions for Beserkers and the other extra prison stuff like guard towers, plus the runner change I mentioned earlier).