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25-12-2013, 21:18
Recently while playing the mod "Firestorm over Kaurava" I came across a chapter that I really enjoyed the look of, the amber foxes and so I wanted to find some information on them so I could decide how interested in them I was. The thing is that I searched plenty on the subject of the Foxes but nothing came up other than some mentions. Does anyone know much about this chapter?

26-12-2013, 00:08
They might have been invented for the mod. one of the modders homebrew

26-12-2013, 01:39
I'm pretty sure they aren't though there isn't much evidence when I was looking for information on them on a forum there was a thread about which chapter could be the next main one in dawn of war and on person said that it should be another obscure on and used the Amber Foxes as an example

26-12-2013, 03:47
Amber Foxes are a made up chapter for that mod and are not referenced in any other GW product - book or computer game.

26-12-2013, 13:23
The Foxes, eh? No doubt their home planet is the industrial hive world of Leicester. ;)

26-12-2013, 17:58
They don't really exist? Too bad I really liked them but I'm more interested in real chapters than fake ones

27-12-2013, 06:55
I am 99% sure all of the space marine chapters are made up, even the first founding legions.

If you like the look of them paint them, then make up some interesting fluff for them yourself.

28-12-2013, 01:23

Also if you like Firestorm, check out the Purgation of Kaurava for Soulstorm.