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26-12-2013, 02:00
I'm trying to come up with a list of themed armies exploiting the allied rules to add that bit of extra 'fluff' into a force. Such as:

Imperial Guard w/Necrons = Mechanicus
Chaos Marines + Imperial Guard = Ironwarriors w/artillery
Dark Eldar + Eldar = a more 'ulthwe' themed force with 'warriors' as blackguardians??
Dark Eldar + Imperial Guard= Dark Eldar w/ slaves
SoB + Black Templars = Crusaders


26-12-2013, 02:11
Tau + Guard = Gue'Vesa
Tau + Space Marines Ar'cea'Vesa

Brother Alexos
26-12-2013, 02:30
I've a few I've been wanting to do:

Chaos Marines + Orks = Fabius Bile's mutant test subjects/ Lost and the Damned.
Tau + Anything = Tau Mercenary auxilliaries.
SoB + Guard = Shrine World defence force (If you've ever read Helsreach you'll get what I mean).
Space Wolves + Chaos = Chaos Wolves (like the Red Corsairs)
Orks + Dark Eldar = Haemonculus's Failed Experiments
Blood Angels + Necrons = Nerdrage
Chaos Marines (Khorne) + Blood Angels = the last of a Blood Angels' Successor chapter that has succumbed to the Black Rage and Red Thirst in almost it's entirety.
Thousand Sons + Grey Knights = The Red Cyclops's elite.
Chaos space marines + Space Marines = Cursed Founding chapters. If you look up the Chapter Approved army list for Cursed founding, this will make sense.
Inquisition + Imperial guard = Inquisitor strike force
Inquisition + Black Templars = Inquisitorial extermination force
Imperial Guard + Space Marines + Inquisition (I'm 80% sure this is rules legal, it may not be) = Inquisitorial Task Force
Chaos Marines + Daemons + Inquisition (I'm not sure this would be legal at all.) = Facillitator of Chaos

And that is what I have so far. A lot of these forces can be really fun if modelled properly, and can represent a lot of different things. I hope this helps.

26-12-2013, 03:31
I'm doing Deathwatch (Codex Space Marines) with either Ordo Xenos Inquistor (Codex Grey Knights) or Planetary Defence Force (Codex Imperial Guard)

26-12-2013, 09:09
Raukaan + Imperial Guard + Inquisition = my Adeptus Mechanicus

*Master of the Forge, Techmarines, Enginseers and Inquisitors as Techpriests (usually with Servitors as... Servitors)
*Scouts as Skitarii
*IG/Penal Legionaeries as laubourers/slaves/both or lesser adepts
*Arco-flagellants as themselves or Electro-priests

Then the other fitting stuff (Thunderfire cannons, Rapiers, Dreadnoughts and Sentinels as working machines or robots and so on).

Regarding the Deathwatch: maybe I'll add a Sternguard squad in the future - as a cadre of Techmarine adepts, also from different chapters.:chrome:

26-12-2013, 12:07
SoB, Templars, and inquisition - the Vinculus Crusade.

Ambience 327
26-12-2013, 12:40
Imperial Guard + Sisters of Battle + Inquisition = Adeptus Arbites

IG give a solid backbone to the army, and options in every other slot for something fluffy.

HQ: Lord Comissar as a Judge, Company Command Squad w/ Carapace as Marshall & Personal Staff, Primaris Psyker as Psychic Detective
Troops: Carapace Vets as Patrol Teams, Penal Legion Squads as...Penal Legion Squads, Infantry Platoons as PDF Platoon
Elites: Ogryn & Ratlings as Abhuman support, Stormtroopers as SWAT Team, Marbo as undercover Detective
Fast Attack: Rough Riders as Mounted Pursuit Team, Sentinels as mech Pursuit Team, Valkyries/Vendettas as Eagle Assault Shuttles
Heavy Support: Leman Russ (At least one source puts a Leman Russ in the Arbites motor pool.)

Inquisition gives us lots of great fluffy options to increase the Arbites theme:

HQ: Coteaz, Karamazov or other Inquisitors as Judges
Elites: Henchmen Warbands in various configurations...
- Acolytes in Carapace as various flavors or Arbitors
- Crusaders as Suppression Arbitors w/ Shock Mauls & Suppression Shields
- Servitors as Executioners
- Arco-Flagellants as Cyber Mastiffs
- Ministorum Priests as various Squad Leaders
- Acolytes as Hive Gang militia

The Adepta Sororitas gives us a few more nice fluffy options as well. Adding them in allows us to move the Suppression Teams and Cyber-Mastiffs here to allow for more diversity in the units taken from the Inquisition Codex.

HQ: Canoness as Judge, Ministorum Priests as Squad Leaders for Suppression Teams (Crusaders) and/or Cyber-Mastiffs (Arco-Flagellants)
Troops: Battle Sisters Squad as a Veteran Arbites Combat Team in Power Armour (basically just to unlock the other things in this list.)
Heavy Support: Exorcist as a Halligan (my own creation, Google "Halligan Tool" to see why I named it that - or if you are a BoLS fan, a "Black Maria")

Another option is to use Codex: Space Marines instead of Codex: Adepta Sororitas in order to unlock Scout Bikers for an Arbites Bike Squad. Basically, take a similar route to that above - a cheap SM Character as a Judge, and a Tactical Squad as Arbites Veterans in Power Armour. (I avoid basic Scouts as can get confused with all the other Carapace Armoured guys who are running around w/ S3 T3 as opposed to the Scouts' S4 T4.)

26-12-2013, 12:53
Space Marines, Imperial Guard and Inquisition - with a good mix of all the abhumans in the Guard list = Rogue Trader and entourage (with the Inquisitor standing in for the Rogue Trader).

Orks with Imperial Guard allies - again with Ogryns - would make a cool Blood Axes army.

I'm also thinking of Imperial Guard with a Primaris Psyker and Psyker Battle Squad with an allied contingent of a Chaos Sorceror and a squad of Thousand Sons.

Zark the Damned
26-12-2013, 23:28
Orks with IG or Chaos Marines (mainly cultists) = Diggas :D (this is one of my planned projects)

I'm doing Deathwatch (Codex Space Marines) with either Ordo Xenos Inquistor (Codex Grey Knights) or Planetary Defence Force (Codex Imperial Guard)

You can use the Inquisition Codex and do both :)

27-12-2013, 01:05
I'm thinking of running cypher and a unit of chosen as a alpha legion stealth squad for my alpha legion army (using codex marines), not super themey like some of the ideas but it works with thier fluff (jack of all trades vets led by a lord/primarch)